15 Impressive Design of Dining Table Against The Wall to Save More Space

15 Impressive Design Of Dining Table Against Wall

Having a small space is indeed challenging if you love throwing parties. You might think that entertaining your guests is not an option if you have a small kitchen/dining room combo.

As we all know, dining rooms/kitchens have been the second-best place to chill and relax after living rooms. That is why optimizing your dining room, even though it is small, is necessary.

One of the best ways to save more space in your dining room is by putting the dining table against the wall.

Who says you can’t put one end of your dining table against the dining room’s wall?

It is even possible to set your table against a window sill as long as you are able to make it work for your small space.

If you still have no idea about how to put your dining table against the wall aesthetically, here are fourteen impressive pictures that you can get inspiration from:

1. Curvy Drop Leaf Dining Table Against the Wall

curvy drop leaf dining table against the wall
curvy drop leaf dining table against the wall. image © angelaadams.com

Due to the lack of space, the homeowners used a drop leaf dining table instead of the usual dining table. It is basically a dining table extension. But, in this case, there is no primary dining table. The drop leaf is used as the main table.

Usually, the leaf (leaves) is made of solid wood with a veneer top. It can easily drop into the table and be stored away if not being used.

The drop leaf table here is also made of solid wood. However, we can’t really say it’s a drop-leaf table since it’s not even an extension. Yet, its curvy shape makes it look a lot like a standard drop leaf.

This table is put against the wall to save even more space. The narrow space between two wall nooks, that’s the place whose wall the table is placed against. Each side of the table is equipped with modern-style chairs. It’s enough for a dine-in area.

2. Gliding Dining Table On top of a Console Table and Against the Wall

gliding dining table on top of a console table and against the wall
gliding dining table on top of a console table and against the wall. image © rogerhirsch.com

The dining table is long, like a traditional dining table you usually see.

In order to save some space in this one-bedroom apartment, the homeowner picked a dining table that can move in a controlled path. The track is in the top of the wall cabinet, which looks like a console table here.

In order to be able to move within the track, the dining table should be put against the wall.

This area is particularly a home office with bi-folding panels that can be opened and closed. When the panels are closed at the end of the day, everything associated with work is completely concealed. This dining table can later glide back against the wall for dining.

This is a smart way to create enough space for home and office areas in a tiny apartment.

Even the space is still sufficient to accommodate four modern dining chairs. It means that even in a limited space like this, the homeowner is still able to host a small get-together for three people.

3. Three-chair Curved Dining Table Against the Wall

three-chair curved dining table against the wall
three-chair curved dining table against the wall. image © busybeephilly.com

Putting a dining table against the wall before a huge window like this is an excellent way if you want a fresh and breezy feeling during your meals.

The table is tiny, but it is equipped with three tall back chairs, which means that this table can accommodate up to three people at once.

There are even decorative items on the table despite the tiny size.

In order to spice up the look, the homeowners also added hanging artwork and floating decorations on the wall. This way, the dining area looks pop even though the space is limited.

4. Scandinavian Dining Table Against the White Wall

scandinavian dining table against the white wall
scandinavian dining table against the white wall. image © mcgriffarchitects.com

Scandinavian design usually features wood elements in a light tone. This dining room features a light wood dining table completed with identical two chairs that are also made of wood. Those are perfect items for a Scandinavian dining room like this.

The impression of this area is clean, fresh, and bright. It is because the homeowners managed to create a minimalist design.

The light tone wood table is placed against the crisp white wall. Instead of overwhelming decorative items, the homeowners only placed a simply white vase on top of the table, along with some dining ware.

The table and the chairs create a flow and congruous look with the floor. It seems that they blend together harmoniously, accentuated with the black hanging pendant at the top of the table.

Every element in this area is incorporated perfectly to create a soft contrast.

5. Small Round Wood Dining Table Against the Wall

small round wood dining table against the wall
small round wood dining table against the wall. image © dalgleish.net

Unlike the previous pictures you’ve seen before, this dining table is in a perfectly round shape.

Usually, a round table like this cannot accommodate many people at once. However, the homeowners could pair this table with two tufted upholstered backless chairs and a bench. This way, there are more spaces for many people.

The padded bench is indeed a comfortable spot to enjoy a meal. One end of this table is set against the wall to free up more space. It seems that this area is not solely used for dining.

When it’s not dining time, this space can double up as an entertainment area. The dining table is used for a scrabble. It is an excellent idea because this area has been completed with comfortable seatings and a huge window to create a bright look.

6. Long Dining Table with Its Narrow Side Against the Wall

long dining table with its narrow side against the wall
long dining table with its narrow side against the wall. image © nanettewong.com

This is an enclosed dining room with an eclectic design. It seems that the walls around are made of hollow woods, which are perfect for a tiny space, so it doesn’t look too heavy and crammed.

Despite the limited space, the homeowners still used the traditional long dining table in this area. It is not possible to enjoy the meal with this long table if it is put in the middle of the room.

That is why one end of this table, the narrow side, is placed against the wall.

On top of the table’s end, there are double windows to illuminate the entire area.

The walls and the table top are similarly finished in white color. The combination of natural light, white walls, and white table top that extends to the wall give an illusion of a larger room.

Instead of the usual tall back chairs, there is a rocking chair here. If you are curious, it is Eames Molded Plastic Rocking Chair in white color.

Even the chair was carefully picked in white color. It is because white never fails to create a brighter and larger room.

7. Tiny Square Shaped Dining Table Against the Crisp Wall

tiny square shaped dining table against the crisp wall
tiny square shaped dining table against the crisp wall. image © michaelanoelledesigns.com

If you only have minimal space for your dining room, then maybe you can consider using this table. This is an extra small dining table that is also set against the white wall. Another white table was put against the white wall.

The white table, paired with a white wall, white dining ware, and even white artwork in the wall, creates a uniform and consistent look. That is a perfect way to create a lengthening effect. Plus, white is a color that you should always choose if you want to make your tiny space look bigger.

The tufted upholstered chairs in beige color complement the table nicely. It is obvious that this table can only accommodate a couple.

This table is a perfect choice if you are a young couple and you don’t really like inviting some guests over.

However, there is still walking space available over this table. It means that if there is a guest, they can move over the dining table away from the table and provide one extra space for the guest.

8. Foldable Dining Table and Chairs Against the Gray Wall

foldable dining table and chairs against the gray wall
foldable dining table and chairs against the gray wall. image © johncolaneri.com

This wooden table is basically a butcher block top that was custom-made by the designer. This way, the table looks similar to the hardwood floor of this dining room.

This rectangular table has one end placed against the wall. So, even though this is a rectangular table that usually can accommodate several people at once, this table can only hold two people.

It is completed with modern foldable chairs that can be easily stored away if the homeowners need even more walking space in this area on special occasions.

For your information, the table here is also foldable. The table can fold against the wall, and the chairs can be hung on the wall if they are not used.

The gray wall where the table is set against is decorated with black and white artwork to accentuate the neutral color look. This is an ideal eclectic kitchen that looks pretty regardless of its size.

9. Eclectic Polished Wood Dining Table Put Against the Blue Wall

eclectic polished wood dining table put against the blue wall
eclectic polished wood dining table put against the blue wall. image © esther hershcovich

This is another perfect example of an eclectic dining room with soft blue walls.

The dining table here is made of wood with a polished top. The transparent chairs look very similar to Louis Ghost Arm Chair in Clear Color. The combination of wood and clear chairs like this is what makes this dining room eclectic.

The table itself is basically small, in a square shape. It is placed against the wall to free up more space in this area.

Mixing a soft blue wall with a polished wood table like this creates a contrast. It brings together the use of color, texture, and finish. The encompassing of various styles and designs is the important key to an eclectic look.

At the top of the table, hanging on the wall, there is an artwork the complements the entire look, adding one more style and color to the room.

10. Wood Top and Metal Structure Dining Table Against the Dark Gray Wall

wood top and metal structure dining table against the dark gray wall
wood top and metal structure dining table against the dark gray wall. image © 30smagazine.com

This is another Scandinavian look that features a wood table top and bench. It is clear that the dining table here is custom-made. It is made identical to the bench, with a metal structure.

The combination of metal and wood is meant to match the dark gray wall. Metal element and dark gray color complete each other.

The table is placed against the accent dark gray wall to create a contrast. Even though the metal structure matches the wall nicely, the wood table top gives a bold contrast.

Dark gray is a color that is often associated with a modern style, while wood, especially if it is unfinished timber, is commonly related to a rustic or Scandinavian look.

Despite the size of the room, which is relatively small, this table is in a rectangle shape, with its narrow side set against the wall. It means that both the long sides can be paired with seatings.

There are two types of seatings here on each side of the table. The first one is a pair of padded armless chairs, while the second one is a wooden bench with a white rug as an accent. Thus, this table can accommodate up to five people.

11. Small Island Dining Table Placed Against the Wall

small island dining table placed against the wall
small island dining table placed against the wall. image © lisapetrole.com

Unlike the usual open floor plan that combines the kitchen and dining room, we can see here that the adjoined rooms here are the living room and dining room.

The living room takes most of the space, while the dining area is installed in the back wall of what seems to be a kitchen.

The dining room is a small island attached to the wall. This is a narrow island in a bar-like style. Because of the narrow shape, this dining room can only accommodate two people at the same time. It is completed with armless tall back bar stools.

The island dining table and the wall both are in a polished white color. The designer wanted to create a seamless design that fits a small place.

In order to accentuate the all-white design, the black artwork is hung on the wall. The reddish-brown stools are also meant to give a splash of color to this neutral color palette.

12. Bench Dining Table Against the Wall and Windows

bench dining table against the wall and windows
bench dining table against the wall and windows. image © dcarch.com

This long dining table, or also known as a bench dining table, is suitable for a formal dining room or a galley.

Basically, this dining room is not that small. However, with a table like this, it surely takes a lot of space. So, the homeowners put one side of this table against the wall and the picture window.

For those who ask how to open this window if it is hindered by the dining table, this is a picture window, which means an inoperable window.

Placing a dining table against a picture window will deliver a beautiful view outside while enjoying the meal. Moreover, the window will also let the natural light in and illuminate the entire room.

Part of this table is against the creamy white wall. It looks in contrast to the medium-tone table top. It seems that this is a custom-made table that is set with the bench. This foldable table can be easily folded when not in use to free up more space.

13. Stained Dutch-style Dining Table Against the Wall

stained dutch-style dining table against the wall
stained dutch-style dining table against the wall. image © 30smagazine.com

This lovely stained dutch style dining table is folded and put against the wall.

This is a foldable table that can be extended when there are guests coming over and can be folded up against the wall to provide enough seating for the homeowners.

This stained dining table seems to have an industrial style that contrasts the white wall where it puts against. This table is completed with armless tall back chairs and a small bench placed on every side of the table.

It is obvious that this table is the focal point of the entire look. The artwork in the wall also accentuates the wall to balance the white color.

14. Carrera Marble Dining Table Against the Low Wooden Wall

carrera marble dining table against the low wooden wall
carrera marble dining table against the low wooden wall. image © minosa.com.au

Another long and formal dining table for a galley. To save more space, one end of this table is placed against the low wall. The U-shaped low wall serves as a kitchen island as an extra meal prep area.

That wall features a white countertop that is similar to the cabinet’s tops. The white top is combined with a wooden wall to create a pretty contrast.

The dining table here is made of Carrera marble in white color. It blends seamlessly with the white countertops around but contrasts the wood wall. The table is long enough to accommodate six people at once, three on each side.

Since this is a contemporary room with a minimalist design, there is no overwhelming decorative item here. On top of the table, there is only a versatile wooden small round tray that complements the wooden wall and wooden structured chairs.

15. Extendable Dining Table with White Top Against the Wall

extendable dining table with white top against the wall
extendable dining table with white top against the wall. image © hilda grahnat

This is a small extendable dining table that is put against the wall with a garden window over it.

This table has a white top with a wooden structure that is completed with two different designs of chairs. Those chairs are placed on both sides of the table. Each side has a different design that, when combined with the table, fits into a mid-century design.

The table is basically small with a square shape. Yet, there is an extension part that can be opened if there are additional members of the family or if the homeowners invite some guests over.

This is an excellent idea if you have a small space yet you often invite your friends.

There is a garden window that brights up the entire room. The are several potted plants lined up on the window sill to accentuate this neutral color palette.

Placing your table’s end against the wall right below the window like this will give you a beautiful view while enjoying your meals. It will be even better in the morning when you have your breakfast. The morning sun will illuminate the entire room with a soft light.


So, what is your opinion about placing one end of the dining table against the wall?

Do you think it will do you good or not?

Yes, pushing your table aside means sacrificing some seats, but doing so can give you a more intimate feel to the room as well as free up some space.

Basically, when you put your dining table against the wall or window sill, you give more space to foot traffic.

This is important, especially if you have an open-floor kitchen and dining table. You need a lot of space to move everywhere in the room freely.

That is a simple trick that will help you entertain some guests in your small dining room.