10 Eye-catching Shaker Window Trim to Style Your House

10 Eye Catching Shaker Window Trim

Most people think that shaker window trim is only another way to call a craftsman trim. They use them interchangeably.

While in fact, they both are a bit different. Even though they have thick trim that makes the windows appear larger, craftsman trim has more details, like raised lines, while shaker trim is simpler.

Shaker window trim is a better option if you want a lowkey look and let the wall, siding, or backsplash in the backdrop pop.

Plus, shaker trim can easily be included in your DIY project. You’re good as long as you have the proper materials and basic carpentry skills.

Many shaker window trims are painted to match the interior or exterior style.

For instance, blue is used to emphasize the coastal style, while green is incorporated to add a fresh and natural look.

However, the most common color paint for shaker window trims is neutral tones, and white is the most popular one. No wonder because white can work magically to make your interior look instantly bright, clean, and spacious.

If you want to get to know shaker window trims a little bit more, here are the rounded-up pictures of them that you’ll surely love:

1. Black Windows and Front Door Trim with White Shaker Trim

black windows and front door trim with white shaker trim
black windows and front door trim with white shaker trim. image © theworkspdx.com

The contrast created by the shaker window style is very prominent in this exterior.

The simple and flat-surfaced shaker trim looks fit to the surrounding.

The designer decided to use a shaker style for the window trim, maybe because the siding and the window sashes have been highlighted. So, it’s better to keep the detail as simple as possible.

The windows in this exterior are basically sidelights and transom. They come as a set with the front door.

All of them are completed with sashes painted in Benjamin Moore – Black Tar. The black of the sashes contrasts the white shaker trim, which was painted in Farrow and Ball – Pointing.

They create a classic black and white that adds a timeless look to this craftsman’s exterior.

The siding has been painted in 75% Benjamin Moore – Iron Mountain. The designer preferred to saturate the paint color, so the gray wouldn’t look too dark.

Such gray color is perfect to combine with the black and white window and shaker trim.

2. White Shaker Trim to Contrast the Blue Siding Exterior

white shaker trim to contrast the blue siding exterior
white shaker trim to contrast the blue siding exterior. image © archmills.com

As a neutral shade, white is versatile. You can pair white with any other color because white works as a backdrop that makes the other tones pop.

In this Victorian exterior, the backdrop is in the window trim. The trim has a lovely yet simple shaker style, painted in white.

There are many types of windows on this exterior, from the usual triple hung windows to the elegant bow window. Yet, all of them are completed with the shaker trim.

The trim follows the line of the windows, so they look different from each other, but if you take a look at them more closely, you’ll see that they have similar simple lines with no raised parts.

In order to create a bold contrast, the designer combined the white shaker trim with a blue siding exterior. This blue-gray shade will give a cool look to the whole exterior.

On the other hand, the white shaker trim will bring out the warmth and counteract the coldness of the blue-gray shade.

3. Simple Shaker Trim in a Transitional Kitchen

simple shaker trim in a transitional kitchen
simple shaker trim in a transitional kitchen. image © davidcharlezdesigns.com

Basic but notable, that’s the way this shaker window trim is styled.

There are two types of windows in this kitchen. The first one is the simple triple square-shaped windows, and the second one is the double-hung windows, which offer a larger view outside.

Both of them are equipped with bright white shaker trim. The shaker trim managed to make these windows appear larger and thicker than they actually are. They make a great additional architectural feature in this room.

After the designer paired the bright white shaker window trims with the light brown shade, look how warm this kitchen is.

Even though both trim and the wall are in a light tone, they deliver a different atmosphere.

The bright white offers a warmer look, while the light brown is cooler. Combined with the other neutral-colored elements in this kitchen, they all deliver an eclectic appearance.

4. Shaker Trim Around a Large Bay Window Alcove

shaker trim around a large bay window alcove
shaker trim around a large bay window alcove. image © streeterhomes.com

If you have a bay window, don’t just use the shaker window trim to the area around the window. It’s important to pay attention to the opening of the bay window alcove, too.

Even though not all bay windows have an alcove, they will create a perfect reading spot. So, it’s better to incorporate an alcove, anyway.

In this traditional family room, the white shaker window trim is added to the area around the bay window and the alcove’s opening. The bench and the storage under the bench are also finished in white to create a uniform look.

In fact, it’s not only the large bay window alcove that has a white shaker trim. The other windows, openings, and double doors in this room also have a similar shaker trim.

It’s obvious that the designer wanted to keep every architectural detail in this family room as simple as possible to showcase the classic look.

5. White Shaker Window Trim Against Green Walls

white shaker window trim against green walls
white shaker window trim against green walls. image © goforthgill.com

This kitchen has a shaker style, both for the window trim and the cabinetry.

The shaker trims beautifully surround the double-hung windows over the sink, matching the white ceiling and the white cabinetry.

The white element in this kitchen, including the white shaker trim, subtly contrasts the wall.

The olive green of the wall brings out a fresh look and makes the whole area look natural. No detailed information about the paint color, but Benjamin Moore – Brazilian Rainforest looks very similar to this painting.

If you want to design a classic look but you don’t want to deal with the mainstream design, you can try to have this color combo.

White shaker window trim can indeed be paired with any shade, but to keep the classic look but at the same time initiate a subtly different style, pair it with an earthy tone like this.

6. Dark Wood Shaker Trim in a Tudor Styled Room

dark wood shaker trim in a tudor styled room
dark wood shaker trim in a tudor styled room. image © eskuche.us

You can’t design a totally traditional room without a wood element. Even though wood itself is a timeless piece, we can’t deny that most people associate it with a traditional design.

In this traditional living room, the window trim has a shaker style, and it seems to be made of cedar.

In fact, cedar is a common material for window trim, especially in a shaker style, because both cedar material and shaker style will work together to create a vintage and classic design.

In this living room, the windows come in several sizes and styles.

There are two windows on one side of the wall, and there are also a set of sidelights and a transom surrounding the glass panel front door. A lot of amount of glass panels in this room make it look bright.

All of these windows are completed with unpainted cedar shaker trim in a dark tone. The dark tone matches the exposed beams in the ceiling and the hardwood floor.

In order to tone down the darkness of the wood trim, the designer paired it with soft cream colored walls.

All of them create a fairytale look in this Tudor house.

7. Wooden Windows with Light-colored Shaker Trim Around

wooden windows with light-colored shaker trim around
wooden windows with light-colored shaker trim around. image © ashleycampbell.com

You don’t have to limit yourself to the window trim and the walls only when it comes to contrast. There are many ways to create a contrasting look. One of them is through the window frame and the trim.

In this rustic living room, the designer installed wood-framed windows around. All of them are double-hung windows, but they come in various sizes and panel types.

The larger ones consist of several small glass panels, while the smaller ones only have one big glass panel for each pane.

Yet, all of them are made of light tone wood. To complete the look of the windows, the designer incorporated shaker window trim.

The trims are painted white to contrast the wood window and complement the white panel walls. See how the white shaker trim blends almost seamlessly to the white panel walls.

It’s obvious that the designer used this trim for a functional purpose rather than a decorative one.

Even though it contrasts the wood-framed windows, they are not meant to look pop. They are probably used to hide the ugly parts of the windows that were created during the installation.

8. Stark Shaker Window Trim Against Western Red Cedar Shingles Siding

stark shaker window trim against western red cedar shingles siding
stark shaker window trim against western red cedar shingles siding. image © wettling.com

You may have seen a shaker window trim made of cedar. But what about a simple white shaker window trim surrounded by western red cedar shingles siding?

This exterior features a pretty contrast between the siding and the trim.

The window trim and the frame, on the other hand, are finished in white. When combined together, they look as if it was a craftsman trim with a prominent and raised line, while in fact, the line is just a frame of the window.

The trim is 4.5” with a 5” flat stock casing for exterior use.

White is used to highlighting the beach-style design. Yet, instead of using a blue or green shade to complete the white shaker trim as a representation of the beach, the designer preferred to use red cedar shingle siding like this.

The bright white is enough to showcase the coastal look, while the blue color is only added as an accent.

9. White on White Shaker Window Trims to Create a Luxurious Look

white on white shaker window trims to create a luxurious look
white on white shaker window trims to create a luxurious look. image © bastaginginteriors.com

Creating a minimalist, trendy, stylish, and modern style is basically simple. You just have to use white in a large amount.

White will never fail to create a bright, clean, sleek, and polished look that’s often associated with a modern style like this.

This kitchen even looks luxurious, thanks to the white walls, white ceiling, and white shaker window trim.

The white shaker trim blends harmoniously with the walls. The only difference is the lines of the trim. That’s the only element that separates the window and the wall.

White on the white shaker window trim and a wall like this will always deliver a luxurious look when combined with other light-toned neutral colors.

You see, in this kitchen, the white shaker trim and wall are paired with the light gray cabinetry and gray countertops. Apart from being modern and stylish, this color combo also creates an elegant appearance.

10. Light Tone Wood Shaker Window Trim in a Farmhouse Kitchen

light tone wood shaker window trim in a farmhouse kitchen
light tone wood shaker window trim in a farmhouse kitchen. image © md-construction.com

In order to create a farmhouse or a country design, don’t forget to add a wood element.

In this kitchen, we can see how the designer generously incorporated wood. It was used to create cabinetry, an island, the stools, the floor, the ceiling, and even the shaker window trim.

Just like any popular shaker window trim, it appears that this trim is made of cedar, similar to the cabinetry. You can see it from the grains of the wood.

Similar to the window trim, the cabinetry is also in a shaker style to highlight the country design of this room.

The light tone cedar shaker window trims beautifully frame the large triple windows over the sink.

Due to the large windows, the trim is also similarly majestic. The lower part of the trim is contrasted by the gray backsplash, while the upper part is paired with the white walls.

What a lovely combination to create a farmhouse style like this.


Even though most window trims, especially shaker window trims, are usually made of wood, don’t limit your option to one material only.

If you insist on using wood, remember that wood also comes in many types. The most popular option is cedar.

What makes cedar better than the other wood type is it can fit any interior style. Cedar has a natural charm with natural characteristics.

Apart from being aesthetic, cedar also has a natural resistance to moisture and insects. This shaker window trim can last for a very long time.

Be careful when you paint it, though. If you paint it, its natural elements may bleed out, creating an ugly stain. To solve this problem, you need to prime it prior to painting.

Painting your shaker window trim is another common treatment to make it look prominent. Dark shaker wood trim will look best if you pair it with a white framed window. If the window is frameless, make sure the backdrop is in a light color.

You can also create a pop of color simply by painting your shaker window trim in a bold and bright tone.

Squeeze your creativity juice and have some fun with your shaker window trim!