13+ Magnificent Covered Patio with Fireplace for an Outdoor Living

13  Magnificent Covered Patio With Fireplace

A patio can be your living room extension, a lovely addition to any backyard. It can be a perfect spot to chill and relax with family and friends too.

Like your main property, your patio should also reflect your own personal style. And to make it useful year-round, it is highly recommended if you have a covered patio instead of a usual patio.

A covered patio can be used regardless of the weather and the season, especially if it is completed with an outdoor fireplace.

However, there is much confusion over these garden structures. People often confuse a covered patio with a pergola. These terms are often used interchangeably. So, what is the difference between a covered patio and a pergola?

A covered patio is an attached structure providing rain coverage and/o shade for the deck or the patio. The cover of this patio may be a solid roof or have an open side.

A pergola, on the other hand, is a freestanding structure with no roof whatsoever. The frame is supported by posts and/or columns. A pergola can be used to provide filtered shade or cover a walkway for an outdoor living space.

So, what’s about the detached seating area with a roof/cover on top of it?

That still can be categorized as a covered patio, not a pergola, even though it is a freestanding building. It is because a pergola has no cover.

If you want to get more inspiration for a covered patio with a fireplace that can be used in all seasons, here are some of them.

1. Transitional Covered Stone Patio with Gas Fireplace

transitional covered stone patio with gas fireplace
transitional covered stone patio with gas fireplace. image © matthewmurrey.com

This patio is an extension of the home living.

Designed to entertain, this area was optimized to create a gathering space. It is completed with an outdoor TV, a gas fireplace, a ceiling fan, and covered seating space. All of them are located right next to the pool. The homeowners can enjoy daytime swimming to an intimate dinner party.

This mid-sized transitional patio is also bordered by a fence. The fence here is a board-on-board custom cedar fence in 8’. It is stained with Sherwin Williams – Buckthorn SW3003. The fence is beautifully accentuated with some shaped greeneries.

The covered seating area is completed with a painted beadboard ceiling. The gas fireplace is installed below the TV.

All the flatwork here is travertine. All the decking is tumbled travertine 16×24 from Mexico. The travertine beside the pool is accentuated with synthetic turf. That turf is a unique product from Urban Turf and is specifically made for the designer of this property.

2. Concrete Covered Patio with Ledgestone Fireplace

concrete covered patio with ledgestone fireplace
concrete covered patio with ledgestone fireplace. image © lanewilliams.com

This is an excellent example of a contemporary courtyard patio.

This patio is basically detached from the main building, but it is installed side by side with the living room. It is completed with a dark outdoor fireplace made out of ledgestone, four armchairs, and a square table for the seating area. Not much, but totally comfortable.

Over the top of the roof, there is a large piece of steel. The roof of this patio is covered with a product from Polygal. It is a material made from translucent acrylic meant for outdoor use. The products have different thicknesses that you can choose based on climatic needs.

The roof itself is made out of double-layer plastic composite. If the rain falls, it makes a little noise.

This patio is paved with concrete with slate insets and a light broom finish. The wood timbers are Douglas Fir. You can see the exposed beams inside. They are vertical grain Douglas Fir.

The soffit is Western Red Cedar, and the fence is Ipe wood. Each of the wood elements truly complements each other to deliver a simple modern look.

3. Stamped Concrete Covered Patio with Gas Burning Fireplace

stamped concrete covered patio with gas burning fireplace
stamped concrete covered patio with gas burning fireplace. image © traditionoutdoorliving.com

This attached covered patio looks perfect with an outdoor kitchen, dining area, and seating area.

The most striking part is the gas-burning fireplace. It is surrounded by ledgestone competed with a rustic cedar mantel. The ledgestone pattern flows ceaselessly from the floor to the ceiling. The same ledgestone I sued for the base of the patio columns.

The kitchen is completed with stainless steel appliances containing a grill, refrigerator, and storage compartments. The cooking space is topped with Venetian Gold Granite, providing an easily maintained ample counter space.

Overall, the appeal of this covered patio lies in its beautiful traditional cedar-trimmed beams and columns.

When it comes to the cover, this patio has a pre-stained Tongue and Groove ceiling. It is such an attractive feature to a patio cover. To illuminate this area during the evening, there is recessed lighting and fans to provide sufficient airflow.

The stamped concrete with a custom pattern is used for the walking surface, making this patio is even more flawless.

4. Mediterranean Concrete Covered Patio with Old Antique Surround Fireplace

mediterranean concrete covered patio with old antique surround fireplace
mediterranean concrete covered patio with old antique surround fireplace. image © jkandsons.com

For a warmer and more inviting covered patio, this one is perfect. It is a beautiful example of a Mediterranean patio completed with a fire pit. It is also set with a cozy sectional right in front of the fireplace.

The wall is painted in Benjamin Moore – Squire Hill Buff that gives a simple and traditional look.

The flooring used here is concrete with a standard broom finish. That gray color gives another minimalist look to this patio.

The most significant part is the fireplace. It is surrounded by an old antique found by the homeowners on an international trip and later was shipped to the US. They had it incorporated around the fireplace by the designer. It is basically a wood mantel and is very old. Unfortunately, it is doubted that you can find a duplicate of it.

5. Tuscan Travertine Covered Patio with Wood Burning Fireplace

tuscan travertine covered patio with wood burning fireplace
tuscan travertine covered patio with wood burning fireplace. image © larsremodel.com

Another lovely Mediterranean patio! This Tuscan patio is designed with a roof extension. The wall seems to be made out of fieldstone.

The large opening creates an arched design, which is one of the main characteristics of Mediterranean design. The opening is completed with a pair of curtains set on both sides of it. They both help give extra privacy.

This patio features a built-in wood-burning fireplace. This traditional fireplace is completed with what seems like a wood mantel. The mantel separates the fireplace and the mounted TV.

This covered patio is paved with an exterior grade thick travertine with a chiseled edge when it comes to the floor.

6. Traditional Poured Concrete Covered Patio with Double-sided Fireplace

traditional poured concrete covered patio with double-sided fireplace
traditional poured concrete covered patio with double-sided fireplace. image © hibbshomesusa.com

What a sweet and lovely covered patio! This one is completed with a set of upholstered chairs with a floral pattern, which makes the whole look sweet and feminine.

There is a double-sided fireplace for extended seasonal use, bracketed by two double windows on both sides. The fireplace is surrounded by what seems like a stack of fieldstone.

The paver is poured concrete in light gray color, providing a neutral color base that can be matched with any accent colors. The ceiling is made out of wood, and it is completed with a fan to provide adequate airflow.

This large classic patio design includes annual flowers too, which can add colors to the natural scheme.

7. Slate Carpeted Covered Patio with Fieldstone Fireplace

slate carpeted covered patio with fieldstone fireplace
slate carpeted covered patio with fieldstone fireplace. image © bigskylandscaping.com

For a more intimate covered patio meant for a small gathering event, you might like this one.

This is an elegant slate patio completed with an outdoor stone fireplace, two armchairs, and one cozy sectional, along with the wooden table. All the woods used here for the structure is mahogany. Its dark tone creates a classy look.

This patio is in random shape because it is custom designed. The floor is slate stone. However, most of the area is carpeted to enhance the classic look. Some stone slates are still visible around the chimney, though.

The fireplace is in a standard size, which is 5’ side to side, 3’ front to back, and 8-10’ tall. The firebox itself is roughly 2 1/2,’ and the slant is roughly 5’.

There are lights on the stone. For those who are wondering, the lights won’t cause hotspots on the stone because they are not high-voltage lights.

8. Bluestone Covered Patio with Bluestone Veneer Fireplace

bluestone covered patio with bluestone veneer fireplace
bluestone covered patio with bluestone veneer fireplace. image © jkandsons.com

This traditional white patio delivers a timeless design with a roof extension. This is basically an outdoor kitchen complete with a grill, a fireplace, and a seating area. There is a pulled-down screen too here, which is a motorized screen from Phantom Screens.

The fireplace is surrounded by a standard blend of bluestone veneer from Orijin Stone. The siding here is natural cedar shakes and painted in Cabot – “Foghorn” color.

When it comes to the floor, this patio is paved with natural bluestone patio. It makes the floor and the fireplace look matched, even though the bluestone types used are seemingly different. The slab undercover patio is concrete.

9. Rustic Concrete Covered Patio with Masonry Wood Burning Fireplace

rustic concrete covered patio with masonry wood burning fireplace
rustic concrete covered patio with masonry wood burning fireplace. image © remodelersofhouston.com

This is a perfect detached covered patio. It seems that this can be used for a sunroom too because this is a nice spot to enjoy the sunlight during the day.

This covered patio is made out of custom milled cypress wood. That type of wood is considered the best for outdoor use because it is weather-resistant and durable.

This patio is actually an outdoor kitchen. It is completed with full amenities meant for a kitchen. Besides, there is also a wood-burning fireplace made of masonry wood and a porch swing too.

The fireplace is surrounded by the beige-colored stacked of natural stone. The stone is used from the hearth to the exposed beams above the fireplace. A similar stone is also used for the base columns of the posts.

This large mountain-style patio is also paved with concrete. The concrete floor is in gray color, which blends seamlessly with natural stone and the wood elements of this patio.

10. Contemporary Limestone Covered Patio with Linear Firebox Fireplace

contemporary limestone covered patio with linear firebox fireplace
contemporary limestone covered patio with linear firebox fireplace. image © tatumbrown.com

This is an inspiration for a modern patio completed with a contemporary firebox fireplace, an outdoor TV, and cozy furniture pieces.

Even though this covered patio shows a contemporary design, it has an exposed wood structure, which makes it look a bit like a rustic patio. The wood is perfectly polished and stained, though.

The focal point of this is the stone fireplace. It is 14 feet high and 6 feet wide. The height goes through the porch roof. The stone surrounding the fireplace is Lueders rough back, which is the same as the flooring.

The floor of this patio is Lueders Limestone. The difference is the floor stone has been polished, while the fireplace stone is rough.

The linear firebox fireplace was purchased through montigo.com. That is a modern electric fireplace that looks perfect combined with the beige stone surround.

A little tip: if you want to purchase a similar firebox, it is recommended to check with your architect/builder first to match the specific room dimensions.

In the far end of this patio, you can see the fence runs along the area. It is a Douglas Fir fence and done by Global Fence. The ceiling fan you see here is from a company called ‘Big Ass Fans.’ This one is perfect for air circulation and cooling too.

11. Travertine Tile Covered Patio with Ledgestone Wood Burning Fireplace

travertine tile covered patio with ledgestone wood burning fireplace
travertine tile covered patio with ledgestone wood burning fireplace. image © texascustompatios.com

What a lovely pavilion. This is basically a freestanding detached covered patio that is used for an outdoor kitchen only a few steps away from the main property.

Patio is completed with an outdoor custom-built wood-burning fireplace, which makes it perfect for an entertaining area. It stands on a 500 square feet area, which is quite a large space for a covered patio.

The flooring used here is a travertine tile in a Versailles pattern. The tile is installed over concrete around the patio.

This covered patio features an L-shaped counter with a lot of space for serving meals and prepping food. It can be used for dining too because there are three metal upholstered tall back chairs in front of the counter.

The countertops are made out of granite, while the fascia is stone. The fireplace in the central area is made of the same stone of the peninsula, which is ledgestone. The fireplace features a ledgestone hearth and cedar mantle. It has a mounted TV above too.

The vaulted ceiling here is stained tongue and groove. It delivers an open feel. The structure of this patio has cedar beams and columns.

The special details include carriage lights on the columns, cedar braces under the bar top counter, and directional lights along the ceiling’s sides. Each of those elements gives the look of a mountain-style patio design.

12. Classic Bluestone Covered Patio with Traditional Fieldstone Fireplace

classic bluestone covered patio with traditional fieldstone fireplace
classic bluestone covered patio with traditional fieldstone fireplace. image © haverskolnickarchitects.com

This classic covered patio can be used year-round. It can be a nice spot to enjoy the sunlight during the summer days and a cozy area during winter nights too.

This patio is equipped with an outdoor fireplace and a roof extension. It includes cozy furniture set too that is placed right in front of the fireplace.

This huge stone patio is paved with random-sized bluestone for the floor. The stairs are made out of solid random-length bluestone blocks with rough-split edges. The combination of them creates a trendy vintage look.

The fireplace is surrounded by fieldstone that has been purchased from a local stone wall. If you can’t find any local stone store, you can try O&G Industries in Danbury, CT. They usually provide available fieldstone.

Another classic element in this patio is the pendant and the lanterns. All of them are from Classic Lighting Devices in East Hampton, CT. There are many selections of fixtures there, and they also do custom work.

13. Flagstone Covered Patio with Brick Wood Burning Fireplace

flagstone covered patio with brick wood burning fireplace
flagstone covered patio with brick wood burning fireplace. image © kriegerarchitects.com

This clean, polished, and crisp-covered patio is accentuated with the brick fireplace.

This patio features a white ceiling, white structures, and a white upholstered set of furniture with a black accent color. There is a mounted TV high on the one corner of the ceiling that can entertain the people sitting on both of the sofas.

This patio features a flagstone floor, which makes it a perfect outdoor extension of the family room. The beige color of the floor blends seamlessly with the all-white design.

The fireplace is surrounded by red bricks, which creates a bold contrast. On the mantel, there are two lanterns as an adorable decoration and to illuminate the area.

14. Architectural Slabs Covered Patio with Custom Wood Burning Fireplace

architectural slabs covered patio with custom wood burning fireplace
architectural slabs covered patio with custom wood burning fireplace. image © paradiserestored.com

This covered wood structure includes an outdoor fireplace, ambient lighting, and a set of comfortable seating. This covered structure is installed side by side with the seating with an umbrella. What an inspiration for a timeless patio.

The size of the covered area is 14 x 14. The best decoration in this area is the ceiling lights, which were purchased from Globe Lights.

The focal point is the fireplace. It is a custom wood-burning fireplace with an 18” tall hearth. The opening of the fireplace is 36” and 18” on both sides. The top of it is 2 feet.

This fireplace is surrounded by a stack of natural stone. There is no detailed information about the stone used, but it seems that it is fieldstone.

A similar stone is used for the columns. The wooden posts are exposed wood, similar to the exposed beams on the ceiling. This covered patio is paved with architectural slabs, or also known as concrete pavers.


So, are you considering having a covered patio right now?

If you are, you may have some things to think about before really installing your covered patio. A covered patio can be a bit of an investment. But, you need to know that it is an investment worth making.

If you are still unsure, here are some reasons why you should have a covered patio:

  1. You can save more money. You don’t need to spend on deck repair costs. It takes a lot of money to spend on a damaged deck. And most decks need repair after some time. But with a covered patio, you can cut the cost price much. A cover will protect your deck and patio from any potential damage. It keeps the sun and rain off. The furniture pieces will be protected as well.
  2. It is more flexible. Sitting on a patio during the summer days can be miserable. On the contrary, some shade can make everything more relaxing. With a patio cover, you can get shade protection anytime.
  3. Rainy days won’t be a problem anymore. No more being stuck inside during the bad weather. A covered patio with a fireplace can save the day. It can be a relaxing experience for you to sit on your covered patio and watch the rain.
  4. You can stay cool. No need to spend on air conditioning bill costs. The shade of your covered patio can cool the area as well as keep the heat away.
  5. It looks nice! A covered patio can transform a usual and simple patio into a warmer, more inviting, and more welcoming one. Plus, it adds value to your home, which is a nice thing to have if you want to sell your property.

Good luck with your deck remodeling!