13 Inspiring Shutter Colors for Brick House to Create an Amazing Exterior

Shutter Colors for Brick House

Shutter colors for brick house can be chosen based on the brick color category itself. Find all the information you need to know here.

As you may already know, brick exists in some different color options. It is not a secret also that some people love to keep the natural appearance of this material for the fabulous color and texture.

If you are that kind of person, maybe you are thinking about the right choices of shutter colors for brick house. While perhaps you can pick any color for these exterior accessories, you need to know that choosing the right tone is best for building up amazing home design.

In this post, we will discuss several best choices of shutter colors that you can pair with brick exterior. Here, the discussion will be separated into several subheadings based on the brick color category. This way, it will be easier for you to get inspired to choose the most suitable shutters for your house.

Shutter Colors for Red Brick House

The first category that we want to talk about here is the best shutters colors that you can pair with a red brick house. The best thing about this house is none other but the popping color that does not look too bright. Instead, it contains some elegance in it.

Red brick, as well as any other brick types, is quite easy to pair with any colors, including also when you are trying to pick the right one for the shutters. However, here we will try to give you some best suggestions. Let’s talk about those, one by one, in the following.

Black Color for an Elegant Contrast Look

a traditional colonial red brick house with black shutters
a traditional colonial red brick house with black shutters. image via thearrowshop.com

The first best shutter color we suggest you choose if you have a red brick house is black. This tone will add a contrasting detail to your home exterior.

Something like this can make the red color of the brick pops. Amazingly, something like this can cause the building to look more prominent.

As an example, you can take a look at the picture of a two-story traditional red brick house above. This house is rather small. However, you can see that the color scheme of its exterior is very interesting with the combination of red brick, black shutters, and off-white trim.

The pairing between the red brick material and the black tone of the shutters boosts not only the contrasting appearance but also elegance. On the other hand, the combo of black shutters and off-white color creates a timeless look that will last forever. It gets even better because the white tone also looks compatible with the brick color.

Reddish Brown For a Coordinating Look

a red brick house with reddish brown shutters
via andrewroby.com

When you have a red brick home exterior, you may think that red will also be a suitable color for the shutters. The problem is, what if the look will be dull because of the red-on-red idea?

Well, in this case, we have an alternative that you can choose. It is by selecting reddish-brown shutters instead of the ones that have a pure red tone.

You can take a look at the picture of a traditional red brick house above. If you look closely, the shutters used here have a reddish-brown tone. The red undertone of these accessories is the one that makes them compatible with the brick material.

Both of the red brick and the shutter color here also look compatible with the white tone in the scheme. Particularly for the color of the shutters, it adds elegance as well as luxury touch to the design.

Brown for a Cozy Look

a traditional red brick house with brown shutters
via protectpainters.com

To add a cozy touch to the red brick house, you can choose brown shutters for the window accessories. It is another selection that is quite easy to pair with the red tone of the brick material.

However, there is a thing that we want you to know first before choosing this shutters color. It is that the overall design will look better when the exterior color scheme also has some other tones from the brown category.

The house in the picture above is an example. It does have not only brown shutters but also some other brown colors, as you can see in the roof and doors. With these details, it will be much easier to include the brown shutters in the exterior home design.

Deep Blue for Warm and Inviting Look

a traditional red brick house with deep blue shutters
via trianglebrick.com

The last but not least shutter color that we suggest you pair with red brick exterior is any color from the deep blue category. If you think that a blue tone always shows a cold look, in this combination, you will see something different

When dark blue shutters are paired with red brick exterior, the look that you will see as the result is warm and inviting. The blue tone here is not overwhelming at all. More importantly, the red brick tone in this design combination is still the most dominant. That is why it is reasonable if the warm impression is still visible here.

Please take a look at the picture of a traditional house above as an example of this idea. In this design, the shutters gain color from Down Pour SW6516 paint by Sherwin Williams ().

Shutter Colors for Tan Brick House

Let’s move to the second brick color category and the tones that you can choose for the window shutters to pair with it. The group that we meant here is none other but tan brick, which visually looks fantastic with the natural yellowish undertone it has.

For this kind of home exterior, we think that there are at least three shutter color options that are best to choose. Those include wood color, grey, and navy blue.

Wood Color for a Natural look

a tan brick house with wood-color shutters
via building-ideas.net

The first shutter color that will look good together with the tan brick house is wood. Any tone of wood will look amazing when paired with this kind of home exterior. In more specific words, the result that you will see from the combination is a beautiful natural look.

In the exterior home design that you can see in the picture above, for example, both of the brick walls and wood-color window shutters look fabulous. Together with the other elements in the color scheme, they make this traditional house looks pretty.

When you choose a shutter color like this as the pairing for your tan brick walls, there is a suggestion that you can follow. It is to make sure that the tone is the same or highly similar to the color of some elements in the exterior design.

In the picture above, there are at least two items that have a highly similar tone with the window shutters. Those are the columns and the decorative roof angle detailing.

Grey for a Classic Neutral Look

a traditional tan brick house with grey shutters
via morgantewilson.com

For creating a neutral look, you can pair your tan brick home exterior with grey shutters. The best thing of all, this combination is something that will also bring a classic look to the design.

You can see the photo of a historic home above. The main focus that we want to discuss from it is none other but the tan brick and grey shutters.

However, you can see that the white tone from the doors and windows is also in the color scheme. It is an excellent addition actually because it seems to add brightness to the overall exterior look.

Navy Blue to Add a Cool Touch

a traditional tan brick house with navy blue shutters
via jamesmcdonaldarchitects.com

Tan brick is indeed more on the neutral side. However, we cannot deny that it has a bit of a warm undertone in it.
About that, the unusual but great pairing between tan brick and navy blue shutters, as you can see in the photo above, is a good thing. The blue tone can add a cool touch that can make the exterior look of the house more comfortable to see.

The navy blue shutters are also the right choice for you who do not want the tan brick exterior to look too bright. In other words, these accessories help to reduce the bright impression of the home design.

Shutter Colors for Brown Brick House

Brown brick is a more neutral choice compared to other tones available. It means it will be easier for you to find the right shutter colors to pair with it.

Although so, you must remember that some shutter tones can result in something better. In this case, there are three options that we suggest you choose. Those are wood color, black, and brown.

Wood Color for Cozy and Elegant Look

brown brick home exterior with wood-color shutters
via alexcustomhomes.com

If you have a brown brick house and you want the exterior design to look cozy and elegant, then the shutter color choice that you must choose is something that comes from the wood color category.

Brown brick and wood color always look good together. That is why a combination is always an easy option that you can choose when you are in confusion.

The photo of a gorgeous traditional house above is an example. Here, you can see how the house looks cozy because of the brown brick and wood shutters. It gets even better because the house also has dark brown roofs that enhance the elegance even better.

Black for a Bold Look

a transitional brown brick house with black shutters
via stantonhomes.com

Black is another color that you can choose for the shutters of a brown brick house. The difference that the combination can create is a bold look, as shown in the photo.

In simple words, we can say that the dark shutters can erase the ordinary impression from the brown brick. The final result of the combination is timeless too. That is why it is excellent for you who do not like to do home remodeling too often.

Brown for a Cozy and Elegant Look

brown shutters for brown brick house
via miwindows.com

The next easy shutter color choice for a brown brick house is brown. Yes, brown-on-brown is the most effortless option in this category.

If being asked about the final result, we can say that it is more or less the same as the one resulting from the use of wood-color shutters on a brown brick house that we told earlier. The difference is that this one may lack a bit in the natural value.

Shutter Colors for Orange Brick House

The last but not least brick color category that we want to talk about here is orange. Of course, we also want to talk about the perfect shutter color choices to pair with it.

Orange brick is an option that looks brighter and more cheerful than any other option. About that, we have three shutter color suggestions that you can choose more for the orange brick house, including white, grey, and black.

White for a Fresh Look

an orange brick house with white shutters
via prolinecontractors.com

White is the shutter color that we recommend you choose for your orange brick house. At a glance, their combination will remind you of a slice of orange fruit. That is why it is reasonable if a fresh look is something that you will see from the combo.

Especially for this combination, there is one suggestion that you should do to make the overall exterior design of the house looks fantastic. It is that you should choose the same white color of the shutters for other elements, like windows, doors, and trim, as done in the picture.

Grey for a Less-Bold Look

an orange brick house with grey shutters
via frankbetzhouseplans.com

Another best shutter color that you can choose for the orange brick house is grey. In this case, you need to know that the grey tone plays a quite important role.

It is none other but to mute the bold look of the orange brick. As you may already know, this boldness often looks problematic for some people.

You can look at the photo of an orange brick house above. With the grey shutters, the orange brick seems more muted here.

Black for a Bold and Contrast Look

black shutters for orange brick house
via garrettsrealty.com

The last but not least shutter color for an orange brick house that we want you to know is black. The combination can result in a bold and contrast look.

We all know that both black and orange tones are bold. Although so, they can still go well together.
As an example, you can see the picture of a small two-story house above. Without the black shutters, it will look too ordinary. With the shutters, it looks stunning.


Do you think that the information about shutter colors for brick house that we shared above interesting to know? Hopefully, it proves to you that it is not that hard to find the right tone for the exterior accessories.

The sure thing is that a different brick color may look better when paired with some shutter colors. That is why, before making a choice, you must first understand the color category of the brick material. This way, you can choose the right shutter tone easier later.

Other than all the options we shared in this article, are there any other interesting choices according to you? Share your thought!