13+ Most Artistic Outdoor Stair Lighting Ideas to Add Accent to Your Landscape

13  Most Artistic Outdoor Stair Lighting Ideas

It’s always fun to plan an illumination on your landscape. The lights will add a dramatic look to your deck, patio, or front porch. If you have outdoor steps or stairs, the best way to include the outdoor lighting is underneath or in the stairs.

The proper lighting can enhance the depth and beauty of your outdoor living space.

However, the most important reason why you should add outdoor stair lighting is it adds safety. Imagine you have to climb those stairs in the dark of the night. You really don’t want to fall flat right on your own front stairs.

How to best light the stairs anyway?

Is it reasonable to light them from the side or from above?

There are several options and ideas when it comes to outdoor stair lighting.

You can install the light under the stair or even in the handrail. The choices of the outdoor lights are also endless. All you have to do is picking the ones that can blend seamlessly with the landscape design.

Let’s take a look at these artistic ideas of outdoor stair lighting.

1. FX Lights Outdoor Lighting in the Flagstone Stair

fx lights outdoor lighting in the flagstone stair
fx lights outdoor lighting in the flagstone stair. image © soloway-designs.com

This is a picture of southwestern landscape, front yard stone with the partial sun in Phoenix. This front yard features wide stairs made of flagstone set on top of concrete, which looks lovely combined with the stonework.

The most appealing element in this picture is the stair lighting. Those are FX lights that are pulled out from the housing for access.

The locations and wiring need to be set before pouring the concrete. It is nice to know that this house was completed long before LED outdoor lighting became economical and popular.

The lights are only set one in each of the stairs, right in the center, below the stairs. It means that those lights are intended to make people stepping upon the stairs focus on their steps. This type of light is helpful during the night.

2. LED Outdoor Lighting Underneath the Walnut Travertine Stair

led outdoor lighting underneath the walnut travertine stair
led outdoor lighting underneath the walnut travertine stair. image © sbimaterials.com

This is a Mediterranean landscape with travertine stairs lit by outdoor lights. The paving, caps, and steps were made of 100% natural stone. They are walnut travertine with wine country cobble chip wall stone.

It seems that the lighting used is LED strips because it runs along below each stair. We can’t see the physical bulbs, but we can see the warm yellow lights shined from them. This type of light can enhance the dramatic look of the stairs.

There is not only lighting below the stairs, but there is also grass underneath them. It adds a natural look to this whole landscape, especially when the grass is also lit by the lights.

3. Timeless Deck with Seat Wall Outdoor Stair Lighting Ideas

timeless deck with seat wall outdoor stair lighting ideas
timeless deck with seat wall outdoor stair lighting ideas. image © mckaylighting.com

This timeless deck looks more beautiful with its wooden stairs lit by outdoor stair lighting. This deck has no cover, but it doesn’t make it any less lovely. These wide stairs have a single-hand railing right in the central area.

The lights used to illuminate the stairs are copper seat wall lights, 6” long by 1” square. This kind of light can make the wooden stairs look more elegant.

They were installed right below the stairs, and the light went directly down to the lower step and reflected in the wooden step. It indicates that this outdoor lighting is used to add safety.

4. Halogen Outdoor Lighting in a Traditional Style Stone Stair

halogen outdoor lighting in a traditional style stone stair
halogen outdoor lighting in a traditional style stone stair. image © mckaylighting.com

This traditional landscaping has a touch of Mediterranean style with its natural stone stairs.

The stairs look natural because there are no banisters, railings, or even polished materials to create the stairs. Instead, these ones are more like steps made of a thick stone slab.

Due to the fact that the stairs are natural stones, it is impossible to install lights below each stair. So the designer used copper mini-tier path lights instead. These path lights are halogen with a 3,5” inch round top and 15” tall. They are available at mckaylighting.com.

Each light was installed randomly along the stairs from below to the top. The warm yellow light radiated from each bulb, illuminating each stair and the area around. They look perfect with the stones, pebbles, and bushes surround them.

5. Trex Outdoor Lighting Under the Trex Transcend Circular Stairway

trex outdoor lighting under the trex transcend circular stairway
trex outdoor lighting under the trex transcend circular stairway. image © trex.com

This rooftop deck can be accessed through the elegant circular stairway.

The staircase was made of composite decking and designed with Trex Transcend in Lava Rock color, which is basically a reddish-black shade with natural shade variations that create intense tropical hues and hardwood-like streaking.

The Lava Rock is also combined with Tiki Torch color, a warm earthy shade that has a touch of reddish-brown hardwood streaking.

The outdoor stair lighting under the stairs is from Trex Deck Lighting. It is used to light the stairs from below. Each stair has two lights installed on both sides. The lights are helpful to illuminate the stair as well as to create a luxurious and stylish look to this traditional deck.

6. Classic White and Pebble Gray Stair with Post Cap and Stair Riser Outdoor Lighting

classic white and pebble gray stair with post cap and stair riser outdoor lighting
classic white and pebble gray stair with post cap and stair riser outdoor lighting. image © trex.com

Due to its elevated space, this deck has a staircase to access it. The staircase has a lovely combination of classic white and pebble gray cocktail color. There are only a few stairs in this small staircase, but that doesn’t make it any less elegant.

The stairs are designed with Trex Select Decking and Railing. They feature square LED stair riser and post cap lights; both are from the Trex Deck Lighting collection.

The stair riser light is installed into step risers. This light is considerably durable to handle years of passing foot traffic. The post cap light gives a warm downward glow that nicely matches the Trex railing. It is tucked discreetly under the cap. Both lights create a perfect combination to illuminate the whole stairs dramatically.

7. Soft Glow Outdoor Lighting Under Each Stair

soft glow outdoor lighting under each stair
soft glow outdoor lighting under each stair. image © inspiredled.com

This is an entry staircase that is lit by unique outdoor stair lighting. The LED lights are installed right under the stairs and in front of the house. They are meant to create a soft glow outside the home, illuminating the whole area during the night.

The homeowners added cool white and warm white stripes below the glass pieces between each stair. They are weather-resistant and can last up to 10 years. The outdoor lights here shine upward, creating an aesthetic visual in the dark.

8. Trendy Patio Design with LED Light Bars as an Outdoor Stair Lighting

trendy patio design with led light bars as an outdoor stair lighting
trendy patio design with led light bars as an outdoor stair lighting. image © superbrightleds.com

This trendy patio is bright even at night because it features several outdoor lights. There are an LED stone patio and stair lighting. Both create a friendly and warm yellow glow to this outdoor living. The stairs are made of stone that matches the pillars.

The homeowners used Rigid LED Light Bars that are combined with KLUS lenses and housings put into recesses to shine the steps up to the patio area. The pillars are also accentuated with LED in Ground Well Light.

The uplights illuminate the pillars beautifully, while the downlights LED lit up the stairs to enhance the modern look as well as add safety.

9. Low Voltage LED Outdoor Lighting Tucked Under a Concrete Stair

low voltage led outdoor lighting tucked under a concrete stair
low voltage led outdoor lighting tucked under a concrete stair. image © platinumlandscape.com

This traditional landscape features concrete stairs and steps as well as planter boxes to complete the front yard. This mid-sized area is also illuminated by LED outdoor lighting to give a soft, warm light during the night.

If you are wondering, the lights are not solar. Those lights are low-voltage LED lights from CAST that are tucked under each stair. They run to a transformer converting from low voltage to 110 power. The only visible thing from these lights is only the warm light, not the fixture.

Those lights are installed not only on the stairs but also in the retaining wall planter box. They were put randomly on the stairs; some got one, while the others got two lights. It creates a nice visual for the whole area.

10. LED Strips Outdoor Lighting Floated Under the Stair

led strips outdoor lighting floated under the stair
led strips outdoor lighting floated under the stair. image © 186group.com

In order to match the clean lines of this contemporary front yard, the lights were added in such details, creating a modern look. The lights look as if they floated in each step. The hidden lighting details give a lovely accent to this cascading hardscape.

The lights used are Paradigm LED strips. The designer put the lights under the tread, not in the riser. The builder used either silicone or epoxy to fasten an aluminum mounting channel when installing these lights, and the LED tape light was secured to the channel. That’s basically how the lights are attached under the stairs.

The stairs themselves are made of concrete. The warm yellow lights that run along underneath each stair are meant to add safety to these stairs, enable the homeowners to focus on their steps when climbing these stairs.

11. Stair Riser Outdoor Lighting in Steps Leading to the Traditional Deck

stair riser outdoor lighting in steps leading to the traditional deck
stair riser outdoor lighting in steps leading to the traditional deck. image © trex.com

This traditional deck is built on the second floor, while the first floor is for the pool area. This way, the staircase is needed to access the elevated deck.

Here, the staircase is built using Trex Transcend Decking in Fire Pit color. Fire Pit is basically a red hue that matches complement rustic design and architecture.

The Fire Pit color is also combined with Trex Transcend Gravel Path, which is a pristine gray creating a lovely Cape Cod feel. The combination of Fire Pit and Gravel Path goes well with the whole landscaping area.

In order to add some drama to the stairs, Trex Outdoor Lighting was installed. The lighting is stair riser lights. Since the stairs are curvy, the lights are needed in each curve in each stair. This way, the whole staircase is brightly lit by the warm white light that adds a modern touch to this traditional deck.

12. Combination of Solar Post Caps and Outdoor Stair Lighting in a Deck

combination of solar post caps and outdoor stair lighting in a deck
combination of solar post caps and outdoor stair lighting in a deck. image © miraclecontractorsllc.com

This lovely staircase has got a pretty combination of solar post caps and stair lights. The staircase leads to a custom-designed deck, which is located on the side of the main house and has a roof extension. The stairs feature white vinyl railings to give a modern and trendy look.

The solar post caps were installed at the top of the railing. Adding post caps to the railing is a great way to give a little flair and style to your yard. It is because a solar post can add elegance and ambiance.

Some of the most popular solar post caps are the ones that look a lot like traditional lamps. That style has glass panel sides directing light downward and outward. Solar post caps in this deck are totally like that. They provide lighting to the whole deck and staircase.

It seems that the stair lighting in this picture is wall sconce instead of LED lights. There is no detailed information about the product used, but it is pretty much the same with Essentials 1-Light Outdoor Wall Sconce, Oil Rubbed Bronze, and White Glass by Elk Home. Each stair has got four wall sconces installed underneath that perfectly lit up the way.

13. Transitional Patio with Flush Mounted Outdoor Stair Lighting

transitional patio with flush mounted outdoor stair lighting
transitional patio with flush mounted outdoor stair lighting. image © lightupnashville.com

This is a transitional patio with a cover that delivers a comfortable and cozy outdoor living space.

The patio is elevated, so it needs stairs to reach it. And because the elevated patio is not that high, the designer used steps instead of a staircase. These stone steps are made of stone that enhance the mountain style of the patio.

There are outdoor lightings installed on the stairs. Those are flush-mounted step lights. Step lights are helpful to provide safety, so the people who walk on these steps can safely navigate their steps even after dark. Moreover, these lights are also able to enhance the space dramatically.

There are four flush-mounted lights installed in each stair because the stair is too long to only hold one light. Each light shines a down warm yellow light on the stair.

14. Variety of Copper Fixtures as Glorious Outdoor Stair Lighting

variety of copper fixtures as glorious outdoor stair lighting
variety of copper fixtures as glorious outdoor stair lighting. image © outdoorlights.com

This traditional landscape looks beautiful with its staircase. This will remind you of a stairway to heaven. However, this stairway actually opens to a dock. What makes this stairway glorious is the variety of copper fixtures that are useful to illuminate the whole area.

This area is bathed in expensive-looking outdoor lighting. Designed by the Outdoor Lighting Perspective design team, this staircase is completed with several copper fixtures. Those lights are meant to enhance this private pathway.

Unlike the other stair lighting that you’ve seen above, these copper fixtures are attached to the wooden hand railing. The products used are Outdoor Lighting Perspectives BB-08 LED HO Copper Deck Light. But they look a lot like Progress Lighting Alabaster Glass 2-Light, Close-to-Ceiling i White by Progress Lighting too. You can choose the latter as an alternative.

15. Most Commonly Used Outdoor Stair Lighting

From the pictures we’ve seen above, there are several types of outdoor stair lighting we can get inspiration from. Besides, there are also some additional types of stair lighting you need to know. Here’s a quick guide:

  1. Risers. This type of outdoor lighting is designed to let you focus on where the light shines. These lights will enable you to navigate each step you take easily. The great thing this, risers can give a modern and luxurious vibe, perfect for any staircase design.
  2. Recessed wall fixtures. If you want something unique, you can choose this type of outdoor stair lighting. The lights can be recessed in the steps or in the wall lining of the staircase. Both ways can give a beautiful visual. You can use LED lights to enhance the look. Make sure you put more than one fixture.
  3. Pathway lights. For a more classic look, this kind of light will suffice. If you have plants flank the staircase, it is recommended to use pathway lights along the stairs. Cut down on the illumination by fitting the lights with canopies that can direct the lights down.
  4. LED. This light can give your staircase a very elegant aura, much better than any standard staircase lighting. You can use LED lights in recesses for a short staircase wrapping around patios or decks. LED lights are suitable to provide focused lighting.
  5. Stairway rail lights. You can use this as a combination for the post lights. Just run the lights along and under the railing of the stairs. However, the lights should be subtle, not dramatic. So make sure you choose the right lights.

What type of light are you going to choose for your outdoor stairs? Don’t forget to consult with an electrician first. Good luck with your project!