14 Roman Shades for Sliding Glass Doors Ideas to Get Inspired

Roman Shades For Sliding Glass Doors

Sliding glass doors are home elements that many homeowners, especially those who have modern-style houses, find attractive. The primary reason is none other but the benefits that these items bring.

The fact that glass is the dominant material makes the doors function not only as an entrance but also as something to display the scenery outside the house. Besides, the design also becomes access for sunlight to enter the home interior in morning and day.

Another benefit that the doors also offer is the visual effect. It creates an open illusion that makes any interior looks ample.

Although all the benefits above seem very interesting, some disadvantages make people think twice about having the doors included in their home design. Primarily, those have a relation with excessive daytime sunlight and the lack of privacy.

Special treatment is necessary for dealing with such disadvantages. In this post, let us talk more specifically about roman shades for sliding glass doors.

This treatment is one from quite a lot of window covering types that main function is for blocking the sunlight. It also has an extra benefit to block the view, so people from outside will not know what is happening inside the house.

We dedicate this post to give you inspiration about different types and designs of roman shades that you can pair with the sliding glass doors in your house. We also include pictures to make the ideas clearer to you.

Roman Shade with the Same Color as the Walls

white flat roman shade with the same color as the walls
white flat roman shade with the same color as the walls. image © legacyhomesoc.com

Getting confused in choosing the right roman shade to pair with your sliding glass doors is a reasonable thing to happen. There are so many designs and colors available. Even the materials offered are also in different selections.

If you face the difficulty, there is a simple trick you can do to help. It is by choosing the roman shade with the same color as the walls as you can see in the example above in which the white window treatment has the same tone with the wall paint.

Besides the fact that you will get a compatible look in the bedroom design generally, there is another benefit you can achieve. When you fully cover the glass doors with the shade, it will look like there is only the wall. Something like this is beneficial when you want to reduce the too-open atmosphere or when you need extra privacy.

White Roman Shade for Any Color Scheme

white flat roman shade for tall kitchen glass sliding doors
white flat roman shade for tall kitchen glass sliding doors. image © ramsa.com

In this next inspirational idea, we will still use white roman shade as the choice. The reason is that the color is the ultimate neutral option that can fit in any interior color scheme with no problem.

Take a look at the picture of beach-style kitchen design above. The interior is dominated with soft yellow color as you can see on the cabinets and wall.

A pair of sliding glass door with a yellow tone on the frame connects the kitchen and the balcony or porch outside. There is a white flat roman shade used to treat this entrance.

The neutral impression of this treatment can fit in the yellow-dominated room easily. There is no distraction visible there too.

If seen from the appearance of the roman shade, it seems that it is not the blackout type since it still allows a subtle amount of sunlight to pass through it. However, it is always the right choice when it comes to blocking the view.

White Roman Shade and Brown Wood Sliding Glass Frame

off-white flat-style roman shade on glass doors with wood frame
off-white flat-style roman shade on glass doors with wood frame. image © shreyakrishnandesign.com

For sliding glass doors that have a brown wood frame, plain white roman shade can also be an excellent mate. When you can pick the right white shade, you can even create a cozy atmosphere in your house.

For the example is off-white roman shades that look impressive as the match of sliding doors with wood frame in the Delhi living room you see in the image above.

The white tone here is not too bright. The fact is that it even has a bit of warm impression in the appearance.

It is reasonable when you pair it with brown wood material; the result is a cozy atmosphere. It will make it very comfortable for you to spend time in the room.

In the example above, the cozy visual effect is even better because of the wood floor and the furniture choice. Together, they create a warm and comfortable ambiance in the living room.

White Roman Shade with Stripes Trim

contemporary simple white flat roman shades with vertical stripes for glass doors and windows
contemporary simple white flat roman shades with vertical stripes for glass doors and windows. image © marcelobrito.com.br

Sometimes, when everything is in white, including the sliding glass door frame, the wall, and the roman shade, there is a chance for a dull look to appear. If you do not want such a thing, you can choose something with small detail, as stripes trim.

See the picture of a contemporary living room above. Here, white is the dominant color of the place. However, from the choices of furniture and accessories, it is clear that the designer wants to break the domination.

The choice of black-striped white roman shades for the sliding doors and also the window is also a part of it. When pulled-up, this treatment can erase the too-vacant impression on the wall and ceiling design.

Grey Roman Shade for a More Modern Look

cloud grey flat roman shade in a transitional living room
cloud grey flat roman shade in a transitional living room. image © sergmaxov.ru

The neutral look is not always about white color. Grey is an excellent alternative you can pick.

This color also represents modern impression quite excellently. That is why it becomes a perfect match for the sliding glass door, which is factually used more often in a contemporary style.

If you are afraid that the grey color of the roman shade will look too bold, you can start with a softer choice. The cloud grey roman shade you see in the picture is an example. The soft tone makes it easier to pair the roman shade with any other things in the room.

Natural and Neutral Reed Roman Shade

flat natural reed roman shade in a cozy unisex bedroom
flat natural reed roman shade in a cozy unisex bedroom. image © terriweinstein.com

Roman shades are also made of different types of natural materials. The best thing about them is that they are all neutral and tend to create a warm ambiance in any interior.

An example of the materials is reed. Because of the similarities in appearance, people also call it the cousin of bamboo. However, reed tends to be in a smaller size, and it is also less expensive.

Adding reed roman shade to treat your sliding glass door can bring a natural touch to your interior. Depending on the tone, you can also get a different level of warm look from it.

Take a look at the photo above as an example. The flat reed roman shade has a darker color, and it blends in the Asian bedroom color scheme nicely. Together, they create a very cozy place for resting.

Light-Color Reed Roman Shade

light-color hobbled reed roman shade in a contemporary bedroom
light-color hobbled reed roman shade in a contemporary bedroom. image © kumarmoorthy.com

Reed roman shade also comes in light-color options just like the one you see in the picture. Here, the treatment is not only used to cover the sliding glass doors but also the wall-size glass windows near them.

An inspiration that you can get from the photo is that the shades have a match. It is none other but the floor-length curtains. In some cases, both items are often paired for the sake of better privacy and appearance.

Long Bamboo Roman Shade

large bamboo flat roman shade in a kid's bedroom
large bamboo flat roman shade in a kid’s bedroom. image © jerikoegel.com

One from many benefits of choosing bamboo roman shade is that it is possible to find a long design. It can cover a sliding glass with large windows as the pairing at once. See the photo above, instance.

The bamboo roman shade here is long. Besides the broad coverage, something like this is also beneficial because there will not be any opening that can be a place for peeking. It means you shouldn’t worry about privacy problem anymore.

Earthy-Tone Roman Shade

flat roman shade for earthy color interior
flat roman shade for earthy color interior. image © giffinandcrane.com

Earthy-tone roman shade is an alternative to pick when you want a natural color but not in a natural material as exemplified in the previous parts. The photo above has an example.

The roman shade does not only have an earthy neutral color. It also has a tone that is compatible with the bedroom color scheme. That is why it can fit in the interior quite easily.

Another thing you must pay attention from this idea is that the flat-style roman shades look very sleek and neat. At a glance, they look just like wood material.

Woven Fabric Roman Shade

brown woven fabric flat roman shade in a beach-style bedroom
brown woven fabric flat roman shade in a beach-style bedroom. image © marvin.com

Woven fabric roman shade is another choice you can pick when adding covering for sliding glass doors. Although it is not always made of natural material, it still has a natural appearance. This detail also makes it different from other fabric roman shades.

This sliding glass covering is available in many color options. It makes it easier to find one to fit in your interior style.

Take a look at how the brown woven fabric roman shades can fit in the beach-style bedroom above, for example. This one has a flat design, and although the color is different from any other items in there, it doesn’t look hard for it to fit in there.

Solid Color Roman Shade

Another type of roman shade that we recommend you to pick as covering for your sliding glass doors is one that has a solid color. It seems to be easy to pick but can sometimes be tricky too. That is why you should be careful in choosing.

solid sand color flat roman shade for sliding doors
solid sand color flat roman shade for sliding doors. image © whiteroomphoto.co.uk

If you need any advice, we recommend you to pick a color from the interior for the roman shade. As an example, the glass door covering here has the same tone with the leaf details in the bedding design.

solid crimson red flat roman shade in a modern bedroom
solid crimson red flat roman shade in a modern bedroom. image © umamiinteriors.com

For adding boldness in the room, you should not always pick a roman shade tone from the interior color scheme. Adding a contrast option will be excellent in this case.

The crimson roman shade above is the example. You can see that the red tone creates a stunning bold look in the modern bedroom.

Greek Key Roman Shade

brown Greek Key roman shade with white trim
brown Greek Key roman shade with white trim. image © sagemodern.com

This one is a choice from 6 roman shade styles available. Those include flat, relaxed, London, balloon, hobbled, and Greek Key, which is also known as banded.

The unique feature that you can find in this style is tape trim that creates a contrast look in the roman shade design itself. The beauty appearance makes it a hot trend in recent years.

There are different styling of Greek Key roman shade you can find right now. The one you see in the picture is a solid color with solid trim.

Patterned Roman Shade

soft blue elegant patterned flat roman shades for doors and windows
soft blue elegant patterned flat roman shades for doors and windows. image © greatneighborhoodhomes.com

Of course, roman shade for sliding glass door is not only available in solid color. Many patterned options are available, and they are suitable to choose when your place looks too plain.

In the dining room design above, the white-framed sliding glass doors get soft blue patterned roman shade as the cover. Seeing from the location, in which a lot of sunlight can pass through the glass, the existence of the roman shade seems very beneficial. It is especially when the day is too hot, too sunny, or too glaring.

Sheer Roman Shade

sheer two-tone relaxed roman shade for sliding glass doors
sheer two-tone relaxed roman shade for sliding glass doors. image © mecanismo.org

Lastly, we have sheer roman shade as the recommendation for your sliding glass door. It is obvious that when it comes to this kind of material, it means that you will get enough natural light as well as privacy when the shade is closed.

The example above doesn’t only show the use of sheer material for the large relaxed glass door covering. It also gives inspiration that the shade also exists in large stripes options to create an even more unique look.


Those are all the ideas and inspiration we can share to you. Of course, other than those, there are still many others that you can find. It means broader options are available to explore.

No matter which choice that you finally pick, roman shades as a treatment for sliding glass doors are always beneficial. From it, you can get privacy, adjust the amount of sunlight to enter the house, and the look to support your interior design.

Other than those, roman shades also give you energy efficiency. This benefit has a relation to natural heat control that is just excellent in any season depending on the material type that you choose.

Lastly, roman shades also consume less fabric than regular curtains when it comes to a special covering for sliding glass doors or even windows. It is mainly for the large ones.

With such a lot of benefits like that, what’s not to love from the shades?