16 Romantic Purple Accent Walls to Add an Exotic Flair to Your Room

Romantic Purple Accent Wall

An accent wall is never outdated.

Rest assured, it is still thriving in the decorating industry, and it seems that accent walls won’t fade in popularity any time soon. It’s because accent walls are so customizable.

The basic principle is that you have to keep your accent wall fresh and stylish at the same time. Make sure to pay attention to popular home decor trends and incorporate them into your wall decor.

When choosing an accent color, you should consider the basics. Cool colors like purple will stand out and pop when paired with warmer colors like yellow, orange, and red.

So when you use a purple accent wall, always rely on warmer tones or light neutral tones to pair it.

Never combine warm colors with warm colors, or cool colors with cool colors, because they tend to blend and are not attractive.

Purple colors also have many shades. It’s important to combine the lightness and darkness of the purple shade to create a difference.

The general rule is, if you paint the entire room in a dark color, consider using light purple for an accent wall, and vice versa. It will make the accent color stand out. It’s also essential to know if you like a lot of contrasts or how you want your room to feel.

Yet we can’t deny that purple will add a romantic feeling and exotic flair to your room.

Still not sure how to add a purple accent wall?

Here are some best purple accent walls that may spark your inspiration:

1. Soft Purple Accent Entertainment Wall in a Transitional Living Room

soft purple accent entertainment wall in a transitional living room
soft purple accent entertainment wall in a transitional living room. image © greenfieldcabinetry.com

The accent wall is painted in a soft purple shade in this transitional living room.

The homeowners didn’t want to go too bold with the purple, so they stayed on the safe side when picking the shade for the accent wall.

This accent wall is surrounded by cabinetry painted in white. Purple and white is indeed the safest option if you’re not sure how to combine the purple accent wall. White will make other accent colors look pop and stand out as a neutral color.

It seems that this accent wall also doubles up as an entertainment wall. You can see how the designer installed cabinetry around it, and the purple wall has a mounted TV on it.

It is simple and minimalist, with no other decorations on the wall. But, TV is more than enough if you want to make your accent wall more functional rather than aesthetic.

According to the designer, the main thing in this living room was basically the striped chairs, and the room was styled around the chairs.

So no wonder the accent wall was later painted in purple because it seems to be the most reasonable accent wall color to complement these striped chairs to create a bold look.

2. Modern Living Room with Striped Purple Accent Wall and Orange Sofas

modern living room with striped purple accent wall and orange sofas
modern living room with striped purple accent wall and orange sofas. image © christeninteriors.com

Don’t shy away from bold and vibrant colors if you like a modern style.

See how the designer perfectly combined warm and cool tones in this living room. Instead of looking too flashy, this area looks polished, modern, and extra.

The purple accent wall is also accentuated with stripes in a lighter shade of purple. It means that there are two shades of purple on this accent wall, and it is a clever way to incorporate purple into your room.

Why stick with only one shade if you can use more than one shade of purple at the same time?

The designer also paired the light and dark purple accent wall with orange sofas to top it off. These are Ligne Roset Confluence Sofas in orange and reddish-orange tone.

As warm tones, orange and red are basically the perfect shade to be paired with purple the cool tone.

To let them shine, the designer keeps everything simple and minimalist.

The rug is in a neutral color, brown, while the floor seems to be a light tone wood. The rest of the walls are painted in white, similar to the windows, to give the spotlight to the purple accent wall and the sofas.

3. Custom Plaster Purple Accent Wall with a Geometrical Pattern

custom plaster purple accent wall with a geometrical pattern
custom plaster purple accent wall with a geometrical pattern. image © conceptdesignoc.com

In a bedroom, the most popular wall to become an accent is the one behind the headboard.

Yet, the designer didn’t cover the entire wall behind this headboard in purple. There’s only a huge rectangular-shaped panel covered in purple to create an accent, while the rest of the walls are painted in gray.

The combination of dark purple with gray like this sets the mood in the bedroom, making it feel dark and mysterious.

If you’re wondering, this purple accent wall is not wallpaper. It is a custom plaster wall with a design in ground crystals and a geometrical pattern.

If you use a pattern for your purple accent wall and the fact that the wall is textured, you don’t need to add other decorative items to it to make it pop and highlighted. The texture and the pattern are enough to make it look bold.

See how this purple accent wall contrasts the white headboard. The headboard is from Clarke & Clarke in Altea Steel color.

But, to make a cohesive look, the designer matches the purple accent wall with other items throughout the room, let’s say, the throw pillows, the bedcover, and basically most of the fabrics in this bedroom.

4. Purple Accent Wall with Windows Treatment in Matching Colors

purple accent wall with windows treatment in matching colors
purple accent wall with windows treatment in matching colors. image © jamesdavidcustomhomes.com

Actually, there are two shades of purples on this kids’ bedroom walls.

Yet, it’s clear that the accent wall is right behind the headboard, the one with a darker shade of purple. It seems that the rest of the room is painted in lighter purple instead of white.

This is an excellent option if you think combining purple and white is way too mainstream. You can pair the bold purple accent wall with soft and light purple to create cohesion.

In order to make the purple accent wall look even more pop, the designer installed two black-framed windows there.

The windows are completed with roman shade treatment in a combination of purples and green. It shows that green can create a contrast to the purple shades, be it light or dark, and it will make the room look more cheerful.

The designer followed the basic rule of creating an accent wall: the color should match the other items in the room. So, some of the fabrics on the bed were carefully picked in purple to make the entire room look visually balanced.

Since this is a kid’s bedroom, the homeowners don’t seem to shy away from bold and vibrant shades, which is good to represent the high-spirited children.

5. Purple Eggplant Accent Wall Color with Decorative Items to Accentuate It

purple eggplant accent wall color with decorative items to accentuate it
purple eggplant accent wall color with decorative items to accentuate it. image © dreammaker bath & kitchen of greater grand rapids

A mixture of materials in this bathroom makes it unique, a one-of-a-kind bathroom.

Basically, this space features an Asian style completed with a medium tone wood floor, dark wood cabinets, a purple accent wall, and a soft green wall.

This accent wall is simply painted in Benjamin Moore – Eggplant, but the designer managed to make it look extraordinary by adding some decorative items and putting some contrasting elements against it.

The identical round mirrors hung there with two elegant sconces upon each have successfully decorated this purple accent wall, making it more highlighted. The dark wood cabinetry, on the other hand, contrasts it nicely.

The wall on another side of this bathroom may look white because of the lighting, but it’s actually a very soft green color. The rest of the walls are painted in Benjamin Moore – Koi Pond.

There may be some reasons why the designer and the homeowners agreed to paint the rest of the walls in soft green instead of white. It complements the purple accent wall, and at the same time, it also represents nature, a key element in most Asian designs.

6. Purple Cabernet – Benjamin Moore Accent Wall Contrasted by The White Headboard

purple cabernet - benjamin moore accent wall contrasted by the white headboard
purple cabernet – benjamin moore accent wall contrasted by the white headboard. image © e-signaturehomes.com

There’s something elegant and sophisticated in this color combination.

The designer painted the accent wall in Benjamin Moore – Cabernet 2116-30, which is a purple color.

Unlike the previous picture, this purple-painted accent wall lacks decorative items to make it look prominent. However, it has been well-lit and contrasted beautifully. Plus, the designer managed to complement it with other matching tones.

The crisp white headboard creates an odd look against this purple accent wall. The table lamp placed in front of it also highlights parts of the area.

There’s a kind of wall nook beside this bed completed with windows. This area has a curtain that can be closed if the owners don’t need the nook. The curtain was carefully picked to match the accent wall.

Yet, the perfect matching elements are the comforter and the throw pillows. The comforter and some pillows have a gold tone, while the pillow in the middle is a very dark purple. When paired with the purple accent wall, those combinations will deliver a royal nuance.

You can always rely on the purple and gold combination if you want to recreate a royal, luxurious, and mysterious look at the same time in your room.

7. Passionate Purple – Sherwin Williams Accent Wall with a Sunburst Mirror

passionate purple - sherwin williams accent wall with a sunburst mirror
passionate purple – sherwin williams accent wall with a sunburst mirror. image © jrid.com

If you want to add several bold colors that complement each other in your room, you may want to consider using an eclectic design.

In an eclectic room, you’re free to unleash your creativity and experiment. Here, you can combine several patterns and textures too. The highlighted point is the space should be fun and cheerful.

In this eclectic living room, the small accent wall is painted in Sherwin Williams – Passionate Purple, which looks beautiful framed with white trim.

Due to the limited space, the designer didn’t put anything too overwhelming on this accent wall, but she hung a huge sunburst mirror from Uttermost, the kind of decorative mirror that you need in your room if you want to make a statement.

The designer also complements the purple accent wall with bright red seating. As one of the warm tones, red will complete purple, one of the cool tones.

The contrasting tones in a room will deliver a perfectly balanced color scheme. It means that even though you use more than one bold and vibrant shade in your room at the same time, they won’t hurt your eyes because, basically, they complement each other.

8. Light Purple Accent Wall with White Double Hung Windows and Slanted Walls

light purple accent wall with white double hung windows and slanted walls
light purple accent wall with white double hung windows and slanted walls. image © greatneighborhoodhomes.com

Unlike the usual bedrooms you’ve seen before, the accent wall here is on the opposite side of the bed. It makes the whole room look different and soft.

Moreover, the designer also spread the purple color in various shades throughout the room to match the accent wall.

Why did the designer pick this area to be an accent?

Because architecturally, this spot is better than the one behind the headboard.

These features are slanted on both sides, creating a kind of nook that opens to the window. Both the slanted walls and the wall around the window have been painted in a soft purple color that looks very close to Benjamin Moore – Peace and Happiness.

To create a sweet and feminine look, you should combine a soft purple color with a creamy white shade.

This accent wall features two double-hung windows that have creamy white trim. The baseboard is also painted in a similarly white shade to complement the accent wall.

Most of the fabrics in the bedding, including the comforter, the bed cover, and the pillows, are also in purple shade contrasted with a white bed sheet to match the color combination in the accent wall.

This is a perfect example of a timeless kid’s bedroom.

9. Purple Accent Wall in a Powder Room that Matches the Countertop and Trim

purple accent wall in a powder room that matches the countertop and trim
purple accent wall in a powder room that matches the countertop and trim. image © comfortarchitecture.com

The purple character in this powder room is way too strong.

There are a lot of elements finished in purple to add a whimsical look and deliver more characters in this contemporary styled area.

Yet, it’s obvious that the accent wall is the one behind the toilet. It is painted in purple that matches the countertops, the window trim, and the mosaic tile.

Usually, purple is paired with green or red to create a complementary look. Yet, in this powder room, purple is combined with gray.

The dark gray may look a bit clashing against the purple. That’s why they should be combined with bright white elements to bridge them. So, the designer painted the rest of the walls white, so the purple and gray mosaic tiles on the wall look complete.

And for the accent wall, the homeowners wanted to keep everything look clean and simple, so there are no bright and flashy decorative items added there except the simple framed artwork.

There’s a downlight installed in the ceiling to highlight the accent wall, too, so it looks well-lit and more dramatic.

Basically, the gray and purple mosaic tiles that climb up the wall also create an accent. Yet, it’s obvious that the one that’s meant to draw the most attention is the wall behind the toilet.

10. Mystical Grape – Benjamin Moore Purple Accent Wall with a Chandelier Sticker

mystical grape - benjamin moore purple accent wall with a chandelier sticker
mystical grape – benjamin moore purple accent wall with a chandelier sticker. image © hubleydesigninteriors.com

There’s something attractive if you paint your kids’ bedroom purple.

If you don’t want to commit with such a cool tone in the entire room, you can at least paint the accent wall purple like this.

You have seen many kids’ bedrooms with purple accent walls on this list. It shows that despite the royal character it delivers, purple is also kid-friendly.

This is a perfect example of a contemporary kid’s bedroom. The accent wall is simply painted in Benjamin Moore – Mystical Grape.

Since this room is clutter-free, the only decoration to highlight the accent wall is only a chandelier sticker from The Land of Nod. This eclectic chandelier sticker delivers a mix of savvy sophistication and youthfulness that this room portrays.

The rest of the wall is painted in Benjamin Moore – Balboa Mist OC-27 finished in matte.

The designer paired the accent wall with a purple accented bed sheet and pillowcases to make everything look balanced and cohesive. The throw pillows also feature a purple accent to complete the whole look.

The gray color in this room, both the dark and the light, make the purple accent look more pop. Such a combination will deliver a simple yet stunning appearance.

11. Dark Purple Accent Wall with Black and White Artwork

dark purple accent wall with black and white artwork
dark purple accent wall with black and white artwork. image © benjamin hill photography

A purple accent wall can be added to any room, not just bedrooms or bathrooms.

You see a lovely dark purple accent wall in this dining room that looks recessed, creating an alcove. The purple shade picked was the dark one, a shade you need if you want to add more drama to a room and make it look elegant.

This dark purple accent wall is completed with a huge black and white artwork to contrast it. Since this is a contemporary dining room, the designer decided it would be best to keep everything minimalist but striking.

Instead of wall sconces, two cornered windows are installed in this purple accent wall to illuminate the whole area. The natural light will help the purple shade look even bolder and more dramatic.

The designer also matched the wall with the dining chairs. See how the chairs are also finished in a dark purple tone. They look stunning against the wooden dining table and look fun paired with the yellow structure of the table.

Generally, every color and shade in this dining room has been carefully picked to accentuate each other.

12. Purple Accent Wall Painted in Benjamin Moore – Gentle Violet Paired with Gray and Dark Wood Elements

purple accent wall painted in benjamin moore - gentle violet paired with gray and dark wood elements
purple accent wall painted in benjamin moore – gentle violet paired with gray and dark wood elements. image © danenberg design

You have seen a combination of purple and gray, but you may have never seen a mix of purple, gray, and dark wood tone.

This combination will surely make your area appear dramatic, traditional, and mysterious at the same time. Those contrasting characteristics will add more personality to your room.

This contemporary bathroom features a purple accent wall, which is painted in Benjamin Moore – Gentle Violet 2071-20. See how this accent wall has been fully decorated.

The silver framed decorative mirrors add a more gray tone to this bathroom, looking in contrast to the purple accent wall, while the wall sconces highlight the wall to attract more attention.

The marble countertop and backsplash beautify the wall even more, while the dark wood cabinets deliver an odd look paired with the purple wall.

The dark wood panels on another side of the wall are made of Cherry wood. They are actually sliding doors of a shoe closet, while the rectangular part in the middle of it is cutouts for ventilation with mesh inserts.

See how the dark cherry sliding doors also contrast the gray tile on another side of the wall.

Basically, the combination of purple, gray, and dark wood tone is excellent. But be careful if you recreate this look because, in a small bathroom, such a combo will make your room look crammed and even smaller. Without proper lighting, this combo can also make your room appear darker.

That goes without saying that a purple accent wall combined with the dark wood tone and gray elements are only perfect for mid-sized to large rooms. Plus, the room should also be completed with a lot of lights.

13. Purple Silk Wallpaper Accent Wall with Matching MDF Casing

purple silk wallpaper accent wall with matching mdf casing
purple silk wallpaper accent wall with matching mdf casing. image © peg berens interior design llc

This contemporary living room looks rich and full of characters. It’s because the designer wasn’t afraid to incorporate patterns, textures, and dramatic tones. It has a stunning look with a wondrous shade of purple.

The accent wall is the most attractive part of this room. No wonder because it is meant to be the focal point.

The designer decided that it would look even more beautiful if the accent wall only took part of the wall instead of entirely. So, the purple accent part is only in the middle part of the wall. The rest of the area is painted in Benjamin Moore – Stone House.

Fun fact: the purple color in the wall is not painted. It is basically wallpaper, an embroidered one to add more texture to the wall.

This wallpapered accent wall is also completed with purple trim at the top and bottom.

That’s just a basic plain 2-1/2” wide MDF casing, which is later painted in a purple gloss paint to match the purple silk wallpaper.

As if it wasn’t enough, the designer also hung the homeowner’s collection of fine art on this accent wall.

The collection is displayed in an unexpected way to enhance the look of the purple wall.

14. Purple Accent Color with a Fireplace Surrounded by Glass Tile and Gold Framed Picture

purple accent color with a fireplace surrounded by glass tile and gold framed picture
purple accent color with a fireplace surrounded by glass tile and gold framed picture. image © peg berens interior design llc

This lavish master bedroom is completed with a striking purple accent fireplace wall in a plum shade.

This purple accent wall looks glossy, adding a sheen element to this bedroom. It is combined with a matching fabric on the bed and the chairs, creating a unique well-coordinated look.

The purple accent wall is accentuated with a tiled fireplace. The stunning tiles are glass with gold leaf on the backside! Those are Davin tiles from Ann Sacks, adding a sheen and glossy look to this purple accent wall.

Another great thing is the gold-framed picture. You’ve known that the combination of purple and gold will never fail to give you a luxurious and graceful look. A metallic accent in a glossy finish also delivers an ultra-modern appearance with a touch of royal nuance.

Fun fact: there’s a TV hidden behind the gold-framed picture above the fireplace! This way, you can combine both functionality and beauty.

The purple accent wall, along with its decoration, is framed with white trim on the baseboard and the molding, clearly giving the spotlight to it.

15. Purple Slanted Accent Wall with Star Sconces Bracketing the Artwork

purple slanted accent wall with star sconces bracketing the artwork
purple slanted accent wall with star sconces bracketing the artwork. image © a.lestage interiors

Creating an accent wall behind the headboard is one thing, but an accent wall behind the headboard with a slanted design is another thing. It really takes the game to a whole new level.

There is no need to add more textures and patterns on the wall because the slanted parts have elevated the purple shade.

It is painted in a dark purple, but the entire area of the accent wall looks well-lit and dramatic because there are star sconces mounted on it, bracketing the artwork.

The star sconces are such a pretty decoration. They illuminate and accentuate the purple wall at the same time. Plus, there’s beautiful artwork in the middle of it, also in some purple shades. Two other smaller artworks are hung on both sides of the sconces.

All of the decorations on this purple accent wall are well-coordinated and well thought out.

This purple accented bathroom is not paired with white, gray, or green like the pictures you’ve seen before. Instead, the designer painted the rest of the walls beige, which promotes a warm and cozy ambiance.

The combination of purple and beige is also striking because beige can be a great alternative to white.

To top it off, at the top of the purple accent wall, there’s a picture window in an arched design, complementing the lines of the slanted walls.

This wall is useful to make the room brighter and, at the same time, highlight the purple wall too.

16. Deep Purple Accent Wall with Matching Rug and Fabric in a Family Room

deep purple accent wall with matching rug and fabric in a family room
deep purple accent wall with matching rug and fabric in a family room. image © lldesignbuildfurnish.com

Simple, yet stunning and elegant. That’s the best way to describe this transitional family room.

With only minimalist decorations, the walls seem to be bare. The bare walls deliver a traditional vibe, especially they are combined with the wood element, like the tables.

On the other hand, the bold color like deep purple in this room also brings out the modern touch.

According to the designer, this family room was meant to be an extra room for the daughter of the homeowners, so they didn’t have to build an extra bedroom in this home.

This family room is a sitting and hang-out room for a teenage girl. So, the designer purchased a sofa with a custom fabric and pillows. They also ordered two extra yards of that similar fabric to cover the mini chair. That was the designer’s inspiration to start.

After that, they designed the room from purple fabrics. The accent wall was painted in a deep purple shade to complement the pillows and the covered mini chair. The rug was also carefully picked in a purple shade with a pattern.

To enhance the look of the purple accent wall, the designer also hung the fantastic artwork in a gold tone to complement the deep purple shade.

Completed with such artworks, crystal lamps, a cozy sofa, and a tremendous rug, this enclosed family room is a perfect place for a great girls’ night in.


Basically, purple is a royal color. It represents spirituality and wisdom, with a touch of rare and mysterious nature because purple seems to be connected to the divine, supernatural, and the unknown.

Different shades of purple have different meanings. For instance, light purples are often related to romantic energies and light-heartedness, while darker purples may represent sadness.

However, despite the shade, purple is the color of drama. In terms of home decor, purple is an unusual color. It will look best when paired with neutrals or cold or warm pastels to create a contrast.

If you want to create a moody space, pair your purple accent wall with navy or dark gray. A purple accent wall can be added in a colorful room with other jewel tones for a bolder look.

Never let your purple accent wall look bare. You need to accentuate and decorate it to highlight the boldness.

There are many ways to highlight your purple accent walls, but the most popular ones are by adding a series of artwork (or a huge single one if you prefer it that way), hanging a decorative mirror (it will work best in a small room because the mirror has a reflective characteristic that can make the room look bigger), wall sconces to illuminate the entire wall, and rich tone framed pictures.

Don’t forget to match the purple accent wall with other elements in the room. You’d create cohesion and a more balanced look if you managed to match the purple accent wall with the decorative items that spread around the room.

The easiest way is by matching the accent wall with the fabrics, like bedsheets, throw pillows, cushions, or rugs.

So, what do you think about using purple as an accent wall?

Which one do you like the best, painted accent wall or wallpapered one?