15 Pretty Pink and Gray Bathrooms to Spark Your Inspiration

15 Pretty Pink And Gray Bathrooms

The basic idea of creating a transitional style is to combine modern and traditional elements.

The point where the modern and traditional meet is called transition.

In fact, you can do anything to mix modern and traditional looks because the idea is broadly defined. One of the effective ways is through the color combo.

Have you ever heard about a pink and gray color scheme in a bathroom?

It might not be the combination that first popped up in your mind when you thought about color combinations for your bathroom remodeling project because pink and gray are very different.

Gray is a neutral color, one of the earthy tones that can be either warm or cool. This is the color that most people use as an alternative to white or black in a bathroom; thus, it’s considered a traditional tone.

Pink, on the other hand, is brighter, even though it has different shades, to begin with. But even the lightest pink will make your bathroom appear brighter and more fun.

In the middle of a neutral color setting, pink will give it a pop of color, something to distract and attract attention. In terms of style, pink is a modern tone.

So, what if you combine gray and pink in your bathroom?

You’ll create a lovely transitional area.

The color combo would be even better if it was used across the room, being repeated in the patterns or the colors of the furniture and/or tiles.

Still don’t know where to begin?

Here are the prettiest bathrooms in pink and gray that would surely spark your inspiration.

1. Soft Coral Pink Bathroom Wall Paired with Gray Furniture

soft coral pink bathroom wall paired with gray furniture
soft coral pink bathroom wall paired with gray furniture. image © cvgarchitects.com

Painting the entire walls in soft coral pink is a great way to induce a calm and relaxing sensation. This is a better shade than a dull dark brown that will only make your bathroom area look smaller.

We can see that soft coral pink works better than white. It has every characteristic that white has, like an enlarging effect, brightening effect, and as a canvas, but it is less dull, sweeter, and more fun.

The designer used white to complement the soft coral pink walls, though. The white trim of the windows, along with the white freestanding tub and white cabinet, managed to work their way to make the pink look creamy.

Note that not all the furniture pieces are finished in white. There are some cabinets painted gray to match the floor tile. The gray on the cabinets is a bit darker, though.

The designer preferred to use a lighter shade of both pink and gray to make the bathroom look more open and brighter.

There is no need to contrast them in a darker and lighter tone if you have a small to a mid-sized bathroom, because a dramatic contrast in a small bathroom will only make it look smaller and overwhelming.

The soft pink and light gray combo also needs a spark of white spread strategically along the room to keep everything look spotless and flawless.

2. Mediterranean Bathroom with Pink Walls and Gray Tile

mediterranean bathroom with pink walls and gray tile
mediterranean bathroom with pink walls and gray tile. image © allwoodconstruction.net

This bathroom looks fun and chic even though; basically, it is dominated by neutral shades.

Even though it has a pretty combination of pink and gray, this is not a part of the transitional style. The designer meant it to be a Mediterranean bathroom.

Mediterranean style is often associated with orange coral and terracotta color. You can see it on the cushion on the tiled bench in this bathroom.

The orange – terracotta cushion looks prominent against the baby pink walls that are combined with extra wide white window trim and white molding and baseboard.

The gray color comes from the tile that covers the bench and the floor and appears on the countertop, too.

The shade is so light that it’s almost white; it shows that the designer incorporated this light gray to correspond well with the white elements across the room.

The most eye-catching and chic element in this area is the roman shade. It comes in a very dark charcoal shade with pink striped on both sides.

The shade is meant to contrast the pink walls and the white trim, while the pink stripe gracefully matches the pink surrounding. A contradictory element is all you need to liven it up in a bathroom.

3. Rose Pink Mural on a Bathroom Wall with Gray Countertop

rose pink mural on a bathroom wall with gray countertop
rose pink mural on a bathroom wall with gray countertop. image © themuralsource.com

It’s easy to add a more feminine touch to a pink bathroom. You just have to add some floral patterns with a touch of gold tone.

Highlight this; you don’t need to pick the right paint for the pink shades with gold tones. All you have to do is just design the walls to create a wall mural.

This wall mural is known as “Chai Wan” in a rose pink color, which was designed by Susan Jamieson of Bridget Beari Designs. The floral print is in a perfect gold tone, an excellent way to add some elegance to a sweet and feminine pink wall.

The gold tone is repeated through the lamp, the hardware, and the faucets.

A Gray countertop was added to complement the gold tone because, similar to pink, gray, especially the light one, is able to work well with gold shade. However, gray + gold and pink + gold achieve a different effect.

Combine pink and gold, and you’ll get an extra feminine look with a touch of glamour and elegance. Mix gray and gold, and you’ll end up with a traditional style that exudes a luxurious and exclusive appearance.

Mix and match all of them to get a soft, girly, elegant, and transitional look.

4. Pink Bathroom Vanity and Gray Hexagonal Floor Tile

pink bathroom vanity and gray hexagonal floor tile
pink bathroom vanity and gray hexagonal floor tile. image © bethhaleydesign.com

This is a kid’s bathroom, and it has the right color combo to represent children’s joyful and fun-loving characters.

The fun element is on the cabinet painted in Sherwin Williams – Innocence. It’s a lovely pink shade that gets the most attention.

This pink cabinet is contrasted with the gray hexagonal floor tile.

This bathroom’s pink and gray combination is not as strong as the typical pink + gray bathrooms.

Instead of painting the walls in pink or gray, the designer decided it would be better to paint the entire walls white, an ideal canvas for any shade you may want to add later.

Working from the white walls as a backdrop, the designer painted the cabinet in a pink shade that goes well with the white walls and countertop and picked a gray hexagonal floor tile to subtly contrast the white.

The gray tile and the white walls indeed don’t dramatically contrast each other. On the contrary, they work together to be an excellent background for the pink cabinet, so it looks pop.

Gray is chosen to avoid being too stark because too much white in any area would only make it look intimidating, too sterile, and too bright.

5. Pink and Gray Bathroom Walls to Create an Eclectic Style

pink and gray bathroom walls to create an eclectic style
pink and gray bathroom walls to create an eclectic style. image © lesleyglotzl.com

For some, creating an eclectic area is more fun than any style because, in an eclectic design, you can work with any color and pattern, and nobody would say it was unmatched and uncool.

In fact, the more clashing color combo and patterns you have, the better it would be.

That goes the same with this bathroom. The contrast is being highlighted, and the clashing shades are juxtaposed.

The walls are separated into two areas. The bottom is covered with pink tiles to protect the area from the splash of water and, of course, to provide visual interest, too, while the upper area is painted in gray color, Benjamin Moore – Metro Gray.

The pink tiled walls truly match the pink granite as a countertop. Imagine how cool it would be to have pink granite as a countertop?

It would make your bathroom look pretty in pink, a fresh way to incorporate pink in your bathroom!

Even the linoleum floor seems to be finished in pink, too. Look how the floor and the pink tile on the wall create a flowing design, making our eyes follow the line from the bottom to the top.

To add more splash of color, the designer also placed a green rug against the pink floor. It gives more fun and character to this bathroom. Last, white is added to tone down the mismatched combination.

6. Blush Pink Walls with Gray Herringbone Ceramic Bathroom Tiles

blush pink walls with gray herringbone ceramic bathroom tiles
blush pink walls with gray herringbone ceramic bathroom tiles. image © landisconstruction.com

This is a nice gray bathroom that looks traditional with its neutral shade.

If you see the bathroom from the door, you’ll see many different shades of gray mixed together.

The herringbone tiles are basically a combination of dark and light gray. The vanity is painted in a dark gray, while the countertop is in white color with gray veining.

White is also added to complement the gray. Both the gray and white shades seem to dominate this bathroom, giving a simple classic look.

However, if you look around the room, you’ll see that actually the entire walls are painted in a blush pink tone.

Blush pink is a very light shade of pink; it’s almost white. Even though it’s very light, it’s able to create a contrast with white. See where the pink blush wall ends, and the white tile starts on the bath stall.

Blush pink walls are obviously added to bring out a modern touch to this classic bathroom, so it would be a nice transitional area.

To strengthen the modern vibe, the colorful artwork was hung over the toilet, and surprisingly this artwork complements its blush pink background.

7. Gray Tiles and Checkered Pink Bathroom Walls

gray tiles and checkered pink bathroom walls
gray tiles and checkered pink bathroom walls. image © newconcept180.com

This is another eclectic bathroom with a mismatched pattern and color, but it is part of the charm. At first, you might see that the checkered pink walls were out of place in this gray bathroom.

The bathroom itself consists of gray subway tile backsplash and walls in the shower stall, gray hexagonal wall tile in the shower stall, veiny gray countertop, and dotted gray tiles on the floor.

Even without the checkered pink walls, this gray bathroom has already been full of patterns despite all of them being in the same color.

However, the checkered pink walls, in the end, are useful to add a spark of brightness to this bathroom. Without it, this bathroom would have been dull and plain.

Remember that using too many neutral shades in a room won’t make it look simple and minimalist; it would only make the area look boring and plain.

The checkered wall itself is a combination of pink and white, so white here is meant to close the gap between gray and pink, providing a smoother transition between the two.

The dramatic contrast between the checkered wall and the rest of the pattern in this bathroom gives a whimsical look, making it absurd but in a good way.

8. Combination of Dark Gray Tiles and Baby Pink Bathroom Walls

combination of dark gray tiles and baby pink bathroom walls
combination of dark gray tiles and baby pink bathroom walls. image © casedesign.com

If you’re already full of light gray shade, it’s time to move on to the darker side.

This bathroom has dark gray tiles that cover the floor and the lower part of the wall. It’s 3/4 gray tile with a slight white that invokes a traditional vibe in the room.

Using the same tile for the floor and the wall is an excellent way to create a consistent look, a way to make the eyes follow the line of the tile, so the bathroom looks larger than it actually is.

On the contrary, be careful when you use too many dark tiles like this in a smaller bathroom because a dark tone can notoriously “slim down” everything. Dark tiles will also make your bathroom look gloomy and unlit.

This was when the pink walls came to the rescue. Pink walls make the bathroom look brighter, nicer, and more fun. It adds a splash of color that beautifully contrasts the dark tile.

The best part is when there is no transition between the dark gray tiles and the pink walls. The color change is abrupt and sudden.

White is still added to balance everything out, though. But the white elements are spread across the room instead of providing a transition.

9. Bright Pink Walls to Contrast Soft Gray Fixtures in a Traditional Bathroom

bright pink walls to contrast soft gray fixtures in a traditional bathroom
bright pink walls to contrast soft gray fixtures in a traditional bathroom. image © kohler.com

It’s plain to see that this bathroom represents pure elegance. The color palette consists of soft gray fixtures, a gray limestone floor, and charming pink walls.

These walls are painted in a combination of Benjamin Moore – Fruit Shake and Aura Bath & Spa Matte. Even though it might take extra cost and effort, mixing your own paint is definitely worth it. This way, you’ll get the most suitable paint that fits your bathroom style.

The warm pink walls are a canvas for many classic decorative items, and the white classic claw-foot bathtub.

The designer intended to create a pink bathroom. That’s why they only added a small amount of gray so it won’t ruin the charming pink across the room.

So why did they have to add gray if white had been enough to complement pink?

After all, this is a traditional bathroom in spite of the pink walls. Neutral colors are needed to enhance the classic style. Using too many white colors in a room seems counterproductive because it definitely looks too plain and stark.

This bathroom shows that it’s actually possible to only include a small amount of gray (or pink if you want it the other way around) in a pink bathroom. That doesn’t make the room look any less than pink and gray.

You can still have the combo, minus the dramatic and abrupt contrast.

10. Shocking Pink Walls Combined with Dark Gray Porcelain Tile Shower Walls

shocking pink walls combined with dark gray porcelain tile shower walls
shocking pink walls combined with dark gray porcelain tile shower walls. image © classichomeremodeling.com

A hot shocking pink wall in this gray bathroom is meant to be an accent.

After all, this is a dark bathroom. It has a lot of dark gray porcelain tiles that cover the wall.

The vanity was painted dark gray, and the countertop was carefully picked in black to match the gray tile on the wall. Even the toilet is also finished in dark gray!

Without the accent wall, this bathroom would look dingy and poorly lit, no matter how many lights the homeowners add. It would surely cause a problem in a small bathroom.

That’s why the designer painted the wall over the vanity in a hot shocking pink shade.

The shade significantly contrasts the dark gray. Both have a different effect on the room.

The pink accent walls deliver a warm tone, while the dark gray porcelain tiles and cabinets are on the cool side. The sudden change between these two shades increases the unusual and eccentric appearance.

To balance them and tone down the abrupt transition, it’s important to incorporate timeless decorative items. In this case, the designer hung two huge frameless mirrors over the sink against the shocking pink walls.

11. Gray Bathroom Walls and Light Pink Drapery

gray bathroom walls and light pink drapery
gray bathroom walls and light pink drapery. image © allywhalen.com

Although pink walls are pretty and all, in a pink and gray bathroom, it’s also lovely to have gray walls in the entire bathroom.

Gray walls, especially in a greige (grey and beige) shade like this, will carry a sophisticated look that no other shades could replicate. Combine greige with light gray and white, and you’ll have a large, open, and bright bathroom.

The designer has perfectly decorated this bathroom, starting from the gray wall. In contrast, another shade of gray appears on the tufted stool and the fluffy rug.

Both shades of gray bring out the stylish modern style even though some of the furniture pieces are in a traditional style.

The pink shade comes from the drapes. The designer wanted to show that in a pink and gray bathroom, you don’t need to combine both colors on a large surface, like walls or furniture.

There are many ways to adopt the pink and gray bathroom ideas.

Even though the drapery, you still can add the beauty of pink in a monochrome bathroom.

Greige and light pink complement each other because both tones have a white touch. When placed side by side, they create a soft and sweet look.

12. Gray Tile with Dark Pink Cabinet to Create an Ultra-Modern Bathroom

gray tile with dark pink cabinet to create an ultra-modern bathroom
gray tile with dark pink cabinet to create an ultra-modern bathroom. image © olivercustomhomes.com

This is an example of an ultra-modern bathroom. You can see it clearly from the marble tile and frameless mirrors, representing a stylish and updated look.

This bathroom features a gray concrete floor combined with light gray marble tile on the wall to create an accent.

The gray on the marble tile and concrete floor is also combined with metal sinks. Metal and gray will create an urban style that looks chic and new-fashioned.

To top it off, a huge single window bracketed by the marble tile is supposed to make this bathroom brighter.

In contrast, the designer painted the rest of the walls pink. The pink walls match the cabinet, which was painted in a darker shade of pink.

The two different shades of pink enhance the charm of this bathroom, making it look visually appealing.

Different from the typical transitional bathrooms, the gray here doesn’t represent traditional style, and the pink doesn’t resemble modernity either.

In this case, both deliver a modern vibe. The only classic element in this project is only the cabinet.

13. Charcoal Gray Recessed Panel Cabinet Against The Pink Fuchsia Wall

charcoal gray recessed panel cabinet against the pink fuchsia wall
charcoal gray recessed panel cabinet against the pink fuchsia wall. image © marianneashleyinteriordesigns.com

It is another hasty change from pink and gray. The shade is bold and dramatic to put a cherry on its top.

This bathroom features pink fuchsia walls and dark charcoal gray recessed panel cabinets. However, these bold shades are also neutralized by white. The white wainscoting walls covered the bottom part of it.

The combination of fuchsia pink painted wall and white wainscoting carries a modern and sweet vibe. The pink walls seem to be finished in an oily coat to deliver a polished and glossy look like this.

The only gray element in this bathroom is the recessed panel cabinet. It is finished in a deep charcoal gray, a bold shade that enhances a feisty feel.

Even though the gray shade is not painted on a large surface, it is enough to complete the pink fuchsia walls.

We learned from this color palette that it doesn’t matter how small or insignificant the element might be in a bathroom; if you paint it in a deep, dark, and bold shade like this charcoal gray, chances are people will notice.

14. Pink Striped Wallpaper as an Accent Wall in a Soft Gray Bathroom

pink striped wallpaper as an accent wall in a soft gray bathroom
pink striped wallpaper as an accent wall in a soft gray bathroom. image © adamandevearchitecture.com

Remember that a kid’s room doesn’t have to be bright and bold all the time. You can still incorporate some neutral shades in a kid’s room to apply a minimalist and modern style. But don’t forget to always add a splash of color.

A splash of color in a kid’s bathroom doesn’t have to be vibrant. Sometimes, you can opt for the soft and light shades just to evoke a fun-loving character.

In this project, most of the entire bathroom is gray and white. It features a charcoal gray cabinet, gray countertop, and gray tile, while the white elements are on the bathtub, the tiled wall in the bath stalls, the trim, and the curtain.

The wall above the vanity is meant to be an accent wall. This is where the designer should apply the fun and lively element to liven up the whole bathroom.

This wall is painted in a pink striped pattern. The striped pattern consists of two shades of pink, light and darker, indicating the homeowners didn’t want to deal with a lot of bold and dramatic shades.

This is an excellent way to incorporate several shades of pink. Rather than spreading them across the room in light and dark shades, it would be more consistent and cohesive to paint them side by side in a gradating pattern.

15. Urban Gray Bathroom with a Splash of Bright Pink as a Decoration

urban gray bathroom with a splash of bright pink as a decoration
urban gray bathroom with a splash of bright pink as a decoration. image © alxinteriors.com

It’s crystal clear that this is a contemporary bathroom. It is dominated by deep dark gray that would overwhelm a much smaller area.

The walls and the ceiling are finished in a dark gray, while the countertop is in a lighter gray, but they are counteracted by the white trim, white cabinets, and white floor tile.

Actually, the designer could have just stopped there to create a perfect traditional bathroom. But they wanted to add something more to lighten up the typical gray+white color palette. Hence, there’s this bright pink accent.

The most prominent is the bright pink window treatment that’s in line with the pink tufted stool and the towels in the stack.

Bright pink is carefully spread across the room to lighten up certain spots where the dark gray seems to be thickened.

Adding a bright pink shade to a gray bathroom is a simple way to turn a traditional setting into a more contemporary design.

It is recommended to complete this gray bathroom with a bright pink accent with a lot of warm lights that radiate a soft yellow glow. The glow will be reflected on the gray walls, creating some highlighted spots.

Adding mirrors is also an excellent idea to lessen the bright effect of the shocking pink accent.