13 Fabulous White Painted Brick House Inspirations Based on the Paint Used

13 Fabulous White Painted Brick House Inspirations Based On The Paint Used

Brick home exterior is always interesting. It is not only beautiful and timeless but also very special because of the textured appearance.

Another thing you must know is that the painted version of brick can look amazing too. It allows you to get more variations of the exterior color scheme without losing the material’s special texture.

In this post, we will specifically talk about white painted brick house design. The main idea that it contains is to renew the appearance of the place by using white paint.

If we want to see it from the positive side, the action is recommended, especially when you think that the exterior needs an update to look better, because it can give a more refreshed look in such a beautiful way. Even the brick house used to look dark; once you paint it white, you can see how fresher it will look.

Many cases have proven that coloring brick houses in white paint can boost the curb appeal too. It gets even better because the project can give extra protection from some weather-related problems.

In this post, we will share 13 different brick house designs that are painted in white to get you inspired. The information will be more interesting for you to read because we will include information about each project’s specific paint. Read further to know about all of them.

Gorgeous Mountain Brick Cottage in Natural Choice SW 7011

white-painted brick home with unique single gable roof and red brick accents
white-painted brick home with unique single gable roof and red brick accents. image © christopherai.com

As a starter, please take a look at this gorgeous traditional mountain cottage located in Birmingham. The main exterior material used in this building is brick painted in Sherwin Williams Natural Choice SW 7011 that has a subtle grey undertone. If you look closely, it is paired with wall siding colored in the same tone.

When talking about what we love the most from this house, we cannot lie that the first thing that catches our attention is the shape and design, particularly how fabulous the curve roofing looks like. When we talk about the white paint on the brick exterior, there are some details that we like too.

The first is the steps. It has a similar white tone, but it also uses red bricks’ original color and appearance. This detail finally gives accents that make the house look even more beautiful.

Another thing we love is the cheddar shingles used as the roof. It somehow excellently matches the white paint color of the brick walls.

Oyster White SW 7637 That Looks Elegant with the Weathered Wood Roof

white paint with beige undertone in a modern-rustic house exterior
white paint with beige undertone in a modern-rustic house exterior. image © gowillowhomes.com

The next inspirational home design is this modern, rustic residence that is also located in Birmingham. The paint used to color the brick exterior here is Sherwin Williams Oyster White SW 7637.

Just like the previous option, this one is also not pure white paint. It has a beige undertone, which makes it very reasonable for the windows, trims, and chairs in the house’s porch area to look like they belong there.

The thing that again catches our eyes the most is the roof. Something like this is very reasonable because both walls and roofing must look compatible with one another for a more excellent visual.

The shingles used here is weathered wood, and it seems to have a dark brown color. This hue looks nice together with the brick wall’s white paint, and together they form an elegant visual.

Clean Design with Sail Cloth OC-142 and Grey Roof Shingles

an off-white painted-brick home with grey roof shingles
an off-white painted-brick home with grey roof shingles. image © cjarchitects.com

The type of paint color used on this classic, traditional two-story house belongs to the off-white shades. The specific product used by the designer here is Benjamin Moore Sail Cloth OC-142.

When paired with the exterior of the house shown in the picture, it can create a clean impression. As you can see, there are quite a lot of parts of the wall surface that is left empty without any windows or decorative details.

Such simple yet gorgeous detail and the white paint used on the bricks look very compatible with the grey roof shingles that somehow also have some clean value in the visual.

The last but not least detail that catches our attention is the concrete walkway. It naturally has a color that matches the brick wall even if it does not receive any stain.

Cool Spare White SW 6203 for a Slight Grey Undertone on Brick Walls

a traditional brick home exterior looks simple yet elegant with white paint
a traditional brick home exterior looks simple yet elegant with white paint. image © marcelleguilbeau.com

For those who prefer a cool white appearance on their brick houses instead of the warm one, Sherwin Williams Spare White SW 6203 as used in the elegant traditional home in the picture can be the right option. It is a cool white color that looks like it has a slight grey undertone in it.

This house’s wall color looks just right, being together with the grey garage door, black windows, and grey roof. It even looks nice being side by side with the stained wood front door and sidelights.

We love how the lanterns are added to decorate the brick. It is a very simple trick to avoid the empty look of any home exterior with ample open wall space like this.

A Timeless Brick House Visual with Ballet White OC-9

painted brick house exterior with white and grey color scheme
painted brick house exterior with white and grey color scheme. image © kara weik @ houzz.com

Are you a person who does not like to change the exterior color of your house often? If yes, you should paint your brick house with Benjamin Moore Ballet White OC-9.

You can take a look at the home exterior design shown in the picture. The designer paired the white-painted brick exterior paired with grey shutters and front door in Sherwin Williams Attitude Gray SW 7060. The combination also looks timeless, so this choice is suitable for a long-time investment.

The color combination also tends to look neutral. That is why you can pair something like this with any landscaping design choices, even including the plants that you will have in it.

Bold Classic Brick House Visual with Alabaster SW 7008 and Dark Brown Windows

a pastel white-painted brick home exterior paired with dark brown windows for a classic visual
a pastel white-painted brick home exterior paired with dark brown windows for a classic visual. image © tatumbrown.com

A white-painted brick exterior tends to show a classic look, especially when the choice goes to a warm, off-white, or even pastel shade. Although so, can we make everything look bolder too?

The answer to such a question is: yes, you can. The way is by doing a similar thing as done in the picture.

As you can see, this white brick exterior is not merely about using the pastel Sherwin Williams Alabaster SW 7008. It is also about the dark brown windows with dark, mirrored glass.

The choice of the window and the glass in this home design is not only to match the beautiful brick wall paint. It is also for adding boldness to make the modern visual seem stronger in the transitional exterior.

Cozy Atmosphere with Greek Villa, 7551 and Warm Grey Windows

a cozy atmosphere from the combination of pastel white painted brick and warm grey windows
a cozy atmosphere from the combination of pastel white painted brick and warm grey windows. image © levelteamcontracting.com

A cozy atmosphere can also be brought outside the brick house when you can pick the right white shade to color the walls. If this is something that you want the most, you must check out the picture of a transitional home above.

The walls here gain the color from Sherwin Williams Greek Villa SW 7551. The cozy atmosphere that it emits gets even stronger because the windows are colored in Sherwin Williams Morris Room Grey SW 0037.

The addition of stained-wood accents here makes everything even better. Brown and wood color are always perfect for building a cozy visual in and outside the house.

From Red to White Brick with Super White OC-152

a red brick house painted in white to refresh the look
a red brick house painted in white to refresh the look. image © papermoonpainting.com

Can you believe that the building you see in the picture above used to be a red brick house? From it, we know that painting the brick house in white can significantly change the appearance while making the building look way more refreshed.

When talking specifically about the project in the picture, we can say that the Benjamin Moore Super White OC-152 paint makes the house look more elegant and luxurious visual compared to when it still has the original red brick appearance.

The black color of the double front door and the white trim are still the same here. Thankfully, both of the looks highly compatible with the new wall paint, and together they create an elegant, luxurious look.

Dover White SW 6385 Brick House and Black Roof Shingles for Bold Look

the pairing between white painted brick and black roof shingle in a transitional exterior
the pairing between white painted brick and black roof shingle in a transitional exterior. image © midtowncustomhomes.com

Do you want to make your brick house bold and stunning so that it becomes easy to notice in the neighborhood? If yes, you should color the walls with Sherwin Williams Dover White SW 6385.

That alone is not enough. The look can be bolder when you also consider black roof shingles, as done in the picture.

The design of this transitional house is even more fabulous because the details are also in black. Those include the doors, windows, and even the gutters.

White brick exterior paired with warm grey front door

white brick exterior paired with warm grey front door
white brick exterior paired with warm grey front door. image © greenwellhomes.com

If previously we talked about how Benjamin Moore Ballet White OC-9 can create a timeless visual on the brick house, this time, we will tell you something different. FYI, this wall paint can also create a warm and welcoming exterior look.

Of course, to achieve the look, you must not only use the paint color alone but add another tone in the design too. You can take a look at the picture as an example.

As you can see, there is also a beige tone from the windows and front door in this design. The front door’s warm impression creates a welcoming effect, especially because it is paired with the off-white paint on the brick.

Pooping and Refreshing Ultra Pure WhiteⓇ PPU18-6 Brick Home with Stunning

a white-painted brick entry with refreshing blue door
a white-painted brick entry with refreshing blue door. image © minabrinkeyphotography.com

Adding a popping and refreshing touch to the white-painted brick exterior can also be an excellent idea to do. It will not only create a fresh visual to the facade but also makes a change for the house to be more noticeable in the neighborhood.

The actual example of this exists in the picture. Here, you can see the pairing between Ultra Pure WhiteⓇ PPU18-6 by Behr on brick walls and Benjamin Moore Blue Spa 2052-40 for the front door.

The choice of greenish-blue paint for the entrance is excellent here. It not only makes the house look even more refreshing but also looks complementary to the red brick floor.

Stylish and Cozy Exterior with Steamed Milk SW 7554 and Stained Wood Accents

a craftsman house with painted white brick and stained wood combination
a craftsman house with painted white brick and stained wood combination. image © leverickhomes.com

We already mentioned the combination a bit previously but this time, let us talk more about it. What we meant here is the pairing between white-painted brick and stained wood in the home exterior.

The addition of stained-wood material in white-painted brick home design can add not only a cozy visual. It can also give a stylish touch to the building.

This craftsman design shows how the Sherwin Williams Steamed Milk SW 7554 off-white paint color looks even better because there are wood accents added to the exterior. Those include the front door, home number, shutters, and wall siding.

We particularly love how the shiny siding welcomes us all. It brings the style value to the next level.

Strong Traditional Feel with Sebring White 1492 and Brown Roof

white painted brick and brown roof shingles combination in a traditional home exterior
white painted brick and brown roof shingles combination in a traditional home exterior. image © symmetryarchitects.com

For the fans of traditional design, this next home design inspiration is a perfect selection. In this case, we want you to focus more on the white paint for the brick surface and roof color.

The product used in this design is Benjamin Moore Sebring White 1492 and brown roof shingles, which tend to be on the light and a bit orangey side.

The color combination between the two exterior elements somehow creates a strong traditional visual. We love how beautiful it looks.


What do you think about the inspirational white painted brick house designs that we have shared above? They are all fabulous and proves that clean white is not the only shade you can do in a brick exterior painting project, right?

If, by any chance, after reading this article, you get inspired to paint your own brick house with white paint, an important thing that you must always remember is that painting a brick house in white is a thing that cannot be done by people with low or even zero experience on the field. This action is not merely about giving white color to the brick surface.

It is also about how you can avoid or at least minimize the negative values that can occur when applying white paint to brick. That is why the project is more recommended to be done by painters who have experience in painting brick and masonry.

They are the ones who will know what to do before, during, and after the project. They also know about the right type of paint to use in the project because Choosing the wrong kind of paint or doing the process wrongly can result in trapped moisture. A problem like this can damage the brick wall as time goes by.

Another thing that is not less important is the fact that the project will result in something permanent. You can indeed change the color later, but the removal surely needs sandblasting and chemicals that will later change the look of your original brick surface to be worn out. That is why you must think about the decision thoughtfully.

Once you are sure about the decision and you already got the brick house painted in white, there is one last thing to know. It is that power-washing is needed once in a while because mildew and dirt will be more visible now that you painted the brick in white.