Exterior Paint Colors for Red Brick Homes: 12 Best Choices You Can Select

Exterior Paint Colors For Red Brick Homes

Exterior paint colors for red brick homes are the hues that you can include in the exterior dominated by brick materials. In other words, we can say that it is like a color addition to the design.

The paint applies to some elements. Those include secondary walls, doors, windows, trim, shutters, columns, and many others.

The thing that you must pay more attention to is the color choices. The reason is that not all tones look good being paired with the natural color of red bricks.

Worry no more. In this article, we will share the 12 best paint colors with you that you can pair nicely with red brick material in your home exterior design. Check out the list and explanation below.

Timeless Look with The Combination of Red brick and White Paint

a traditional house with white paint on the first floor and red brick on the second
a traditional house with white paint on the first floor and red brick on the second. image © mgaarchitects.com

No matter what the topic, white always comes first. It is the truth that we cannot deny that white always looks good with any other color.

The same fact is also applicable when we are talking about red bricks home exterior. If you are looking for the right paint color to update your own house, the first paint color option that we will suggest here is none other but white.

The pairing between the white tone and the red brick material is not merely about compatibility, or that white is neutral enough to pair. It is more about the visual that the combination can give you.

When paired with white paint, red brick material can create a timeless look. It applies in any white hue, started from the clean one to the warm with a yellow undertone.

The photo above is a good example that we can show you. It is a two-story traditional home. As you can see, the brick material is used for the walls on the first and second floors. Although so, it is found mostly on the second-floor walls. Some other is in the chimney.

The dominant secondary color in this exterior design is white. It takes over the first floor and some other parts.

If you look closely, we can list the exterior elements with white color in this home design. Those include doors, windows, trims, columns, and ceiling.

Brown Exterior Paint and Red Brick for Elegance

a home exterior with the combination of red brick, brown paint, and white color
a home exterior with the combination of red brick, brown paint, and white color. image © rochmandesignbuild.com

Do you want to see elegance in the exterior of your red brick home? If so, why do not you add brick paint to the design?

Most shades of brown are suitable to use in this idea. However, you can focus more on the dark choices for an even better elegant visual.

The best thing about it is that there is another benefit you can obtain from the combination. It is a cozy feeling that can be a good part of the curb appeal of the house.

Let us take a look at the photo of the gorgeous traditional brick home above. Red brick is the most dominant material here. Other than that, some white siding as the walls of the upper floors.

Another thing that we cannot miss from the design is the existence of brown color. We can see it dominantly on the garage doors. However, we can also find it in some other house parts, like the trims and the windows.

The thing that we love about this design is that both of the red brick and brown paint have the dark impression that builds up the cozy feel of the house when seen from outside. Other than that, we also love the color choice of the roof, which is brownie-grey.

People often forget to consider the roof when thinking about adding a paint color to their red brick homes. The fact is that it is something crucial. The entire exterior design will look even more fascinating if the roof tone is compatible with both the red brick and exterior paint colors.

Compatibility in the Combination of Red Brick and Dark Red Exterior Color

a contemporary exterior with red brick and dark red paint
a contemporary exterior with red brick and dark red paint. image © donaldlococoarchitects.com

Many people say that adding red paint to a red brick home is not a good idea. They say that it will result in an ugly look.

The fact is not always like that. Everything depends on how you can choose the right paint tone as the pair for the red brick.

As proof, you can take a look at the contemporary red brick house in the photo above. This exterior design has multiple tones in the design. Although so, we can see clearly that the most prominent ones are the red brick tone and the accentuating red paint.

We can see here that both tones look quite different from one another. The brick seems brighter while the paint looks darker. It appears that the design shows us a good example of how to use the combination correctly.

When you want to pair a red brick home exterior with dark red paint, there is one thing that you must remember. It is not to paint any accents connected to it with the dark red tone, particularly when the brick and the paint color are quite similar.

Some exterior elements that you should not color with such dark red paint are trims. Doing so will only make them invisible in the design, and it will finally result in ugly exterior design.

Black Paint and Red Brick Can Never Go Wrong

a safe combination of red brick garage and black door
a safe combination of red brick garage and black door. image © ruschprojects.com

Black is one of the safest colors to pair with red brick home exterior. The reason is that it looks great being paired with any hues.

When the match is red brick like the one we talk about here, black can function even better. It is more than just something that can add boldness to the design but accentuates too, particularly when you use it for some exterior elements, such as trims or shutters.

Here we have a good example that you can take a look at. It is a contemporary home with multiple types of material used on the exterior.

Let us focus more on the pairing between the red brick material and the black exterior paint. It is shown specifically on the garage design.

Other than that, it also exists on the red brick fence and flooring beside the garage. Black tone also exists behind it, coloring the wooden window frame.

Overall, the black paint used here is successful in creating accents for the red brick material. Each does not overpower another but makes each other pop in the design.

Understated yet Attractive Look with Red Brick and Tan Color Combination

the pairing between red brick and tan accents in an attractive traditional exterior
the pairing between red brick and tan accents in an attractive traditional exterior. image © mitchellwall.com

Another paint color that you can pair with the red brick home exterior is tan. Pairing it with the brick walls’ red tone creates an understated look, which means that it is subtle and not obvious.

Although so, you should not worry because it is something that is on the attractive side. That is why we can say that this choice is suitable to pick when you want your house to look good without looking too much.

You can check out the visual of the traditional two-story house above. The red brick material takes over the second floor, while there is tan-painted stone dominating the first floor.

From the photo, it is seen that the design does not look too much at all. Although so, you can also see that it has the attractiveness of making everything look beautiful, right?

If asked about the best part that we love from this design, our answer will be the portico. The reason is not only because it has the paint color compatible with the red brick on the second floor. It is also about how elegant and luxurious its design.

Blue-Grey Paint to Accentuate Red Brick Home

a red brick house with blue-grey paint accentuating it
a red brick house with blue-grey paint accentuating it. image © cromadesign.com

The next paint that you can pair with red brick home is blue-grey. It is a grey color that has a blue undertone in it.

When you check out the color wheel, you may never find that both the red brick tone and blue-grey have any connection. Although so, they do not look good together.

The fact is that both of them look attractive, being with one another. Specifically, the blue-grey paint color here has the power to accentuate the red brick exterior beautifully.

The traditional exterior photo above looks so beautiful with the combination of red brick and blue-grey paint. The design is completed with a white siding and grey roof.

The photo shows clearly that the blue-grey paint here has a function as something to accentuate the red brick. It is shown clearly from how it is applied only in some parts of the exterior, including trim, windows, and garage doors.

Easy and Cozy Red Brick and Grey Paint Combo

red brick home paired with grey-painted siding on the second floor
red brick home paired with grey-painted siding on the second floor. image © debakerdesign.com

Red brick is not only excellent to pair with blue-grey paint. It can also look good when paired with grey paint. This combination is something that will give you an easy and cozy look.

The way to use the paint here is not only limited to adding accents to the home. You can also use it as the second most dominant color for the exterior design.

The photo that you see above is a simple yet excellent example that we found. Here the split between the red brick and the grey paint is very clear. One is used on the first floor, and the other is on the second.

The choice of light grey paint for the siding here creates something interesting. It is a timeless appearance for the house. If the grey shade chosen is darker, the visual might be different.

From the photo above, we can also see a bit of the house’s roof. The color chosen for this exterior element is dark grey, and it is compatible with both of the red brick material and the grey-painted siding.

Beige Paint and Red Brick for a Simple and Welcoming Home Exterior

a row house with red brick exterior with beige trims
a row house with red brick exterior with beige trims. image © kinziegroup.com

If you always love simple-looking home exterior design, you can pair the red brick material with beige paint color. In this combination, simplicity is not the only thing that you can obtain.

When paired with red brick, beige paint can create a welcoming look. It is something that makes a comfortable first impression to whoever comes to visit you at home.

Beige paint color is quite versatile also. It means that there are many alternatives to apply it as the pair for the red brick. It also means that you can use the beige paint as accents and the primary tone.

In the photo of a traditional row brick house above, the beige paint works as accents. As you can see, it functions only as exterior trims and not something else. It seems that the designer or the homeowner wanted to make the red brick prominent by doing so.

Another Version of Elegance with the Combination of Dark Blue Paint and Red Brick Material

a red brick exterior with dark blue shutters
a red brick exterior with dark blue shutters. image © trianglebrick.com

You may not think about it, but dark blue is another paint color that looks excellent to pair with a red brick home. Together, they will create another version of elegance.

Thankfully, right now, endless options of dark-blue paint are available. You can even create a custom one if you think it is best to match the red tone of your house’s brick exterior.

From all the dark-blue shades exist; we want to say that navy is one of the best to match the natural red brick look. This option is the best to create the ultimate elegance in home exterior design.

If being asked about how to include the dark-blue paint color as a part of the red brick home design, there are some options that we can offer. The first is by making it accents, such as when you color the trim or shutters as done in the photo above.

Another option is by using it on the front door. If you choose this option, you can make the dark-blue paint the center of attention in the exterior design.

Last but not least is by using it with half-and-half design. Something like this is commonly applicable at home with two floors, as found in some examples above.

Sage Green Paint to Complement a Red Brick Home

sage green paint color to create a complementary look in red brick exterior
sage green paint color to create a complementary look in red brick exterior. image © lutherweber.com

This next paint color you can use as a match for your red brick home is very special. The reason is that it is the complementary color of the red tone itself.

The color that we meant is none other but sage green. It is a green tone that comes with a grey undertone in it. It is commonly available in some different shades, from the light to the dark ones.

Please take a look at the photo above as an interesting example that we found. Like most examples that we bring in this article, this home design also has red brick as the most dominant material.

On the other hand, the sage green tone in this exterior exists more on the extensions. The color looks compatible with the greenish-grey window as well as the white siding. More importantly, it looks nice together with the red brick.

Another thing that we cannot avoid noticing is the light grey roof shingles. The fact that it is looks good together with both of the red brick, and the sage green paint makes it excellently fits in the design.

A Gorgeous Pop with Red Brick and Bright Blue Combination

gorgeous cerulean blue front door for red brick house
gorgeous cerulean blue front door for red brick house. image © hannah brown

Do you want to create a pop in the red brick home exterior? If yes, this next idea is the one you should give a try.

It is by adding a touch of bright blue paint to the red brick home. In this idea, there are quite a lot of blue shades that you can choose. The one that you see in the photo is cerulean blue.

The application of this paint tone is quite limited. Using it to color the wrong parts, such as trim, will only result in an ugly look.

We also do not recommend using the paint color as a dominant tone since it works better as something accentuating. It looks great as the center of attention, so you can use it to color the house’s front door as done in the photo. Another possible option is by using the bright blue tone for the windows.

If you decide to use the bright blue paint for the door and/or the windows, we suggest using trim. This exterior element can create a better sense of shape to bridge the two colors.

A lot of colors are suitable to choose for the trim of the blue door and window. Although so, if you do not know what to choose, you can always go with white.

White is a neutral color that is suitable for both of the brick and the blue tones. It is also something that can bridge the two colors.

A Cheerful Touch of Yellow in a Red Brick Exterior

a red brick exterior with mustard yellow front door and white trim
a red brick exterior with mustard yellow front door and white trim. image © konceptdb.com

If you do not like the bright blue hue, yellow is another alternative of popping paint color you can choose for the red brick exterior. The function is the same, which is adding a pop to the design. Although so, yellow is also a tone that can give the house a cheerful touch.

The use of this paint color is also quite the same as the ones we already explained about the bright blue tone previously. Here, we recommend you use trim to separate the red brick wall and the yellow door/windows.

For example, in the photo above, we can see the use of mustard yellow front door as a pair for the red brick exterior. You can also see the benefit of white trim to frame the door here.


There are quite many exterior paint colors for red brick homes that you can find right now. The options we listed above are the best ones. Adding them to the red brick exterior can enhance the look of the house to be more attractive.

You must also remember the roof tone, as we already mentioned in some of the examples above. Roof color can affect the red brick home exterior too.

When you are about to pick a paint color as a match for the red brick material, you can also make sure that the hue looks compatible even with the roof’s color. Doing so can give you an excellent final result.