10 Most Well-Proportioned Under Deck Ceiling Ideas for Your Backyard Remodeling

10 Most Well Proportioned Under Deck Ceiling Ideas

During the summer or warmer days, people tend to spend more of their time outside.

However, during this pandemic era, it isn’t wise to spend your time in the crowd. So, it’s best to stay at home.

But how could you waste those summer days away?

Now is the perfect time to give more consideration to expanding your outdoor living space.

One of the best ways to do it is by installing an under deck ceiling.

The ideas are countless. An under deck ceiling can double your usable outdoor area. It provides a comfortable and dry outdoor space even during rainstorms. We know that sometimes the rain comes pouring too during the summer.

When it comes to materials, the most commonly used are vinyl and aluminum. Both have their own pros and cons.

Custom-formed aluminum can give you the best possible value to your under-deck area. You can transform your wasted area into a functional as well as beautiful outdoor living space.

On the contrary, the selling point of the vinyl system is the color options. You can choose various colors for your under-deck ceiling. They can be matched with your personal style and exterior color palette.

Here are some ideas of under deck ceiling that you can choose. However, note that most of the materials used here for the ceilings are wood to match the deck’s floor upstairs.

How can it look more stand out than aluminum and vinyl? Let’s find out.

1. Contemporary Patio Idea Under Deck With Wooden Ceiling

contemporary patio idea under deck with wooden ceiling
contemporary patio idea under deck with wooden ceiling. image © momsdesignbuild.com

There are countless ideas when it comes to building and designing under the deck area. And in this picture, you can see a lovely and comfortable patio.

This contemporary patio features a stone paver. It has a seating area and a custom-built cabinet.

The designer decided to use tongue and groove wood for the ceiling.

Just like any deck would, the decking above lets water through. However, under the stairs and below the deck, the designer used a rubber membrane to “catch” the water and, after that, “divert” it to the gutter system at the outer edge. With that, the water can travel through a downspout inside the build-out column. After that, the water will be out to “daylight.”

When installing under the decking area, you can use either composite or real wood. Both have their own pros and cons.

However, if you decide to use composite, it is recommended to check with the product manufacturer for guidelines with ventilation and heat.

2. Two-Story Deck Idea with a Ceiling Over the First Story Underneath

two-story deck idea with a ceiling over the first story underneath
two-story deck idea with a ceiling over the first story underneath. image © lenziconstruction.com

This is an example of a large minimalist deck design.

Basically, this is a two-story deck. Both use a similar wood floor. The under-deck area is more spacious than the deck above because there is a space for the stairs leading to the second story.

This minimalist deck features no seating area. Two ascending steps lead to the front porch.

Yes, this looks dim and dark even in the daylight. However, it gives perfect protection for the homeowners if they decide to spend some time outside during the rainstorm.

A combination of medium-tone wood and white siding looks perfect here. The designer also used white trim to create a neutral color palette for this deck. The black wrought iron railing completes the whole look.

3. Composite Second Story Deck with Under Deck Ceiling Idea

composite second story deck with under deck ceiling idea
composite second story deck with under deck ceiling idea. image © undercoversystems.com

This cozy spacious deck features a seating area with wooden chairs and a built-in electric fireplace. It seems that this patio is paved by stamped concrete.

The combination of wood and stone here gives the perfect natural and traditional look.

It is impossible to see from this angle, but the second story deck is built by Masterdecks.

The under deck ceiling is made by Undercover Systems. Undercover Systems has the only engineered patented system. Its main purpose is to keep your under deck dry as well as attractive.

The Undercover Systems are attached to the deck’s support posts. There will be some inches between the under deck design and the deck to let air flow and help keep the area dry. A gutter system needs to be applied and attached too. After that, the seal coat is applied.

The design of the Undercover System is considerably unique. It features a smooth “flat panel” ceiling design. The gutter system attaches to the deck.

The great thing about Undercover System is, it knows that there never two under decks alike. Each under the deck is unique, so the design of the Undercover System can be customized to fit any deck.

There are light strings on the ceiling that can give warmth and a cozy look to this under-deck area. Both the first and second stories of the deck open to the water view. The stairs are built on the side of the deck.

4. Casual Dining Area Under a Tigerwood Deck Ceiling

casual dining area under a tigerwood deck ceiling
casual dining area under a tigerwood deck ceiling. image © austinoutdoordesign.com

The designer decided to use the under-deck area as a casual dining space. It is next to an outdoor kitchen.

The outdoor kitchen features an open design with no cover. It is finished with a built-in grill too.

The kitchen is a few inches higher than the under deck dining area. It seems that the kitchen uses light limestone as the floor too.

If you are wondering, the chairs in the background that are used in the kitchen are Oxford Garden Travira.

Now, let’s take a look at the outdoor dining area.

The most striking part of this area is, of course, the chairs. These armchairs are from Janus et Cie-forest in acid green color. The area is called Forest Chair. These bright chairs are a great option to add a pop of color to your outdoor space. The bright green looks are fresh among wood and stone here.

There is a post here. It is a smooth stucco that looks like plaster. This natural grey post covers a hollow steel column. The ceiling is a tigerwood ceiling on an Ipe deck. It is a custom milled lap completed with a TWP sealant.

Many people believe that a deck cannot be on ground level because the composite or wood needs air movement beneath the material of the decking.

So how was this under deck built level with the ground?

Basically, a deck can be built on the ground level. It is also true that composites and wood need airflow beneath them. So, it needs the proper care when installing the decking and the frame.

You have to install proper drainage and make sure that decking is sealed on all sides.

Yes, there is always a chance the boards start cupping due to the difference in moisture levels from the board’s underside to the top. In this under the deck, the only wood installed at ground level is 5/4 Ipe due to its stability.

5. Traditional Stone Patio Idea with Sheet Covered Under Deck Ceiling

traditional stone patio idea with sheet covered under deck ceiling
traditional stone patio idea with sheet covered under deck ceiling. image © mldco.com

This is a mid-sized traditional backyard under the deck area. This area is side by side with a stone patio.

This lovely patio features a fire pit, but it has no cover. So, this place is perfect for enjoying the day during the summer days.

However, during the rainstorm, the homeowner can still enjoy some time outside in the under the deck area.

There is a U-shaped wooden staircase that leads to the upper deck. Under the deck area is basically an extension of the patio. Both areas share a similar flagstone paver. It seems that this area is located on a hill, so there is a steep slope right in front of the decking area.

That is why the designer decided to install a double metal railing in the back of the staircase’s post.

The unique thing about this area is the underdeck ceiling is covered in sheet metal. Yes, this metal can be added to an existing deck.

The question may arise, is it possible to use metal as a ceiling?

In short, yes. You should hang the roof upside down so the color can be visible. Unless you use white color, it doesn’t matter.

Just make sure that the water drainage system is installed too, so there won’t be any dripping water to the under-deck area.

6. Lower Level Living Space Idea: Under Deck Patio with Pine Panel Ceiling

lower level living space idea- under deck patio with pine panel ceiling
lower level living space idea- under deck patio with pine panel ceiling. image © Don Rasmussen Architect

This under deck area shares the same dimension as the upper one. It is a spelled-out indoor living space, so no wonder this outdoor kitchen is completed with a built-in grill, seating areas, and countertop.

There is an elegant wooden staircase beside the area that leads to the open upper deck.

Like the other under decks, this one is also a more covered version of the open deck above. So this can be an alternative place to enjoy the view outside while it’s raining.

This underdeck patio is covered with a waterproof deck. It is a pine panel ceiling completed with infrared heat.

The waterproofing system includes a heavy PVC membrane and concrete paver slabs that float over the top on a plastic pedestal. Those are stamped concrete pavers, to be exact. And as you may have known, the concrete paver can mimic any kind of material. In this case, this concrete mimics a natural stone, and it’s done its job perfectly.

If you are wondering, the downspouts go down to the column’s back and disappear into the stone bases. They also connect to the stormwater system.

To add a more aesthetic touch, the designer used fieldstone as the posts’ bases. They blend with the low wall against the grill. The fieldstone mixes harmoniously with the stamped concrete paver and the flagstone.

7. Patio Idea Under the Deck with White Ceiling

patio idea under the deck with white ceiling
patio idea under the deck with white ceiling. image © raintightdecks.com

This covered patio is completed with under deck ceiling that features a waterproofing system.

There is no information about the system used, but judging by the color, it seems that the designer used Undercover System. It is no wonder since Undercover System is widely used for under deck ceilings. It features a modular designed roof system for the under-deck area.

The ceiling system includes integrated guttering and individual ceiling panels. Both can “catch” water from the system as well as support the members for the ceiling.

It is quite impossible to make sure from this angle, but it appears that the homeowners used carpet to cover the paver here. The paver itself looks a lot like stamped concrete.

The wooden posts and staircase give a traditional look to this covered patio.

However, the furniture choice shows a more contemporary style. A set of dark bronze round tables and chairs are basically not matched with the dark rattan armchair next to it. But, that gives a sense of modern style.

There is an extension area of this patio that is not covered by the under deck ceiling. It can be a good alternative for the homeowners to enjoy nature more without any cover. In front of it, there is a grass area completed with trees and foliages.

What a perfect view to enjoy every morning and evening.

8. Covered Under Deck Ceiling Idea to Keep Everyone Dry in the Rainy Month

covered under deck ceiling idea to keep everyone dry in the rainy month
covered under deck ceiling idea to keep everyone dry in the rainy month. image © undercoversystems.com

As stated before, the ideas of designing an underdeck area are endless. Even though most under deck areas are turned into a covered patio or a lower level deck, there are still many usages under deck areas.

This homeowner decided to turn their wasted area beneath the deck into an entertainment and fitness center.

This area is an extension of the open field in front of it. The field is used for basketball playing. There is also a mown grass area that can be used for grounding therapy.

The covered area features two comfortable couches, a sofa, a table, and a TV. Who said that TV can only be placed indoors in the living room? This outdoor living room proves otherwise.

What makes it even more fantastic is the spa. Installing a spa in the under-deck area is a smart decision.

You can relax and enjoy the view of nature outside at the same time. Besides, the spa is located next to the outdoor living room. It is possible for the ones enjoying the spa to watch TV too.

The second story is a composite completed with an under deck ceiling that can keep everyone dry in the rainy season.

The dark railing here is made out of composite posts. It is also completed with a composite top cap and composite balusters matching the deck.

The under deck ceiling is from Undercover Systems. This is truly a perfect example of a large modern back porch.

9. Bright Screened Room with Under Deck Ceiling and a Drainage System

bright screened room with under deck ceiling and a drainage system
bright screened room with under deck ceiling and a drainage system. image © archadeck.com

This is an inspiration for a rustic under deck ceiling. It also delivers a more creative option than usual under deck areas.

Instead of a half-covered patio or lower-level deck, this is a fully covered room with glass walls on both sides. So, even though it is fully covered, the homeowners can still enjoy the view outside even during the rainstorm.

The under deck ceiling is installed with a drainage system. The system is later added to an existing deck.

The bright and dry screened room beneath the deck can be totally dry even though the rain comes pouring.

The details of the design include two doors on each side of the room. It delivers easy backyard access. There is also a deck staircase that connects the upper level to the backyard too.

The structure of this area uses wood. The natural wood is not painted at all. Instead, that wood is only sealed to make it look polished. It looks perfect combined with the white doors and white railing. Even the white siding of the house also completes the whole look.

From this angle, we can see that in front of the screened-in porch and the upper deck, there is an open backyard completed with a seating area and mown grass. For the dry season, that open area is perfect for enjoying the sunset and sunrise.

10. Flagstone Patio Under a Dark Wood Deck Idea

flagstone patio under a dark wood deck idea
flagstone patio under a dark wood deck idea. image © keystonecustomdecks.com

This project is a perfect example of optimizing usable space to get the most of your yard.

This backyard serves multiple functions. The upper deck is a great spot to host dinner parties or simply gather with the family, with easy access to and from the kitchen. Even though it features an open design, there are sun umbrellas there to protect the seating areas from the sun and the rain. Like any other deck, this upper deck uses a wooden floor.

There is a wooden staircase with a dark railing too that connects the upper and lower deck.

The lower deck, on the contrary, doesn’t feature a wood paver. Instead, it uses flagstone paving to complete the look.

This under deck area serves as a more covered and protected seating area. The seating area is completed with a blue carpet to add a splash of bright color to this neutral color palette. There are still many unused spots in this under deck area.

The underside is also finished off with a drainage system. The designer also added some curves to this project. Those curvy lines are meant to keep the backyard look more lively. The upper deck also shares the same curvy lines, but it is equipped with a vertical cable handrail to keep visibility open.

If you stroll down the steps on both sides, this deck continues to space with an outdoor hot tub, lounging, and mown green grass beckoning to run, walked, and played on. This transitional backyard deck really looks appealing and inviting.


The pictures above show different types of under-deck ceilings. However, most of them indeed show wood instead of vinyl or aluminum. So, what is the benefit of using wood or hardboard under the deck ceiling?

Wood is considered more aesthetically appealing. It is also a natural material that can be matched with other accent materials. It is also eco-friendly and biodegradable. There are many different wood types available to choose from, and wood can be painted to match any color.

However, you should also know that wood is less durable than any other material. It is also not water-resistant, so you should be careful of splitting, warping, decay, and rot. Besides, wood is more expensive than other materials and high maintenance. It takes more time to install and needs vents for air circulation.

Hardboard is also strong, highly durable, and cheaper than wood. It has the natural look of stucco and wood. There are many colors and textures available but can be painted and stained too. However, hardboard is susceptible to insect infestation and combustible too. It can crack over time, and it needs more maintenance than wood too.

So, what would you choose for your under deck ceiling?