8 Most Wonderful Shutter Colors for Tan House Ideas

Shutter Colors For Tan House

Is your home exterior use tan as the major tone in the color scheme? Do you also think about updating the look by adding window shutters to the design?

This exterior accessory choice is a simple option that helps update the exterior of your house. It does contribute not only a style value but also function if you choose real shutters instead of the faux ones.

The thing that you must focus more on, in this case, is the fact that the house is tan. It means you must choose shutters with a color that goes well with the house’s hue.

We are here to help you. In this article, we will share with you the eight most wonderful shutter colors for tan house.

From so many tones available at stores right now, there are only eight that we chose. Our explanation will tell you the reasons behind our choices, so let us start with color number 1.

Tan House with White Shutters

a classic traditional exterior with tan shingle siding and white shutters
a classic traditional exterior with tan shingle siding and white shutters. image © lda-architects.com

In home exterior design, white is always the best solution when color choice confusion occurs. The same idea is applicable also when you do not know about which shutter color to pick as the pair for your tan house.

White is a neutral color that you can match effortlessly with the tan hue of the house. Generally, we can say that it will offer simplicity in the tan exterior.

In some more specific tan home design, the existence of white shutters can even give something more. Please take a look at the traditional exterior photo above, for instance.

The primary color of this house comes from the tan straight-edge shingle siding. The second most dominant color is white. This tone exists not only on the window shutters but also on the door, trim, and frames.

Specifically, in this exterior design, the addition of white shutters and other white elements creates a gorgeous classic look. It is excellent to select if you want your house to look beautiful in a humble and simple way.

Another inspiration you can get from the same photo is about the roof hue’s choice to match the design combination that we talk about in this article. As you can see, tan and white tend to be on the neutral and simple side. If you do not want the general look of the property boring, you should choose a darker shade for the roof.

The example shown in the photo is a good one because it does not ruin the home’s classic impression. It is charcoal. This option can create an excellent contrast with tan house color without being too bold as black.

Tan House with Black Shutters

home exterior with tan wall siding and black shutters
home exterior with tan wall siding and black shutters. image © david phillips

The second option still comes from the easiest options, which is black. Like white, this color is also neutral and easy to pair with all hues, including the tan house.

However, you will see a significant difference if you choose black for the shutters of your tan house. The reason is that black offers boldness instead of simplicity. If you want your home to look bolder from outside, you can pick black for the shutter color.

You do not need to worry that the tone will make the house looks too bold as long as you do not include too many black elements in the exterior design. Adding more portion of black tone can be done if you love boldness, which is also fine.

Another visual that black shutters can give to your tan house is richness. Thanks to the fact that black can complement tan excellently.

The example that we choose for this combination is available in the traditional exterior photo above. The wall siding material used here is pre-dipped red cedar with tan color. As for the shutters, these are custom-made by Seaport Shutters.

As shown in it, the black color that mostly appears on the shutters works more as accentuating details. It adds a touch of boldness without dominating the color scheme.

Other than the house and shutters combination, there is another knowledge that we can get from the same photo. Please focus more on the dormer window.

As you can see, it does not come with any black shutters, right? This window accessory is usually applied when there is enough space on the wall. The function is for filling up the empty look on the wall.

Tan House with Light Grey Shutter

a tan brick house with light grey shutters
a tan brick house with light grey shutters. image © construction innovations & contracting

Grey is another neutral color you can pick for the shutters of your tan house. Here, we want to talk specifically about lighter grey shades instead of the darker ones.

When installed on a tan house, grey shutters can create a gorgeous visual. Depending on the style of the building, it can create a different look.

The traditional exterior that you can see in the photo is an example that we found. With the light grey shutters, the tan brick house gains a significant classic elegance. The visual even gets stronger because of the arched-style of the board and batter shutters that follow the shape of the windows.

The choice of off-white window trim and frame color is another interesting detail that we find in this design. These details do not only match the light grey shutter specifically but also the tan brick color generally.

Tan House with Brown Shutters

a tan stucco exterior with brown wooden shutters
a tan stucco exterior with brown wooden shutters. image © nwc construction

Another easy theory that you can use when choosing the right shutter color for your tan house is that tan goes well with earth tones. That is why if you want a safer choice, you can pick a shade from that category.

An example in this subheading is brown. Brown is also an earth tone. The natural visual makes it easier to include in tan house exterior.

Any brown shade will do in this case. However, you need to know that darker brown shutters can complement tan home exterior better.

The shutter example that we want to present you in here does not have a dark shade of brown. Instead, it has a natural brown wood color, and it stunned us. As shown in the picture, the combination between the tan house and the brown shutters looks nice. It produces a cozy and inviting visual in the home exterior.

FYI, this house uses the concept of two-material. As you can see, the exterior of the first level is from tan stucco, while the upper level is from tan wall siding.

tan wall siding with custom-stained wood shutters in a traditional exterior
tan wall siding with custom-stained wood shutters in a traditional exterior. image © tabpremiumbuilthomes.com

Here is another interesting example of brown shutters and tan house combination that we found for you. In this design, the brown color does not look natural since it comes from a custom stain.

Although so, you can see that it still looks nice being paired with the James Hardie wall siding in Autumn Tan color. It seems to prove that any brown shutter color can go well with the tan house.

Tan and White House with Beige Shutters

tan and white home exterior with beige shutters
tan and white home exterior with beige shutters. image © highlandhomesliving.com

The fact that beige also has a tint of yellow just like tan makes it another suitable choice for shutters to pair with your tan house. Generally, we can say that the combination creates a cozy warm visual.

Besides, the combo can also make the house looks earthy. As we already told earlier, earthy tones are ones from many best shutter colors you can match with the tan exterior.

If you do not want a too-warm look in your home exterior design, you can add another color to complete the scheme. White is an example that you can see in the picture above.

There are two types of wall material used in this traditional front porch design. The first is the tan brick, and the second is the white stucco, which got its white color from Sherwin Williams Pearly White SW 7009. The same paint is also used to color the columns.

The shutter color is from Sherwin Williams Keystone Gray SW 7504. The door also got the same tone.

Overall, this exterior looks very comfortable. It is not only because of the tan and beige combination but also because of the choice of off-white paint with a warm feel.

Tan House with Dark Red Shutters

a traditional exterior with tan wall siding and red wood shutters
a traditional exterior with tan wall siding and red wood shutters. image © mainstreetdesignbuild.com

The next shutter color you can match with the tan house is red. In this combination, you can choose any shade of red that you want because the neutral tan is really easy to pair with anything.

However, you must know that dark red shutters add a deeper look to the tan home exterior. At the same time, they look classic too.

We personally prefer this option than bright ones. That is the reason why we want to show you the traditional exterior photo.

As shown above, the house has a multi-tones exterior design in which three different wall materials included. One of them is the tan wall siding, which is Cedar Impressions Double 7” Straight Edge Rough-Split Shakes in Buckskin color by Certainteed.

The shutters used to decorate and add function to the windows are Standard Board & Batten Red (650) shutters by Atlantic Premium Shutters. As a glance, they look like brown. However, just like the name, they are red. To be more specific, the tone is a darker version of brick red.

A Classic impression is shown clearly in this exterior design. We also love how the color of the shutters looks very similar to the red brick wall tone.

Tan House with Green Shutters

a tan wood siding with greyish green shutters
a tan wood siding with greyish green shutters. image © trapolinpeer.com

Green shutters look excellent to pair with the tan house because of the tan’s neutral characteristic. Tan house is also best to pair with natural tones. That is why an earth color like green can also be a good match for it.

If being asked about which shade of green that will work better as the shutter color, we can say that all shades will do. Take a look at an example that we found.

In this exterior design, the tan color comes from the Benjamin Moore Ashley Gray HC-8 paint on the wood siding material. The color of the custom shutters is Benjamin Moore Lafayette Green HC-135.

The name of the green shade here is suitable to call the fern green. It has a subtle grey undertone that makes the shutters an even more appropriate choice for the tan wood siding.

The green tone is also not bright at all, and we love it. It is perfect for creating a relaxing visual.

However, if you prefer a more popping look, of course, a tone like this is not the one. In this case, a brighter option like emerald or shamrock is more suitable to pick. Other choices, like lime and chartreuse, are perfect for adding a refreshing touch to your tan house.

Tan House with Blue Shutters

a tan beach-style house with blue shutters
a tan beach-style house with blue shutters. image © glenn layton homes

Talking about a popping look, we have the last but not least color option you can consider for your tan house’s shutters. It is none other but blue.

Of course, bright blue shades are the ones that can create such a look. Shutters with bright blue shade can add a pop to the tan home exterior.

In the photo above, you can see a tan house with Sherwin Williams Sanderling SW 7513 as the color of the fiber cement siding. The shutters and front door tone is Sherwin Williams Lupine SW 6810.

You must remember that bright blue is not the only shade that you can pick for the house. Any blue shades can go well with tan, but the visual will be different based on your choice. A softer blue, for example, tends to create a peaceful look in the interior design.


Those are all the shutter colors for tan house that we think to be the more wonderful than the others. Each can create a different look when paired with tan color, as we already told you earlier.

The sure thing that you must remember is that tan is a color that tends to be on the neutral side. It gives you ease in choosing any shutter color, including if the choice is based on your personal preference.

Do you think some other options will also look wonderful to choose as your tan house’s shutter colors? Share what you think.