15 Most Magnificent Climbing Rose Trellis Ideas to Add Drama in Your Landscape

15 Most Magnificent Climbing Rose Trellis Ideas

Planing climbing roses is one of the great ways to enhance the drama in your landscape. They create a beautiful and elegant covering for almost any vertical or horizontal structure.

Basically, climbing roses are not a specific rose breed. The term used includes a variety of rose growing until a large sprawling bush.

It is important to know that climbing roses are large shrubs. They can grow out of control if you just leave them alone. However, if you use trellis, you can train those roses along with it, so they can climb the trellis in an orderly fashion.

The question is, do you really need a trellis for climbing roses? You should know that climbing roses are relatively heavy. You need more than just a pole to support them. Using a trellis is the most recommended way to let climbing roses grow.

Actually, climbing roses can grow on a pergola, arbor, or gazebo. You can also grow them up in fences. But, the lack of airflow can cause issues to these roses. That is why using a trellis is considered the best way.

Trellis itself can be installed anywhere. You can install the trellis on its own, standing forth in your yard covering the entrance door or an arbor, or you can mount it on the exterior wall of your house to add more drama.

For more inspiration, you can check these pictures out:

1. Climbing Iceberg Rose on the Trellis Attached to the Wall

climbing iceberg rose on the trellis attached to the wall
climbing iceberg rose on the trellis attached to the wall. image © joanistewartinteriors.com

Iceberg Rose is the species climbing rose on the trellis. The trellis itself is mounted on the wall in a square pattern.

There are two trellises on both sides of this stucco wall. Attaching a trellis to the wall like this will give an excellent focal point.

The climbing rose is in a creamy white color. It somehow managed to give a bright contrast to the stucco wall surround and the earthy tones that are usually used in a Mediterranean patio.

The climbing rose here also serves as a beautiful background for the chaise lounges in the central area. It adds drama to the plain wall.

Moreover, there is a scone in the trellis. In the evening, the climbing will look even more dramatic, lit by the sconces.

2. Cellular PVC Trellis on the Wall Matched with the Windows Covered with Climbing New Dawn Rose

cellular pvc trellis on the wall matched with the windows covered with climbing new dawn rose
cellular pvc trellis on the wall matched with the windows covered with climbing new dawn rose. image © lear-mahoney.com

The idea of using trellis like this is unique.

Did you notice that the trellis perfectly matches the lines of window mullions lines? The trellis is made of cellular PVC, or also known as Azek. It is attached to the wall by spacers made of the same material as the house.

The climbing rose used here is called the “New Dawn” rose in a pale pink color. This rose grows from the soil up to the wall.

According to the designer, the rose could get up to the second floor if it doesn’t get trimmed. The landscaper has kept it lush to this level to fit the need of the client.

If you are wondering, New Dawn climbing rose is considered very easy to train. If there is a mistake in training it, you can just cut it back, and the new cane will pop up.

The trellis here frames the windows nicely. It enhances the sweet and elegant look of the plain exterior. The color of the rose blends seamlessly with the siding of this house too.

3. White Lady Bank Climbing Rose on a Mounted Trellis

white lady bank climbing rose on a mounted trellis
white lady bank climbing rose on a mounted trellis. image © mthdesigngroup.com

This is a wall-mounted trellis that has a simple and minimalist style but is still stylish in its own way. It has a perfectly square shape, even though it is barely visible because its white color matches the concrete wall surround.

It seems that the homeowners don’t want to have a dramatic and bold look on their walls. That is why the climbing rose used is the Lady Bank, the white-colored rose.

Although the climbing rose doesn’t give a splash of color to this wall, it still has that sweet and feminine look, softening the concrete wall perfectly.

4. Climbing Lady Banks Rose in a Pillared Trellis Idea

climbing lady banks rose in a pillared trellis idea
climbing lady banks rose in a pillared trellis idea. image © walnuthilllandscape.com

The climbing rose here grows, covering the pillared trellis. Unlike the usual trellises attached to the wall exterior, these ones are in the pillars. That is why it is called the pillared trellis. We can see the trellis here wraps each pillar in spiral form.

The plant on the trellis is Lady Banks climbing rose. These pale yellow flowers create a soft and elegant look in this covered pergola. The homeowners also used wisteria in the roof canopy, perfectly enclosed this area.

The combination of Lady Banks rose and wisteria in a canopy like this will give you a sense of enclosure while at the same time still giving you the full view of the surrounding. Using plants in a canopy will also create a natural look.

5. White Arbor Trellis with Climbing Purple Splash Rose Idea

white arbor trellis with climbing purple splash rose idea
white arbor trellis with climbing purple splash rose idea. image © abladeofgrass.com

The trellis here is in the arbor. The white arbor encloses the seating area with a gravel paver. The arched opening on each side of this arbor creates a perfect traditional look.

The climbing rose used here is Purple Splash. The rose grows on every side of the arbor, supported by the trellis.

The climbing rose can be helpful to give a natural look to the arbor. Plus, it gives an enclosing sensation, too, even though this arbor is not fully covered. The bright yellow seat provides a nice contrast to the bright purple roses surrounding it.

6. Combination of Hosta Guacamole and Climbing Rose “New Dawn” Covering a Trellis

combination of hosta guacamole and climbing rose new dawn covering a trellis
combination of hosta guacamole and climbing rose new dawn covering a trellis. image © conteandconte.com

This is a traditional patio completed with a seating area and a sunbrella.

On the backside, there is an arbor secured to the wall using a 2″ galvanized pipe set in the concrete wall’s core, while the columns are framed and bolted around them. The arbor itself is made of Azek, which is a beautiful product with the finish and look of finely painted wood.

The arbor is used as a trellis too. We can see here that it is covered with plants.

The trellis is basically covered with a combination of Hosta Guacamole and a climbing rose called “New Dawn”. Hosta Guacamole is the green shrubs on the left, while the climbing rose covers the arbor on the trellis nicely.

It may not seem neat, but those plants can provide an extra shade during the hot summer days. Plus, they deliver an incredible natural look to this patio.

7. Entrance Ideas with a Trellis Covered with Climbing Rose “Sally Holmes”

entrance ideas with a trellis covered with climbing rose sally holmes
entrance ideas with a trellis covered with climbing rose sally holmes. image © pedersenassociates.com

The climbing rose here is called “Sally Holmes”, a white rose that looks perfectly matched with the white entrance door. If you are wondering, the door itself is made of western red cedar with a semi-transparent stain, Cabots Beachwood grey.

The roof is also made of similar material and stain. This roof is enclosed by the white rose to enhance the sweet and feminine look of this entrance. Plus, the white rose resembles innocence and purity.

When you have a white climbing rose like this in your entrance, covering the roof, it will create a soft touch to the whole landscape.

The entrance here is not grand. In fact, this could be a side entrance of the house. Yet, the homeowners decided that this area should be as green as possible. That is why the entrance is also full of other green shrubs.

8. Colorful Flowers in a Mediterranean Yard with Climbing Polka Rose Sheltered the Trellis

colorful flowers in a mediterranean yard with climbing polka rose sheltered the trellis
colorful flowers in a mediterranean yard with climbing polka rose sheltered the trellis. image © garden pacific

What a lovely and colorful Mediterranean yard! The arbor, which can also be used as a trellis for a climbing plant, is covered with beautiful peach-colored climbing rose called “Polka”. It is clearly a focal point in this yard.

The arbor is surrounded by pink-flowered planted on the left side, which is actually a bougainvillea. And on the right side, there is a bright red-flowered plant, which is most likely an Abutilon or also known as flowering maple.

The combination of bougainvillea, peach rose, and flowering maple like this creates a pretty and sweet look to the yard and will look best during spring.

9. Trellis Over Garages with Climbing Joseph’s Coat Rose

trellis over garages with climbing joseph's coat rose
trellis over garages with climbing joseph’s coat rose. image © environmentaldesignslandscape.com

Trellis can also be mounted on the walls like this to enhance the dramatic look.

The homeowners decided to install trellis over the garage’s doors in a Mediterranean style, and the trellis is used as a structure for a climbing rose called “Joseph’s Coat”.

The climbing rose frames the garage’s doors sweetly.

The bright pink roses deliver a feminine and sweet look to the wooden doors, balancing a masculine look with a feminine side. The stucco wall also creates an excellent background for this bright-colored rose.

10. Climbing Eden Rose Wrapped the Trellis Over a Bench

climbing eden rose wrapped the trellis over a bench
climbing eden rose wrapped the trellis over a bench. image © katie moss landscape design

This is a shabby chic backyard that has an arbor as a trellis covering the seating area.

The bench looks lovely as if it is straight out of a fairytale book because it is enclosed by a climbing rose. The rose here is known as Eden Rose, a variety of climbing rose with a combination of light pink and white colors.

The soft color creates a warm contrast to the green shrubs around. For some, this looks maybe a bit too bushy. However, the bushy climbing rose on the arbor above can give a perfect shade from the UV rays. With that, this small seating area can be used as a den too.

11. Heirloom Climbing Rose Surrounding the Trellis System Over a Garage

heirloom climbing rose surrounding the trellis system over a garage
heirloom climbing rose surrounding the trellis system over a garage. image © ark gardens

It is always an excellent idea to have a climbing rose on the side of your house, structured by a trellis. It seems that the trellis here is mounted to the house’s exterior, and the climbing rose is left untrained to attain a bushy look that fills the side of the house.

The climbing rose here is called Heirloom. Heirloom climbing rose has a bright red color, a perfect choice if you want to add drama to your exterior.

This exterior is plain, with cream-colored siding and light gray trim and door. Yet, the climbing rose gives a pop of color. It is also combined with other colorful flowering plants and green shrubs, giving a back-to-nature look.

12. Lovely Wall Trellis Enclosed by Joseph’s Coat Climbing Rose

lovely wall trellis enclosed by joseph's coat climbing rose
lovely wall trellis enclosed by joseph’s coat climbing rose. image © terratrellis.com

This is a beautiful Ina wall trellis covered with Joseph’s Coat climbing rose. This Mediterranean landscaping looks bright, even though, as a usual Mediterranean style, it features a cream-colored stucco wall.

It seems that the trellis here is made of wood, attached to the wall. Unlike the other trellises, these ones have a perfect rectangle shape, creating an ideal frame. These two trellises are installed side by side, so the climbing rose can be trained to these two.

Joseph’s Coat climbing rose has a bright color. It emphasizes the contrast to the stucco wall, and the wall has a perfect background for the rose.

13. Combination of Cecile Brunner Climbing Rose, Trellises, and Concrete

combination of cecile brunner climbing rose, trellises, and concrete
combination of cecile brunner climbing rose, trellises, and concrete. image © jackhaleyexterior.com

The designer here took the mix and match approach to design this driveway and garage.

There is a unique combination of Cecile Brunner’s climbing rose, trellis, and concrete paver. The trellis is installed framing the twin garage doors, highlighting the entrance.

However, the climbing rose is not fully covered in the trellis. The landscaper managed to train the rose to only climb on each side of the garage’s doors only, while the middle part is covered with green shrubs, creating a perfectly T-shaped area.

The climbing rose is also highlighted with a wall sconce on each side of the doors too, radiating a warm yellow light that softens the entire look.

Cecile Brunner’s climbing rose itself has a light pink color that creates a contrast to the gray garage doors as the central point of this driveway.

14. Trellis for Privacy in a Side Yard Shielded by New Dawn Climbing Rose

trellis for privacy in a side yard shielded by new dawn climbing rose
trellis for privacy in a side yard shielded by new dawn climbing rose. image © dennismayer.com

The trellis in this Mediterranean landscape is not solely a trellis for decoration. In fact, it is also used as a privacy screen that encloses this yard.

The trellis is shielded by a climbing rose species called “New Dawn”, a whiteish pink colored rose.

The climbing rose is trained along the trellis, which runs in the perimeter of this yard. The climbing rose is also combined with other foliages, trees, and green bushes to enhance privacy.

This side yard seems to be a perfect small hiding space enclosed with nature.

15. Alchymist Climbing Rose Covered the Trellis in the Entrance Up to the Exterior Wall

alchymist climbing rose covered the trellis in the entrance up to the exterior wall
alchymist climbing rose covered the trellis in the entrance up to the exterior wall. image © great outdoors landscaping, llc

The trellis here is installed in the arbor above the entrance.

The entrance itself is attached to the lattice screen along with the property. However, the climbing rose, which is an Alchymist species, is not trained here. It is just left as it is. So it grows from the ground on the left side of the arbor and keeps up to the wall of the house, reaching the second floor.

The lattice screen and the siding of this house are in crisp white color. The Alchymist climbing rose is basically in a light pink color, which mixes harmoniously with the white color surround.

The combination of pink and white never fails to give a soft and pretty look.

If you want to achieve this look, you need to install an arbor right beside the exterior wall of your house. This way, the climbing rose on the trellis of the arbor can grow to your house’s siding.

16. How to Take Care of Climbing Roses

If you have decided to use a climbing rose in a trellis to enhance the look of your landscape, you should also know how to take care of it. Here are some valuable tips:

  • Choose a spot that gets the most sunlight. Make sure your climbing rose receives plenty of suns. Yes, there are some of them that do well in half-day of shade. Generally speaking, lighter-colored climbing roses are more tolerant to shade than dark-colored ones.
  • Amend the soil. Use peat moss, mulch, manure, or compost to amend sandy soils or clay. Alternatively, you can plant the roses in rich and loamy soil.
  • Mulch around climbing roses. You can use grass clippings, peat nuggets, chopped leaves, cottonseed/ cocoa bean hulls, shredded bark, wood chips, peat moss, ground corn cobs, buckwheat hulls, pine needles, or straw as organic mulch to cover the soil around 2-4 inches. It is recommended to mulch in the spring when the rose bush is dormant.
  • Water it. Climbing roses should get at least one inch of water per week. If it is planted in sandy soil, you should give it two inches of water per week. Water it in the morning but make sure you don’t wet the leaves to avoid fungus problems.
  • Fertilize it. Make sure you fertilize it after pruning in the spring. You can use a commercial rose fertilizer featuring a slow-release form of nitrogen with 1/2 cup to the soil. During the summer, use diluted liquid fertilizer or a foliar spray every 3-4 weeks until 6 weeks before the first frost appears.
  • Prune it. Climbing roses should be pruned once when they’re 3-4 years old. During the spring, remove weak canes and dead wood to avoid crossing or overcrowding. The benefit of pruning is to make sure the roses stay in the selected area. It can also ensure that there are only strong canes, not to limit its growth. When pruning, only use clean and sharp shears, and you should cut around 1/4 inch above a growth bud.
  • Deadhead spent flowers. Remove any spent flowers. You need to cut back the stem to a bud or a leaflet with five leaves.
  • Protect it during the winter. Remove the canes from the trellis and cover them with soil. If you can’t remove the canes, make sure they are tied securely and covered with a protective material like a burlap screen. Don’t forget to cover the plant’s base with mulch or soil.