11+ Most Elegant Green House with Brown Trim as a Unique Unexpected Pairing Color

11  Most Elegant Green House With Brown Trim As A Unique Unexpected Pairing Color

One of the best ways to revive your old house is by repainting it. If you still don’t have any idea what color to choose for the exterior, it’s highly recommended if you use green, especially if you have a mountain style, craftsman, rustic, or country style home.

Green, especially olive or sage green, can deliver a perfect exterior color hue, particularly in craftsman-style houses.

Why use green? That color is rich. It lets your home shine. Moreover, when it comes to earthy tones, green is the primary color in nature. It is closely related to life’s riches. That is why green is often associated with wealth. It is also known as the color of growth and a fresh start.

According to the psychology of color, green can encourage you to appreciate your unique talents and materialize them in the real world.

If your neighborhood commonly uses neutral colors for their house exterior, painting your house with green color will make it look like a cooling lime sherbet, especially during the hot summer days. Eye-popping bright green can also make a psychedelic statement. This is great if you like to add a fun element to your house.

So, what about the color scheme? What will work best with a green color exterior?

Basically, the most common and safest color combination is green and white. It is because white is a neutral color, and it can be paired with any color. However, recently an emerging trend for a home design is painting a home in two hues that don’t usually be paired. For example, green paint on the siding with brown trim as the accent.

Yes, earthy greens blend seamlessly with natural woodsy trim and are commonly found in rustic or bungalow houses. But, what about bright lime green with dark brown color? Or soft mint green with light brown color? The choices are totally endless!

If you are interested, here are some houses with green exterior color combined with brown trim to inspire you.

1. Lovely Moss Green House with Wooden Nutmeg Brown Trim

lovely moss green house with wooden nutmeg brown trim
lovely moss green house with wooden nutmeg brown trim. image © timandersenarchitect.com

This traditional two-story house has a beautiful covered porch at the entrance, providing a shelter as well as reducing scale when visitors approach.

The great thing about this house is its lovely color. The exterior is painted in Miller Paint – Newburry Moss Green. The Moss Green color like this never fails to give a fresh look to the house because, basically, green symbolizes freshness, growth, safety, and harmony.

The moss green is combined with Miller Paint – Wooden Nutmeg brown trim color. The combination of moss green and nutmeg brown creates a lovely traditional look because brown is often associated with a classic color that has a grounding sensation because it closely resembles the earth itself. As an accent color, the sash was also chosen carefully. It is Lowe’s American Traditions – Jekyll Club Cherokee Rust.

Basically, this one is an ideal example of a mid-sized classic house with a green exterior color. It also has a wood gable roof to enhance its traditional look.

2. Simple Sage Green House with Syrup Brown Trim

simple sage green house with syrup brown trim
simple sage green house with syrup brown trim. image © mythreesonspainting.com

This shade of green always delivers a warm and inviting look to the house. This soft sage green is not too bold to make it stand out in the neighborhood, but it is lovely enough to remind you of the soft green earth.

When it comes to the color meaning, sage green represents experience, intelligence, and wisdom. And because it is basically still a green color, it also has characteristics of green, like freshness, nature, and harmony.

This traditional house looks simple and homey. The green main body is mixed with syrup brown trim to create a nice contrast. Sage green is a soft color, while syrup brown is bolder. Both don’t cancel each other. In fact, they complement one another and create perfect harmony.

The creamy white color is also added to accentuate the green-brown combination. Actually, that is the most common option for those who want to make the house a bit brighter. And for the pop of color, the red stairs leading to the front porch complete the whole look.

3. Small Arts and Crafts Green One-story Stucco Gable Roof with Brown Trim

small arts and crafts green one-story stucco gable roof with brown trim
small arts and crafts green one-story stucco gable roof with brown trim. image © certapro.com

The exterior of any arts and crafts home usually includes heavy tapered columns, overhanging eaves, stucco gable roofs, and a covered front porch.

The exterior colors are commonly reflective of nature, like green, brown, and any muted earth tones. This small house has all those characteristics. It only has one story, but it looks comfortable and cozy, thanks to its attractive exterior color.

This house was painted green. At this angle and due to the effect of lighting, the green appears darker in the picture. However, it resembles nature so much. The posts, the window frames, and the lining were painted in darker green. These two shades of green are also combined with brown trim. The brown trim blends harmoniously with the wood front door and the stucco gable roof.

The green plants in front of the house also enhance the greenery of this house. Even though this house doesn’t feature many natural elements in its exterior, the body color, and the plants make it look more pure and organic.

4. Craftsman Style Green House with Dark Brown Trim

craftsman style green house with dark brown trim
craftsman style green house with dark brown trim. image © studiozarch.com

This was actually a bungalow in a craftsman style. However, later it was turned into a livable home but still remains timeless.

This mid-sized craftsman two-story house features a wood exterior painted in green color. There are two shades of green here. The lighter green paint color is Sherwin Williams – Jade Dragon (SW 9219), while the darker one is Sherwin Williams – Rock Garden (SW 6195). Both of them are combined with dark brown trim to enhance its craftsman style.

Unfortunately, there is no detailed information about the brown paint color. However, Sherwin Williams – Window Box looks pretty similar. This mid-sized house has a shingle roof in a brown color too, so it blends seamlessly with the brown trim. Overall, this color combination delivers a harmonious look.

5. Large Mountain Style Green Two-Story House with Brown Trim

large mountain style green two-story house with brown trim
large mountain style green two-story house with brown trim. image © useevergreens.com

This is another example of a Moss Green house with two stories. In this property, the green looks paler, though. Maybe it is caused by the different lighting and camera. However, the green in this house managed to deliver a perfect mountain-style look.

Moss Green is a common color that is chosen to represent mother nature. And since mountain style is all about nature, moss is considered a perfect choice.

Moreover, the Moss Green is combined with brown wood trim. The columns, as well as the front structure creating a natural entrance in the front porch, were seemingly made out of wood. The roof complements them all; it is called weathered wood. The hip roof and the shingle roof are considered great options for a large mountain-style home like this.

6. Rustic Exterior Green House with Light Brown Trim

rustic exterior green house with light brown trim
rustic exterior green house with light brown trim. image © landsenddev.com

Rustic is another style that usually uses green as its exterior color. It is because rustic, or also known as mountain style, is all about nature.

As you can see in this house, the exterior mainly uses woods and stones as its material. The woods are used for the siding, while the stones are for the paver in the front yard.

This rustic house was stained in green color. The green stains are a custom color created by the designer for these homeowners.

Basically, the designer mixes sage green color and browns. That is why the green color here looks dark. However, it perfectly matches the natural wood siding. The wood siding mixes harmoniously with the brown trim.

The shingles roof was also even stained to match the wood siding. The stain is a Sikkens Butternut. The brown roof is accentuated with the metal roofing over the front porch. It is a reclaimed rusty roof taken from an old barn. The old rusty roof like this enhances the natural beauty of a rustic style.

7. Classic Green-Wood Exterior House with Chocolate Brown Trim

classic green-wood exterior house with chocolate brown trim
classic green-wood exterior house with chocolate brown trim. image © mccalldp.com

Due to the lighting and the camera, the green exterior here looks grayer instead of green. However, this is a classic green wood house that has two stories. We can see that this house has a touch of mountain style too, a perfect class for a countryside home.

This mid-sized house has a very soft and muted green. This shade of green is always able to give a relaxing ambiance because it makes us feel as if we were out in nature.

To combine the green color, the trim is painted in brown color. The muted green and very dark brown balance each other. Incredibly, there is a cream stone on the front porch as an accent element. All of them represent nature in the best way.

8. Dark Green Three Story House with Warm Tan Brown Trim

dark green three story house with warm tan brown trim
dark green three story house with warm tan brown trim. image © timberpeg.com

This small house is considered very unique. It was a winner of some home design awards. No wonder, because this rustic house looks small, but actually it has three stories.

The garage is on the first floor, it is located underground. The second floor is for the central area. We can see the main entrance right above the garage but in a different direction. And it seems that the third floor is used for a single bedroom.

Judging by the exterior, we can easily conclude that this is a rustic house. The main element of rustic style in this house is the wood gable roof, cedar roof shingles. Moreover, the exterior of the house was also stained in natural colors, a great combination of green and brown. The green is dark enough to represent green forest, but not too dark that it looks grim.

Unfortunately, the designer can’t recall what stain was specifically used for this project. Benjamin Moore – River Rock tint in Arbor Coat Semi-transparent stain can be your best bet. That stain is not as sage green as in this house, but it looks good in the cedar boards. If you choose ArborCoat, stir the stain very well. More often than not, the darker tint settles more easily.

9. Lake Cottage Green House with Metal Roof and Brown Trim

lake cottage green house with metal roof and brown trim
lake cottage green house with metal roof and brown trim. image © bickford construction corporation

This lake cottage house features a rustic style, even though it has a touch of modern design in it, thanks to the standing seam metal roof. This cottage house blends seamlessly with the Vermont fall foliage. The soft green color gives a great contrast to the evergreen color of the grass around.

As an accent and to enhance the rustic style, the running trim is clear. The trim is vertical grain fir, and it is stained with Natural Penetrating Stain TWP #1530. This way, the trim still has the brown color it needs to harmonize the green.

Usually, the brown color is painted. But in this house, the brown trim comes from the natural color of the wood. It makes this house a perfect example of a rustic design in the countryside. Simple yet elegant, that’s the best way to describe this house.

10. Fun and Bright Light Green House with Yellow Paint and Mocha Brown Trim

fun and bright light green house with yellow paint and mocha brown trim
fun and bright light green house with yellow paint and mocha brown trim. image © wexfordcustom.com

This is the kind of paint you need if you want to have a color that represents nature but still has a fun element in it.

Who said that natural elements can be turned into something fun and eye-popping?

Nature colors are often associated with soft or dark green, brown, white, cream, and other earthy tones like that. For some, it may be a bit too plain. That is why the designer of this house decided to create something different. Even though it still looks elegant, it also has a fun element in it.

There are three dominant colors in this house’s exterior. The first floor was painted in a bright yellow color. The second floor was painted in green color, but with a yellow tint in it. And the trim was painted in a mocha brown color. It looks as if this house was straight out of a storybook child. Even though it looks bright and fun, it still has its elegant style because, basically, this house features a traditional design. Imagine the unique combination of traditional design and bright natural color.

11. Timeless Jade Green House and Cream with Brown Undertone Trim Color

timeless jade green house and cream with brown undertone trim color
timeless jade green house and cream with brown undertone trim color. image © beachworks.org

This is another eye-popping house exterior, even though it is not as bright as the previous one. Yet, it still has the fun element in it.

This green house will remind you of a Christmas tree. The jade green like this is always timeless. Moreover, it is combined with cream-colored trim that has a brown undertone in it. The result is a very light and creamy brown. Combined with the jade green, it looks a lot like candy.

For the accent, the windows’ frames are in a reddish-brown color. It clearly gives a warm look to this green-cream combination.

The traditional element in this house, besides the shingle roof, is the stacks of natural rocks on both sides of the stone stairs leading to the front porch. Even the stairs railing was also painted in green, which matches nicely with the main body of the house.

12. Queen Anne Victorian Pale Green House with Caramel Brown Trim

queen anne victorian pale green house with caramel brown trim
queen anne victorian pale green house with caramel brown trim. image © hartmanbaldwin.com

Even though green is mostly used for the exterior of the ranch-style, country style, craftsman, and traditional house, this one is totally different. This Queen Anne-style Victorian style home was painted in a pale and muted green.

Basically, muted green will make the house look washed out. That is why, to neutralize it, the designer added a caramel brown trim to this house.

This is actually a remodeled house. This building was built in 1887. After some time, it had fallen into disrepair. It was restored to its original grandeur in 1992. The designer even managed to unleash the original paint scheme and replicate it perfectly. So initially, this house was painted green and brown too.

The green exterior and the brown trim don’t reduce the elegance of this house. The building still looks extravagant. The brown trim is even combined with a cream color to create a soft look.


So, what do you think? Wouldn’t it be nice to combine green and brown colors? That unexpected pairing surprisingly can enhance the curb appeal. The effect is calm, grounded, and inviting, yet still pleasing to the eye.

If you want to use this green-brown combination, it is better to discuss it with your home designer first.

Better yet, do a little color test first. Before painting your house, paint a small surface with your selected colors first, then put it under the sunlight at different times of the day. Observe the change of color during the day, from morning until night. You can choose the shades that can deliver the best color at any time of the day.

Good luck with your repainting project!