8 Most Excellent Kitchen Paint Colors with Maple Cabinets Combinations You Must Know

Here, we will tell you the list of 8 combinations of kitchen paint colors with maple cabinets. Find out the best paint tones and brands selection that can make your interior look fantastic.

Many people are in love with maple kitchen cabinets because of the strength of the hardwood species. Besides, the wood type is also popular because of the attractive look with the visible subtle grains on the surface.

The beautiful appearance of the maple cabinets often makes people leave this kitchen furniture just the way it is. The purpose is to show off the natural look. Even if they finally decide to give a finish to enhance its quality and durability, they tend to choose something clear that will not significantly change the original look of the wood.

Do you also have the same kind of cabinets as your kitchen storage system? If the answer to the question is yes, it seems that this post is the right reading for you.

Here, we will tell you the list of 8 kitchen paint colors with maple cabinets combinations. Everything that we will share with you in the following will tell you about the right tone, particularly for the walls that will go well together with the specific type of furniture.

Benjamin Moore Dessert Tan 2153-50

maple wine and beverages traditional kitchen cabinetry and Desert Tan wall paint

Wall paint: Desert Tan 2153-50 by Benjamin Moore

The first paint color that is excellent to pick when you have maple cabinets in your kitchen comes from Benjamin Moore. Maybe you already know that this manufacturer is so popular among designers and home design enthusiasts all over the world.

The specific tone that we will talk about here is Dessert Tan 2153-50. Just like the name, it belongs to the tan color category with a bit of yellow undertone in it.

Something like this is always perfect to pair with natural-looking maple cabinets. The combination of them will create a calming cooking environment. Besides, the combo will also give you a luxurious atmosphere in the kitchen interior.

Everything will look even better when the type of maple cabinets also has a similar luxury style. As an example, you can take a look at the photo above.

It shows the picture of a kitchen cabinet that is specifically designed for wine and beverages. As you can see, this furniture does have not only a wine rack feature but also storage spaces with glass doors to store wine glasses.

If we look closely, the maple cabinets seem to get a clear finish that becomes the reason behind the glossy appearance. It also has a tiled backsplash with color that is coordinating with the wall paint.

The built-in lighting on the ceiling and the one located under the wall cabinets does not only highlight the existence of the furniture in the interior. It also enhances the luxurious atmosphere even better.

Sherwin Williams Napery SW 6386

a contemporary kitchen with natural-finished maple cabinets and Napery wall paint
via Turandesigns.net

Wall paint: Napery SW 6386 by Sherwin Williams

Next, there is Napery SW 6386 from Sherwin Williams that you can pair with maple cabinets to create an excellent look in your kitchen interior design. On the website of the manufacturer, it belongs to the category of yellow wall paint.

When paired with maple kitchen cabinets, this tone can create a bright warm, and inviting look. The thing that you must remember when choosing the combination is how you can avoid the room from looking too warm and uncomfortable.

A good example is available in the photo above. The contemporary kitchen has flat-panel maple cabinets with a natural finish that is paired with the Napery wall paint. This combo looks nice mainly because of how the cabinets can blend with the wall design excellently.

The floor, which is grey tile, prevents the kitchen from looking uncomfortably warm. In the upper part, the white ceiling can make the space look brighter.

Sherwin Williams Hearts of Palm SW 6415

natural maple cabinets with stain and Hearts of Palm wall paint
via Casecharlotte.com

Wall paint: Hearts of Palm SW 6415 by Sherwin Williams

Here is another yellow color from Sherwin Williams that you can also pair with maple cabinets. It is none other but the Hearts of Palm SW 6415.

The difference between this one and the previous one is that is has a quite visible green undertone. It makes the paint more suitable for you to pick if you do not want the combination between it and the maple cabinets to create a too warm look.

In general, it is suitable to say that the wall paint makes the maple kitchen gets a bit of refreshing feeling too. It matches the natural characteristic of the hardwood.

You can take a look at the photo above as a reference. The traditional kitchen has natural maple cabinets with a stain that looks well together with the Hearts of Palm wall paint.

Here you can also see that the paint color is not too bright even if it belongs to the yellow category. It creates a quite calm visual that can make the kitchen area suitable not only for cooking but also for something else, like chatting or even reading.

Sherwin Williams Seawashed Glass SW 9034

a contemporary kitchen with caramel maple cabinets and Seawashed Glass wall paint
via Carnemark.com

Wall paint: Seawashed Glass SW 9034 by Sherwin Williams

The next option is also from Sherwin Williams. It is a green wall paint called Seawahsed Grass SW 9034. It is the one that is excellent to pick when you want to create a natural-looking environment right in your kitchen.

Although the paint belongs to the green category, it is not the bright and bold one. Instead, it is a soft one. That is why, together with the maple cabinets, it will create not only a refreshing natural look but also a calming one.

If you want to see the proof, you can check out the photo of a contemporary kitchen above. The atmosphere in there becomes subtle because of the wall tone.

Benjamin Moore Kittery Point Green HC-119

a traditional kitchen with natural maple cabinets and Kittery Point Green wall paint
via Charlie-allen.com

Wall paint: Kittery Point Green HC-119 by Benjamin Moore

Here is another option of green wall paint that you can choose as an alternative. It comes from Benjamin Moore, and the name is Kittery Point Green HC-119.

If being compared to the previous one, it looks quite different. It can still give a refreshing and natural atmosphere when you pair it with the maple cabinets. However, you need to know that the appearance tends to have a grey undertone in it.

It becomes reasonable then if this wall paint looks good to match with some colors like white and black. In the photo above, you can see an excellent example.

In this traditional kitchen, the wall paint does not only get along really well with the natural maple cabinets. It also looks great together with the white ceiling, trim, window, and door in the room design.

It looks excellent also when combined with the black tone of the kitchen countertop and appliances. Together, they create a clean look.

Benjamin Moore Linen White 912

a beach style kitchen with maple cabinets and Linen White wall paint
via Lindaburkhardt.com

Wall paint: Linen White 912 by Benjamin Moore

Another paint color that is excellent to pair with maple kitchen cabinets is white. This particular combination is just perfect for creating a beach style in the cooking place.

Since there are so many brands of white paint that you can find at stores right now, here is one that you can consider. It is the Linen White 912 from Benjamin Moore.

The tone is not pure white. It is more suitable to call as an off-white color because of the subtle creamy yellow undertone it has.

Generally, when you pair this wall paint with maple cabinets, you can create a clean yet comfortable atmosphere in the kitchen. Specifically, as mentioned earlier, it is excellent for creating a beach design.
Take a look at the photo example above. You can see that the wall paint and maple cabinets combination reminds us of the sandy area of the beach.

Sherwin Williams Amazing Gray SW 7044

clear-coated maple cabinets and Amazing Gray wall paint
via Interior-design-portland.com

Wall paint: Amazing Gray SW 7044 by Sherwin Williams

For the fans of modern and contemporary interior design, there is an excellent wall paint choice you can choose. It is none other but the Amazing Gray SW 7044 from Sherwin Williams.

The best thing about this wall paint is that it tends to look dark. That is why when you pair it with the maple cabinets, it can create a fantastic contrast look.

The photo above is an example. You can see how the grey wall paint looks really nice together with the clear-coated maple cabinets as well as some other interior elements with a coordinating look, including the island and the floor.

The best thing of all, the dark character of the wall paint makes the cabinets gain prominence. In other words, it seems more visible in the interior design.

If you want to use this combination and you also want to make everything look even more interesting, you can add another color as a part of the interior scheme. The example that you can see in the photo is the black tone from the trim, countertops, and chairs. Something like this can strengthen the modern or contemporary feel in the combination between the wall paint and the maple cabinets.

Benjamin Moore Whyte Blue HC-143

the combination between North American maple kitchen cabinets and Whyte Blue wall paint
via Cabinetstogo.com

Wall paint: Whyte Blue HC-143 by Benjamin Moore

The last but not least wall color that will look excellent to pair with maple kitchen cabinets is Whyte Blue HC-143 from Benjamin Moore. Just like the name, it has a blue tone. However, the quite strong undertone makes people think that it is grey.

Choosing it as a pair for your maple cabinets will give you a refreshingly modern look. It can be an even better selection if, by any chance, you have stainless-steel appliances in the kitchen.

Take a look at the photo, for example. The blue wall paint becomes an excellent match for the North American maple cabinets. Besides, it also looks great together with the stainless-steel appliances there, including the stove, microwave, and refrigerator.

To make the design combination excellent, you can consider adding a bit of a black tone in the kitchen. Something like this helps prevent the room from looking dull or too plain. In the photo above, you can see the kitchen also has some touches of black. It is primarily from the countertops and detailing in the design of the appliance.


Those are the 8 most excellent choices of brands you can choose to create the combination of kitchen paint colors with maple cabinets. From all of the options above, there is something we can conclude. Do you know what that is?

It is the fact that natural maple cabinets look excellent to pair particularly with some wall tones. Those include:

  1. Tan
  2. Yellow
  3. Colors with a strong yellow undertone
  4. Green
  5. Colors with a strong green undertone
  6. White
  7. Grey
  8. Blue with a grey undertone

Of course, the list above is not something fixed and non-negotiated. It means there are possibly some other paint colors that will look great together with the maple cabinets. Although so, the ones shown in the list creates the most excellent visuals and effects to the kitchen environment.

Since this article is talking about some specific wall paints, there is one thing that you must always remember. Every photo shared above possibly shows a different look, depending on the device that you use.

Besides, each paint product can result in a different look from an interior environment to another. Everything depends on the condition in the room and some other factors, like natural or artificial lighting in there.

Because of that, when choosing a specific wall paint to pair with the maple cabinets in your kitchen, you should not only make a choice based on what is written in this article or the ones that other people make because the result shown can look different. In this case, sampling is a thing that you must do first to check how a specific paint will look like when applied to the wall in the kitchen interior in your house.

When sampling, you can also use several paints if you want to. This way, you can find out the one that looks great together with the maple cabinets.