21 Purple and Green Shower Curtain Products That You Can Actually Buy

Purple and Green Shower Curtain

Purple and green are two colors that you can pair in your home interior design. Green, especially the brighter and the lighter ones, is still located across purple in the color wheel, although it is not the exact complementary tone. It is the reason why both of them look good together.

Purple and green are two colors that you can pair in your home interior design. Green, especially the brighter and the lighter ones, is still located across purple in the color wheel, although it is not the exact complementary tone. It is the reason why both of them look good together.

In nature, there are even quite a lot of plants that naturally show the color combination. Some of the examples are lavender, artichoke, coleus, purple passion, hens and chicks, Persian shield, and so on.

Depending on the shade that you choose for each tone, you can create a different visual interest by using the combination. Those include a deep, warm, rich, or refreshing look. Besides, it can also create a bright and sophisticated appearance too in your house.

Other than the colors, this type of shower curtain is also available in so many design options right now. You can find the beautiful one, the abstract one, the contemporary one, and even the whimsical one.

The use of the color combination between purple and green is also quite versatile, which means you can apply it in any room in the house. In this article, we will talk about something even more specific, which is the use of purple and green shower curtain in the bathroom design.

Here, we will share some examples of shower curtains that have the color combination in the design. We will also explain a bit about the visual effect that each item can bring in your bathroom interior.

Without wasting more of your time, let’s start the list of shower curtains with a purple and green combination that we can find for you.

Alison Coxon Mermaid’s Dream Green Purple Shower Curtain by Kess InHouse

Alison Coxon Mermaid’s Dream polyester shower curtain
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Where to buy: Amazon

As a starter, let’s take a look at this creation of Kess InHouse. It has a very simple yet beautiful design. It seems suitable for you who do not want to create a look that is too much in the bathroom area.

It has a combination of soft purple and green with a tiny bit of blue touch in the design. A look like this can create a relaxing feeling to whoever sees it.

The material of this 69 x 70 inches shower curtain is lightweight, water-resistant polyester. It is also the one that you can wash in a machine. It is a fact that can enhance the convenient value of the product.

Mood Shower Curtain by Abstract Art Home

purple and green mood abstract shower curtain
via Abstractarthome.com

Where to buy: Abstract Art Home

This next choice has Mood as the name. It is more suitable to use in a modern or contemporary bathroom. The abstract design is so special because it is the printed version of an art piece created by the creator.

This 71 x 74 inches shower curtain has the domination of purple and green color. However, in the design, you can also see some touches of white, aqua, and turquoise. Overall, it has a dark impression that is perfect for you who are not fond of bright tones.

The material of this water repellent shower curtain is 100% polyester. It is a product that is also resistant to mold so you can get some people of mind even if you use it quite heavily.

Neon Purple and Neon Green Ombre Shower Curtain by Podartist

ombre neon purple and neon green shower curtain
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Where to buy: Redbubble

Do you like ombre look? If yes, then this shower curtain might also arrest your attention.

It mainly has a bright look with the combination of neon green and neon purple. It makes the 71 x 74 inches shower curtain more suitable to use in a modern bathroom interior.

This shower curtain is from polyester material. You can also machine wash it by using cold. One thing that is special about this product is that the manufacturer also provides some other coordinating items just in case you are interested. Those include bath mat, wall tapestry, throw pillow, and throw blanket.

Not all of these items are suitable for the bathroom area. However, purchasing them might be fun so that you can spread the bright neon design all over the house.

Melissa Shower Curtain by Intelligent Design

Intelligent Design Melissa shower curtain
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Where to buy: Amazon

If your bathroom interior looks too dull, adding some patterns in there might be an excellent idea to try. An example way that you can do is by using this Melissa shower curtain.

It has a busy paisley pattern that can erase the too-plain look in your bathroom area. Besides, a design like this can also add a character to the interior.

In it, the purple tone is domination. Other than it, there are also green and blue colors included in the design.
This 72 x 72 inches shower curtain is quite easy to care. The material that the manufacturer uses for it is machine-washable polyester.

Vintage Lavender Shower Curtain with Postcard Composition by Ambesonne

vintage lavender flower shower curtain with postcard detailing
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Where to buy: Amazon

As we already told you at the beginning of this article, the combination of purple and green is one that you can find quite easily in nature, especially in plants. Lavender is an example.

The next product that we want you to see has the image of the purple flower in it. Overall, we can say that this item has a vintage look. It even has a postcard composition as the background.

An excellent thing that we notice from this item is that while the width is the same, which is 69 inches, it has several length choices available so that you can find the perfect one. Those are 70”, 75”, and 84”.

One thing that you need to remember is that different price is applied to a different length choice. The longer your option is, the higher the cost that you must pay.

Banana Leaves and Flowers Shower Curtain From Micbedding

banana leaves and flowers shower curtain
via Dhgate.com

Where to buy: DH Gate

Do you like a tropical interior theme? If yes, you can simply build it up by using this shower curtain.

The banana leaves and flowers design reminds us of tropical countries. You can even get a resort sensation by seeing it. It gets even better because the green color can bring a refreshing atmosphere to your bathroom area. Something like this is perfect for the room, which is more than just a place for cleaning up. It is also an area where you can get your personal relaxation at home.

If you are interested in this shower curtain, you need to know that it is from polyester material. Besides, it is also available in two sizing options, which are 180 x 180 centimeters and 180 x 210 centimeters.

Spring Flowers and Leaves Shower Curtain from eBay

via Ebay.com

spring-themed flowers and leaves shower curtain

Where to buy: eBay

For you who love bright colors and vivid impressions, this option might just be the one to choose. It has purple spring flowers and green leaves in the upper part, making it looks like they are hanging on your curtain rod.

This item is suitable to pair with many bathroom interior styles. Moreover, it has white domination that makes it even easier to include it in any color scheme.

The polyester material can prevent water from spraying all around the room whenever you take a shower. Besides, the size is also quite big, which is 71 x 71 inches.

The last but not least, excellent detail that you must know from this shower curtain is that the material is also mold proof. Although so, it does not mean that you can use it without changing it with another curtain. It would be best if you change it every few weeks for hygiene value.

Purple Flower Shower Curtain by AMNYSF

AMNYSF purple flower shower curtain
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Where to buy: Amazon

This next item is more suitable to choose if you love flower design, but you do not want it to look too bright. The reason why we said so is that this shower curtain has realistic purple flowers with green leaves in the design and black color as the background.

Overall, this item looks elegant and beautiful. The plus point is that the color will not fade.
When you purchase this 70 x 70 inches shower curtain, you will get 12 plastic hooks for free. This product is also quite easy to use. To clean it, you can use a washing machine, and then you just need to hang it to dry.

Purple and Green Succulent Shower Curtain from GoJeek

purple and green succulent shower curtain
via Gojeek.com

Where to buy: GoJeek

Are you a fan of succulents? If yes, this shower curtain by GoJeek could be an excellent choice to pick.

As you can see in the picture, it has a green and purple succulents in the design. The most interesting point is that everything looks like they are from watercolor. Because of this, this product even looks like a piece of art to place in the bathroom area.

In the purchase of this 72 x 72 inches shower curtain, there will be 12 c-shaped hooks included. This way, you should not get any trouble in providing the necessary accessories by yourself.

Cactus Shower Curtain by ChuaMi

ChuaMi cactus shower curtain
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Where to buy: Amazon

Here is another shower curtain with a watercolor succulent design that we want you to take a look at. The difference is that this one has a cuter look that seems to spread a whimsical atmosphere to the entire room.

Just like any other shower curtain that we talk about in this article, this one is also from polyester. The difference is that it has a soft and smooth feel in it. That is why it can be a more comfortable option for you and your family.

Another fascinating detail that you should not miss from this product is that the manufacturer said that you could use it not only as a shower curtain. They say, if you want to, you can use it as a regular curtain or even wall decoration.

Whimsical Dinosaur Shower Curtain by FuzzyInk

purple and green dinosaur shower curtain
via Etsy.com

Where to buy: Etsy

If you need a shower curtain for the kids’ bathroom, this might be a unique choice to consider. From everything in the design, we can say that it is suitable for both boys and girls.

The design looks so whimsical and fun. It has a rather dark purple background for the green image of a T-rex selling ice cream, which
is funny, primarily because it has a mustache.

The size of this shower curtain is 71 x 74 inches. It comes with 12 buttonhole eyelets, but there will be no rings included when you purchase it.

Watercolor Unicorn Shower Curtain from eBay

green and purple watercolor unicorn shower curtain
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Where to buy: eBay

Here is another option that you may want to choose for the kids’ bathroom. If the previous item is gender-neutral, we can say that this one is more suitable for the girls.

The green and purple unicorn design look so pretty. It does not look too childish so that you can choose it not only for little girls but also for teens.

The watercolor design makes the shower curtain even more beautiful. At the same time, it also has a relaxing impression on it.
For the purchase, there are several options available. You can, but the 72 x 72 inches shower curtain alone or buy it in a set that also includes a coordinating bath mat. Undoubtedly, the second option will cost you higher.

Cute Frog Shower Curtain by SpeckleRock

SpeckleRock frog shower curtain
via Etsy.com

Where to buy: Etsy

If you have younger kids at home, you may already know that sometimes bath time is just hard to do. In this case, you can try to choose a shower curtain that has a cute design that can make every cleaning-up time more fun to do.

As an example, you can take a look at this product. It has the adorable green frog images that look like they are inside bubbles in the design.

It also has a soft purple tone as the background. Overall, the color combination and the cute image in the design make the curtain suitable for both boys and girls. With all the cuteness, something like this can make every bath time more fun.

About the size, this shower curtain has 71 x 74 inches sizing. It also comes with 12 buttonholes for hooks in the design. However, it is not clear about whether or not you will receive the hooks in the purchase.

Mermaid Shower Curtain Set with Bath Mat by ChuaMi

ChuaMi mermaid shower curtain set
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Where to buy: Amazon

This shower curtain could be an excellent choice to consider for the fans of the mermaid. Although it contains some other colors, such as gold, the design has green and purple domination more.

As you can see in the picture, the image of the mythical creature tends to be on the beautiful and elegant side and not on the cute one. That is why when you are looking for something adorable, this may not be a suitable option.

Another excellence that you need to know from this 69 x 70 inches curtain is that it is not a single item. It is a set. It means, when you buy it, you will receive another thing in the package. In this case, it is an anti-slip bath mat in the same design.

Sleeping with Tigers Shower Curtains by RedBlanka

RedBlanka sleeping with tigers shower curtain
via Etsy.com

Where to buy: Etsy

Here is another option you can choose if you love a beautiful fantasy design. If the previous product has a mermaid in it, this one has a long-haired girl who is sleeping with three purple tigers.

A piece like this is more suitable for adults’ bathroom. It is the one that will give a character and personal touch in the interior. Moreover, it also looks like a work of art.

Funny Cat with Sunglasses Galaxy Shower Curtain by Sara Nell

Sara Nell cat galaxy shower curtain
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Where to buy: Amazon

This one is also a shower curtain that, at the same time, also functions as an art piece. The most significant difference is, of course, in the design that shows an image of a purple cat wearing green galaxy sunglasses. On the fun side, it looks like the furry creature is guarding you while you are taking a shower.

Another difference is that it also looks bolder and more vibrant with its colorful design. All these make the 72 x 72 inches shower curtain more suitable to place in a contemporary or modern bathroom interior instead of others.

Worm Mushroom House Shower Curtain by Ambesonne

Ambesonne green worm and purple mushroom house shower curtain
via Pinterest.com

Where to buy: Ambesonne

Talking about something bold, this piece also has a quite bold look. The difference is that the design seems to be more suitable for kids.

We can say so because it looks like a part of a fairy tale book. It even has a purple mushroom house and a cute green worm smiling at you in the design.

The manufacturer offers different sizes for this shower curtain so that you can find the one that fits the measurement of your shower room or tub. The sizing starts from 69 x 70 inches up to 69 x 105 inches.

Cute Eggplant Shower Curtain by Putien

Putien eggplant shower curtain
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Where to buy: Amazon

The natural combination of purple and green color also exists in eggplant, a vegetable that we can cook into delicious foods. This creation of Putien also has the plant as the main inspiration of the design.

The vibrant color of the shower curtain creates a refreshing look that can affect the whole bathroom area. Besides, it also has a white background that can create a bright impression.

The cute look makes it suitable for kids. Although so, you can also use it in adults’ bathroom to create a fun look in there.
The size of this accessory is 72 x 84 inches. When you buy it, you will receive not only the curtain but also the hooks.

Dragonfly Flower Shower Curtain by Ambesonne

Ambesonne Dragonfly flower shower curtain
via Amazon.com

Where to buy: Ambesonne

This next product also comes from Ambesonne. It is the one that is suitable for all ages and all gender.
If being asked about the design, we can say that it looks pretty. It is a perfect choice for those who are the fans of the dragonfly.

Although it is clear that the purple color is quite dominating here, you can see that two other tones exist too. Those are green and blue.

Tree Shower Curtain by Ambesonne

Ambesonne Christmas tree shower curtain
via Amazon.com

Where to buy: Ambesonne

A shower curtain can also be a part of your house decoration theme. The example is when the holiday season comes. For this time of the year, the item that you see in the image above can be a perfect choice.

By replacing your current shower curtain with it, you can build up the festive atmosphere in the bathroom area. An idea like this is simpler and easier to do instead of adding a real Christmas tree and ornaments that will only take too much time and effort.

Once the holiday season ends, you can just replace the shower curtain with the one that you use in regular time.

Purple Cat Halloween Shower Curtain by Jackie’s Wholesale Store

Halloween shower curtain with purple cat
via Aliexpress.com

Where to buy: AliExpress

Here is another example of a themed curtain that you can use as a covering for your shower room or tub. An accessory like this also works at the same time as decoration.

The product that you see here has a quite dark look. It has a dark green color that becomes a perfect background for the scary purple cat image.

The purchase of this shower curtain includes the C-shaped plastic hooks. FYI, the manufacturer also offers a matching mat option, but you have to pay some extra money to get it.


Those are some interesting purple and green shower curtain products that we can find for you. As you can see, the combination of the two colors can involve different shades to create different looks, such as bright, bold, elegant, pretty, abstract, and so on.

Another thing that you need to notice is that all the items are made for polyester material. It is something reasonable the fabric has a waterproof characteristic, which is just suitable for the function of the curtain.

From all we shared here, we hope that you can find the best one. for the last words, we say thank you very much for viewing this website and reading our article.