13 Unique White and Gold Shower Curtains That You Will Love

White and Gold Shower Curtains

Are you looking for white and gold shower curtains? In this article, we will share with you 13 unique selections that you will love. Check them out!

Gold is a luxurious color. White is a color that always brings a clean and confident impression. When both of them are together, they can create an even better look that is elegant, glamour, and classy.

The combination of the two colors is the thing that we want to share with you in this article. To be more specific, we want to talk about white and gold shower curtains, and accessory that can give you a function as a cover but at the same time can also boost the style and look in the interior.

This bathroom item also contains all the visual effects that we have mentioned earlier. However, if you are interested in it, there is one thing that you need to know.

It is about the fact that although white and gold are neutral and versatile colors, it does not mean that you can include the shower curtain type in any bathroom. It would be better if you also consider the compatibility value.

For example, a curtain like this will look excellent if you include it in bathroom design with at least one from the two tones. Since it is easier to pair white with any color, you can also think about using the accessory in a bathroom that has compatible colors for gold.

In this case, the choices can be various. Those include the complementary colors of gold and all neutral tones.

If right now, you are looking for some shower curtains inspirations because you know that the accessories are the ones that your bathroom needs to look excellent, in the following, we will share with you the list of 13 selections. You will love the products that we find because they do have not only quality but also uniqueness in the design.

Golden Shower Curtain by Arichomy

Arichomy white and gold shower curtain with 72 x 72” size
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Where to buy: Amazon

This waterproof, high-quality polyester curtain is a suitable choice if you tend to choose something with a simple look. If you see it, it has a white base color and with gold flower petals as the pattern.

It is a very simple-looking shower curtain. However, at the same time, it also shows an elegant and stylish appearance. If we see the design, an accessory like this is more suitable to use in a modern bathroom.

The size of this item is 72 x 72 inches. Although it is a shower curtain, you can use it as a regular covering for the window if you want to.

When you purchase it, you will not only receive the curtain in the package. Instead, you will also get 12 plastic hooks included in the box. Of course, if you think that these do not look attractive, you can buy items like this separately to enhance the look of the curtain as well as the shower or tub.

Pineapple Toss Shower Curtain by Lush Decor

Lush Decor pineapple toss white and gold shower curtain
via Lushdecor.com

Where to buy: Lush Decor

To get a whimsical look while at the same time also getting a luxurious impression, you can choose this shower curtain instead. This creation of Lush Decor has stylish golden metallic pineapple patterns on the white soft microfiber material.

The fashionable appearance of this item makes it an excellent choice for young adults. The good news is that it is gender-neutral, which means that it can be a suitable selection for both men and women.

The main inspiration for the design came from the traditional pineapple image. However, it does not mean that you can use it in a traditional bathroom only. It can be excellent for modern bathroom interior too.

The thing that is interesting about the pineapple design is that the fruits look floating. It even looks like they are falling from above, and it is cute.

FYI, the material of this shower curtain is polyester. The size is 72 x 72 inches, so it is big enough to cover your shower room or even tub.

Flamingo Shower Curtain by Lush Decor

Lush Decor golden flamingo shower curtain
via Shopmyexchange.com

Where to buy: Lush Decor

Here is another alternative that you can choose to create a whimsical yet luxurious and stylish look in your bathroom. If the previous option has the cute traditional golden pineapple pattern, this one has flamingo that is suitable for a modern, minimalist, or chic bathroom interior. Another thing to know is that it can be a suitable option for all-ages too.

Overall, this shower curtain is quite the same with the pineapple one. The material and the size are even the same too.

Although so, we can say that it looks simpler. The reason is that the flamingo patterns have a smaller size. It also makes the design seems less busy.

Besides, the smaller size of the patterns also makes the white base color more visible. It creates a brighter impression that can affect the bathroom interior too.

Mapamundi White Gold Shower Curtain by Oliver Gal Artist Co.

Oliver Gal Artist Co. Mapamundi shower curtain in white and gold colors
via Pinterest.com

Where to buy: Oliver Gal Artist Co.

Adding a white and gold curtain for your shower or tub can enhance the aesthetic look in the bathroom too. It is particularly when the item you choose is something like this Mapamundi shower curtain.

This product has a white base, but it is not a clean one. It makes the appearance even more artistic.

The main focus of this item is in the golden world map design. It is the part that makes the bathroom accessory looks more like a painting instead of a curtain.

An item like this is suitable for people who like traveling because the picture will remind them of places around the globe, including the ones that they have visited before. However, you can still choose it even if you are not a traveler because the image is just beautiful.

Golden Houndstooth Shower Curtain by Oliver Gal Artist Co.

Oliver Gal Artist Co. golden Houndstooth shower curtain
via Houzz.com

Where to buy: Oliver Gal Artist Co.

For a fashionable touch in the bathroom area, you can choose this golden Houndstooth curtain instead. FYI, this is a classic pattern that has been used in the fashion industry since a very long time ago.

This day, the usage gets wider. You can find it also in various home items, including furniture and accessories.

As for this shower curtain, it looks even more fashionable because it has a combination of white and gold tones. These colors are also popular to create a luxurious and glamour look when it comes to clothing items and accessories.

Based on all those, it is reasonable for us to say that this Houndstooth shower curtain is an excellent choice to pick if you are a fashionista.

For you to know, the size of this bathroom accessory is 71 x 74 inches. The material is premium-quality polyester that comes with 12 buttonholes as the details. In the purchase, there is no hook included.

Ohm Gold Blanc Shower Curtain by Oliver Gal Artist Co.

Oliver Gal Artist Co. ohm gold blanc shower curtain
via Olivergal.com

Where to buy: Oliver Gal Artist Co.

Do you do Yoga? Or do you meditate quite a lot? If yes, then it is sure that you are already familiar with the symbol and the sound of ‘Ohm’.

Yes, among people who do Yoga and regular meditation, the sound of ‘Ohm’ is essential. It is something that reminds them to stay focused. It can also tell them to stay calms.

That is why, if Yoga and meditation are part of your daily life, choosing this white shower curtain with a huge golden ‘Ohm’ can be an excellent idea. You can see the symbol whenever you clean up before starting the day. Hopefully, this way, you can always start your daily activities with a good and focused mind.

When you take a shower at the end of the day, you can also see the ‘Ohm’. With this, hopefully, you can take a rest later with a calm mind so the sleep can have better quality too.

This 71 x 74 inches shower curtain is from premium quality polyester. It has 12 buttonholes, but the purchase does not include the hooks.

Gold Feathers Shower Curtain By Amazon Basics

Amazon Basics gold feathers shower curtain
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Where to buy: Amazon

Take a look at this white and gold curtain that has feather patterns as the detail. An item like this seems to be more versatile in the way that it will be easier for you to include it in any bathroom color scheme.

As you can see, this curtain has more white than gold color in the design. It is the one that makes it possible to include it in any bathroom design. In other words, it has a stronger neutral value.

The dominant white color also gives another benefit. It makes the curtain suitable to use in a small bathroom and makes the room looks brighter too.

Although the feather patterns in this shower curtain have a rather small size, it looks very stylish. Besides, it does not look busy so that it can be an excellent choice for both small and large bathrooms.

One thing that you need to know more is that the manufacturer recommends using a plastic liner together with the usage of this curtain. Something like this can enhance the durability of the product.

Geometric Chevron White and Gold Shower Curtain by JTMall

JTMall geometric golden chevron shower curtain
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Where to buy: Amazon

If you are into geometric design, then this shower curtain can be a suitable choice to pick. It has golden chevron and stripes patterns that make the shower curtain a perfect choice for a modern bathroom.

Unlike many similar items that are made from polyester, the material of this product is microfiber. In some cases, something like this can be useful because it commonly has a better breathable characteristic and even durability.

Another thing that we want you to know about this product is that the purchase does not include only the curtain. Instead, you will also get 12 stainless-steel hooks in golden color. These accessories are more suitable to pair with the curtain to create a coordinating look.

Dancing Textured Shower Curtain by Biscayneybay

Biscaynebay textured shower curtain in dancing pattern
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Where to buy: Amazon

If you are looking for something that looks elegant but also romantic at the same time, then this is the one. This shower curtain has simple printed dancing lines design.

These details can look even more attractive when you take a closer look. They will look like real ropes in golden color.

The fact that it is also a textured curtain makes this item even more interesting. Besides, it also has a weighted hem at the lower part. Something like this can make the curtain works better as a covering for the shower room or tub.

It can also reduce the mess in there. The reason is that it can avoid splatters.

About the detail, this shower curtain size is 72 x 72 inches. It has 12 buttonholes but does not come with any hooks in the package.

Gold Diamond Shower Curtain by Room Essentials

Room Essentials white shower curtain with gold diamonds detail
via Pinterest.com

Where to buy: Target

Do you want something that can bring a festive and joyful atmosphere in your bathroom? If the answer is yes, then you can consider this shower curtain as an option.

The design of this shower curtain looks sparkling with tiny golden diamonds that look like confetti. Something like this is suitable to add a bit of shine if you think that your bathroom looks dull.

Another thing that is interesting about this accessory is that the material is not polyester. This shower curtain is from 100% cotton. It makes this item lightweight, and it creates a dramatic flowy effect for those who see it.

Installing this item is also quite easy to do. Thanks to the buttonhole top.

Gold Baroque Pattern Shower Curtain by DDCG

DDCG white and gold shower curtain in baroque pattern
via Houzz.com

Where to buy: Houzz Shop

This shower curtain is the right choice not only because of its function as a shower covering from softened polyester material. It is also excellent because of the baroque pattern.

It does look not only elegant but also festive at the same time. Do you know what it means?

It means that you can use it as a part of the bathroom decoration, particularly on holiday season. Even a plain-looking bathroom can look better when you install this curtain in it.

Marble Shower Curtain with Geometric Cracked Pattern by Riyidecor

Riyidecor marble shower curtain with cracked pattern
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Where to buy: Amazon

There are quite a lot of interesting details that you can find in this shower curtain. The first is the color theme that consists of four tones, which are white, gold, black, and a bit of grey.

The next interesting detail is that other than the solid white color, it has a white marble look with grey veins in the design too. It adds the natural value and makes a good pairing for a real white marble material in the bathroom.

Next, other than white and gold, this shower curtain also has black color. When paired with different tones, including white and gold, black can create a highly elegant look.

The last interesting thing that you should not miss is that when you buy this product, you will also receive 12 plastic hooks for free.

Nika Martinez “Gold Mandala” Shower Curtain by Kess inHouse

Kess inHouse gold mandala shower curtain
via Overstock.com

Where to buy: Overstock

The last but not least, the shower curtain that we want you to take a look at is this one. It has a white base with gold mandala pattern. Because of this design, it becomes a curtain that also works as artwork for your bathroom.

The polyester material of it is not only premium. It is also durable and has excellent resistance to water.

The size of this curtain is 71 x 74 inches. Although the pattern is quite busy, the bright and neutral colors make it suitable to use in both small and large bathrooms.


Those are the 13 unique white and gold shower curtains that we can find for you. Each of them has a fascinating design, right?

If you buy a white and gold shower curtain and you want it to look even more attractive when you install it, you can pair it with accessories in a coordinating look. The examples are golden rod and hooks.

Another thing that we want you to know is that a curtain shower with a combination of white and gold colors also looks excellent as a gift. That is why you should consider it when you want to give a present to your family or friends when they just move into a new house or apartment. A gift like this does look not only stylish but also thoughtful.

For the last words, we say thank you very much for viewing and reading our article.