15 Modern Metal Fireplace Surrounds for a Sleek Look

15 Modern Metal Fireplace Surrounds

When it comes to modern design, nothing beats metal as the most suitable element.

Many of us use metal to represent a modern setting in a room because it seems that it’s the easiest way to describe how a modern design should be.

A metal fireplace surround is one of the popular ways to enhance a modern look in your room.

Most people are trapped in making their fireplaces as classic as possible because, after all, fireplaces are a medieval element that seems out of place in a current setting, where modern people prefer to use central heating to warm their houses during the cold winter days.

So, no wonder they decorate their fireplaces with wood or brick surrounds to keep the classic look.

It’s interesting to think that a classic element like a fireplace can be decorated in a modern way.

If you prefer the conventional way to provide heat and warmth but dislike the traditional setting, you can incorporate a fireplace in a more modern way. Simply surround your gas fireplace with metal, and you’re good.

There are many types of metal. There are also different finishes and treatments to decorate your metal surround, so it can fit into a certain design style you like.

Here we’ve curated the most modern metal fireplace surround that will deliver a sleek look for any type and style of the room:

1. Oxidized Metal Surround Fireplace with Wood Wall and Ceiling Paneling

oxidized metal surround fireplace with wood wall and ceiling paneling
oxidized metal surround fireplace with wood wall and ceiling paneling. image © williamhefner.com

This fireplace is surrounded by oxidized stainless steel, a kind of dark-toned metal that will instantly enhance the elegance of your room.

However, the designer paired the oxidized stainless steel with dark tone wood paneling for the accent wall around the fireplace and the ceiling. Of course, such a combination will make the room dark.

Be careful if you want to apply this idea. This combination is only suitable for a large and open floor plan room. It would be even better if the room was completed with a lot of tall windows to let the natural light in.

All of them are useful to counteract the darkness caused by the dark-toned metal surrounding the fireplace and the wood panel for the wall and the ceiling.

When it comes to the visual aesthetic, the designer of this project also installed beige colored mantle that matches the panel on both sides of the fireplace.

The mantle and the panels are great to contrast the dark metal and wood paneling. They look to pop against the dark backdrop, creating a visual balance.

2. Copper Metal Paneling Surrounds the Fireplace with a Concrete Hearth

copper metal paneling surrounds the fireplace with a concrete hearth
copper metal paneling surrounds the fireplace with a concrete hearth. image © paradiseconcrete.com

This is a beautiful example of a traditional living room with a touch of a modern vibe.

The metal surrounding fireplace seems to counter the classic setting in the room, which is good because it makes the room has a lot of characters.

It appears that this dark finished fireplace is surrounded by copper paneling. The natural tone of copper contrasts the black-colored fireplace prettily, making a lovely accent wall.

To top it off, the designer also installed a concrete hearth in front of the fireplace. Since concrete is a versatile element, it’s easy for the designer to finish it in a way like the metal was to create cohesion.

See how the concrete and the copper panels complement each other, even though they totally have a different textures.

If you use a similar metal paneling for your fireplace, make sure you install no mantle to let the metal panel get the most spotlight.

3. Metal Fireplace Surround Combined with a Slatted Wood Wall

metal fireplace surround combined with a slatted wood wall
metal fireplace surround combined with a slatted wood wall. image © uniplexconstruction.com

A meal fireplace surround is commonly installed in an accent wall because a metal fireplace surround will make the best focal point, especially if combined with an attractive material.

In this contemporary living room, the fireplace is surrounded by stainless steel, simple yet elegant. But, what makes it more striking is that the designer combined it with a slatted wood wall.

The vertical slat wall looks in contrast to the light gray walls around and to the stainless steel fireplace surround. On the other hand, the stainless steel somehow complements the light gray wall prettily. What a visual balance design.

The fireplace itself is finished in black. It’s obvious that the designer wanted to make the fireplace look pop against the metal surround.

If you’re going to duplicate the look but want to make your fireplace blend with the surrounding, opt for a black metal instead, like hot rolled steel, to surround your fireplace.

4. A Ribbon Fireplace with a Metal Plate Surrounds a Stone Wall

a ribbon fireplace with a metal plate surrounds a stone wall
a ribbon fireplace with a metal plate surrounds a stone wall. image © designsnw.com

It’s pretty clear that this fireplace has a balanced modern and traditional look in its appearance. The ribbon type of it, for instance, has already exuded a modern ambiance.

Moreover, it is paired with a dark metal surround and hearth that seems to be made of polished wood with a tile top. The metal that surrounds the fireplace is a Mill finish steel plate.

What makes it more traditional is the wood mantle over the fireplace. The mantle is made of weathered wood, a kind of finish that will instantly add a classic look to the fireplace.

The weathered wood and Mill finish steel plate do contradict each other. They are different on so many levels, but when they are juxtaposed like this, they manage to add more characters to the fireplace.

The accent wall where this fireplace was installed is made of stone. Stone is another versatile element that you can add to any design.

In this project, the stone is what ties the weathered wood and the metal together.

5. A Black Metal Fireplace Surrounds to Create a Modern Look

a black metal fireplace surrounds to create a modern look
a black metal fireplace surrounds to create a modern look. image © beinfield.com

Nothing beats black when it comes to elegance, luxury, and mystery.

In this modern living room, the fireplace is actually just a standard one, with a simple square-shaped design. Nothing special about it. Yet, it looks undeniably attractive because of the black metal surround.

It appears that this fireplace is surrounded by hot-rolled steel. There’s also a hearth finished in black installed in front of the fireplace, and this hearth is used to place some decorative items to liven up the fireplace.

This black metal fireplace surround is proof that you don’t have to go too far to create an accent wall. If you’re on a budget, you can use a simple metal plate like this, finished in black to create an accent.

A polished and glossy all-black accent wall that surrounds the fireplace like this will make a dramatic contrast to the white walls around the room.

6. Fireplace with No Mantle with Cold Rolled Steel Surround

fireplace with no mantle with cold rolled steel surround
fireplace with no mantle with cold rolled steel surround. image © antoniomartins.com

Even though this living room has a rustic design, it has a metal fireplace surround to add a bit of a modern vibe.

This fireplace is quite simple. It has no mantle to decorate it. Instead, the designer hung a yellow-colored deer head over the fireplace.

It’s enough to compensate for the lack of a mantle because this one is way more attractive than just a simple wooden mantle.

The wall that surrounds the fireplace is covered with sheets of cold-rolled steel. It’s just a simple treatment. According to the designer, the steel was screwed onto the wall.

The fireplace is way too low to have a hearth, but that’s OK because a low fireplace like this is more suitable for a wood-burning type than the gas one.

Instead of in the center, this fireplace is put aside. The accent wall is meant to be a media wall, where the TV is mounted on the wall, completed with cabinets below.

Yet, the media wall and the fireplace wall are connected. They are both made of hot-rolled steel finished in black to create a cohesive look.

7. Standard Fireplace with Metal Surrounds in a Rustic Living Room

standard fireplace with metal surrounds in a rustic living room
standard fireplace with metal surrounds in a rustic living room. image © lkid.com

You can always lean on a metal surround fireplace to warm a library living room like this.

This room has a beautiful rustic look. Yes, it is not dominated by wood elements like most rustic rooms are. On the other hand, this area is completed with a metal surround fireplace, which is more modern than rustic.

To tone down the modernity of the metal surrounding a fireplace, the designer installed majestic and imposing stone walls around the fireplace. The fireplace is situated in the center of the room and serves as a focal point.

The metal surrounding the fireplace is finished in black to match the hearth. It goes all the way up and almost reaches the ceiling. There’s a black mantle to separate the fireplace and the artwork above.

Instead of a TV, the designer placed a huge artwork over the fireplace to make it look more attractive.

Look how the black metal in the center looks pop against the stone wall around. Along with the stone wall, the metal surrounding fireplace delivers a trendy and innovative look.

8. Two-sided Fireplace with Metal Surround

two-sided fireplace with metal surround
two-sided fireplace with metal surround. image © pbwarchitects.com

If you have an open room with glass panel walls around, it would be better to have a two-sided fireplace than the standard fireplace because the other side of the fireplace will be visible from another room.

This contemporary living room has glass panel walls, and the fireplace is situated in the center, surrounded by hot-rolled steel panels finished in black. These metal panels were custom designed to meet the specifications of the homeowners.

The living room is connected to the outdoor area. With a two-sided fireplace like this, people on the outside can also enjoy the warmth and take a glimpse into the indoor living area.

Using black metal to surround the fireplace like this is actually not a new idea. So, if you want to use it, no matter if you like the simplicity so much, you still have to add other decorations to make it pop.

This fireplace’s got no mantle and hearth. To compensate, the homeowners placed a sunburst clock over the fireplace to liven up the whole area.

9. Gas Fireplace Surrounded by Antique Copper Metal

gas fireplace surrounded by antique copper metal
gas fireplace surrounded by antique copper metal. image © buildersmaterials.com

If money is not an issue, you can build an elegant fireplace like this, surrounded by the metal plate from floor to ceiling, to make it look prominent.

This area is meant to be a focal point. So, it won’t hurt if you splurge a bit to decorate it, if you’re not on a tight budget. It will be worth it.

Look how this Mendota gas fireplace ML-47 is surrounded by antique copper Willbrooke front. This fireplace also features a stone media bed and black reflective background.

Despite the luxurious look that the antique copper plate gives, all in all, this metal fireplace surround is quite minimalist. It has no mantle, hearth, and other hanging decorative items.

This is an excellent way to go if you want to use a similar antique copper plate to surround your fireplace. It is an expensive and exclusive material, so it would be such a waste if you cover it with mantle, hearth, or decorations.

10. Minimalist Fireplace with Steel-clad Surround

minimalist fireplace with steel-clad surround
minimalist fireplace with steel-clad surround. image © haus-arch.com

This is another minimalist metal fireplace surround that would fit perfectly into any modern living room.

Contrary to popular belief, a metal fireplace is not always meant to be a gas fireplace. Even though a metal fireplace is usually associated with a modern era, you can have it for a more traditional wood-burning type.

This fireplace proves that. It’s a wood-burning fireplace, a common product in the medieval era.

It has become less popular these days after the gas fireplace was invented. Some people only use it to enhance the rustic or country design only.

Yet, it’s pretty obvious that the homeowners wanted something different here. The combination of traditional and modern is very strong in this fireplace.

It is surrounded by steel clad in a dark gray finish, a tone that heavily resembles a modern design. It looks pop against the white walls around, indicating that this is an accent wall.

It has no mantle, but an overhang that serves as a hearth used to place a stick to light up the fire.

The designer also built firewood storage on one side of the fireplace tucked into the corner of this living room.

The designer managed to keep this firewood storage clean, neat, and polished to showcase the anti-clutter look of a modern style.

11. Gold Finish Metal that Surrounds a Fireplace in a Contemporary Living Room

gold finish metal that surrounds a fireplace in a contemporary living room
gold finish metal that surrounds a fireplace in a contemporary living room. image © fernauhartman.com

It’s actually easy to turn your plain room into something extraordinary.

You just have to add some gold finishes to it, and it will be instantly elevated. It’s true that gold is always able to step up the design game. You don’t need to add extra decoration with a gold finish.

This metal fireplace surround is the same. It is surrounded by metal in a gold finish that looks sparkly against the pale and matte white walls around it.

The metal surround is considerably low compared to the previous pictures, where the surrounding metal often goes all the way up to the ceiling. This metal surround only reaches the wall’s midpoint, but that’s enough to liven up the room.

There’s a very low hearth that seems to be made of concrete. It serves as a separator between the fireplace and the floor, so the heat from the fire won’t affect the floor.

It’s understandable because, with such glamorous metal surround, you don’t need a mantle or imposing hearth anymore. Let the glitz of the gold steal the whole look.

12. Patinated Cold Rolled Steel Surrounds a Ribbon Fireplace

patinated cold rolled steel surrounds a ribbon fireplace
patinated cold rolled steel surrounds a ribbon fireplace. image © bristoldc.com

This ribbon fireplace stands alone in the center of the room without any accent wall. In fact, the extension part of this fireplace has become an accent wall.

On both sides of the fireplace, there are glass panel walls that make this room look brighter and more open, but at the same time, make the fireplace wall look more prominent and raised.

The steel not only surrounds the fireplace but also wraps it around. It is made of patinated cold rolled steel with hem edged.

This patinated metal fireplace surround is also completed with an extra wide hearth. The hearth is extended to the side of the fireplace, making a great spot for a decorative item.

This overhang hearth can also work as extra seating. It appears to be made of concrete finished in gray color to create a contrast to the cold-rolled steel around.

Moreover, the patinated finish of the steel makes it even look odd against the concrete tone.

Patinated steel like this is an excellent option if you want to add a rustic touch to your ultra-modern metal fireplace surround.

13. Fireplace with Metal Stainless Steel Surround and Modular Art Wall

fireplace with metal stainless steel surround and modular art wall
fireplace with metal stainless steel surround and modular art wall. image © wrightworks.net

Surrounding your fireplace with stainless steel like this will always give you a trendy look. It suits any contemporary or modern interior design.

Because the reflective characteristics of the stainless steel deliver an instant effect of a polished appearance.

Similar to the surround, this fireplace is also completed with a hearth made of stainless steel. The hearth is attached to the floor, creating a border between the wood floor and the fireplace.

This stainless steel hearth is also used as a display spot, where the homeowners put some decorative items in front of the fireplace to decorate it.

Adding a ground-level hearth like this will also ensure your floor is free from the fire’s dust.

What makes this stainless steel fireplace surround look stand out is the fact that the designer combined it with a modular art wall.

Many people prefer to use stone, tile, or metal to wrap their fireplaces. But the designer of this project is quite innovative.

After building the fireplace wall and installing the stainless steel surround as well as the hearth, they added the modular art wall as a part of the perfect finishing touches to the room.

It’s great to see how the polished and smooth stainless steel looks in contrast to the textured wavy modular art wall. Both enrich the characters of the room, making it look more attractive than the other plain contemporary rooms.

14. Wood Burning Fireplace with Patinated Metal Surround

wood burning fireplace with patinated metal surround
wood burning fireplace with patinated metal surround. image © silvermapleconstruction.com

Even though metal is often used in a modern setting, with a bit of creativity, you can turn this non-conventional element into something rustic that will fit into a country or a farmhouse look.

In this farmhouse kitchen, you see that a metal fireplace surround doesn’t look out of place. On the contrary, it seems fit to the whole design.

All it takes is just a patinated metal. Sure, there are several types of metal, and each of them has its own style. But if you want to get close to a rustic design, always opt for a patinated metal like this. It will give a similar effect to weathered wood.

The point is, it doesn’t matter what material you choose for your rustic or farmhouse room, as long as you’re able to make it look aged.

To top it off, the homeowners also preferred to use a wood-burning fireplace over a gas fireplace.

A wood-burning fireplace is considered more traditional than a gas one. Moreover, there’s a firewood storage box installed below the fireplace, too.

The firewood storage is both functional and aesthetic. It can be an excellent decorative item to enhance a rustic look.

The fireplace is simple, with no mantle and hearth. In fact, it looks a lot like an oven, and the fact that it’s placed in the kitchen doesn’t help at all.

Its square-shaped design will make people confuse it with an oven. But that doesn’t make this contradictory fireplace any less attractive.

15. Fireplace with Corrugated Metal Steel Surround and a Wood Mantle

fireplace with corrugated metal steel surround and a wood mantle
fireplace with corrugated metal steel surround and a wood mantle. image © radiantcreativehomes.com

If you only judge it by the fireplace, it’s actually hard to tell if this is a beach-styled living room or not. It’s because the fireplace itself doesn’t tell anything about a coastal style.

The fireplace is the gas-fuelled type, which is a common product for a modern setting.

It is surrounded by corrugated metal steel, which looks odd against the horizontal tongue and groove panel walls around.

Its oddity makes this vertical styled corrugated metal steel fireplace surround a perfect focal point, an accent wall to add more texture to the room.

As if it wasn’t enough, the designers also installed a wood mantle over the fireplace. This simple mantle is not meant to be a display rack. It was added there simply to contrast the corrugated metal steel surround.

Both are contrasting materials regarding design style, but steel and wood are not so much different in terms of versatile material options.

When combined together, the steel and wood will somehow complement each other and give a more natural look to the room.

The fact that it’s corrugated steel with a wavy texture only makes the fireplace and the mantle look whimsical.

Pros and Cons of Using Metal Surround Fireplace

We simply can’t resist the charm of the metal surrounding a fireplace. It’s able to instantly add the elegance and luxury feel to the room.

Apart from being aesthetic, there are other benefits and, of course, some drawbacks of having metal surrounding a fireplace.

One of the top benefits of using a metal surround for your fireplace is it’s easy to clean.

It’s true that the metal will gradually lose its shine after some time. To bring it back, you just have to wipe all the surfaces with a clean damp cloth, a piece of cake! If needed, you can also use any household chemicals to deep clean it.

The most popular disadvantage of using a metal surround fireplace, on the other hand, is the heat.

If it’s installed improperly, the heat from the fireplace will conduct to the metal surround, and it will cause harm because the surface will be too hot to touch.

If you accidentally touch it, you can have a severe burn. It’s highly recommended to wear thickened gloves when you’re working with it.

You can tone down the heat by using another material to pair it with. You should ask recommendation from the professional to ask what kind of material should counteract the heat of the metal surround.

Other materials around the metal fireplace surround can be anything, from the wood panel, stone, tile, concrete, and many more. Each of them has its own look and design to represent.

Even though metal is definitely modern, you can pair it with another style of material, wood, for instance, for a farmhouse or rustic style.

It shows that a metal fireplace surround can be used in any setting, even though we can’t deny that regardless of the setting, it will always give a touch of modern look to the entire area.