15 Cool Looks of The Gray Kitchen Floor and the Perfect Cabinet Colors to Complete It

15 Cool Looks Of The Gray Kitchen Floor

There are many reasons why people install the gray floor in their kitchens.

Despite your reason, now that you’ve installed it, it’s time to think about the cabinet color. It’s because the gray kitchen floor is a cool backdrop for a splash of color you may want to add to your kitchen.

When it comes to pops of color, be careful when you match your gray floor.

Even though basically gray is a neutral shade, there are also some colors that will clash. Avoid too bright and vibrant colors, like red or yellow. If you want to make a statement, it’s best to stick to dark and rich tones.

Basically, gray has many shades. It can be a cool and warm tone.

The rule is that if you have a cool-toned gray floor, choose cool tones for your kitchen cabinets, like greens or blues.

On the contrary, if you have a warm-toned gray kitchen floor, opt for cool-toned cabinetry, like brown or wood tones with a slight touch of orange or red.

The main question is, should your floor match the cabinets, or should you contrast them both?

Which is best, light or dark gray, when it comes to a kitchen floor?

The answer is simply based on your personal taste and the overall theme of your kitchen.

Below, we’ve curated the best gray floor kitchen with the perfect cabinet colors to complete it.

1. The Gray Kitchen Floor is Made of Wood Combined with Black and White Cabinets

the gray kitchen floor is made of wood combined with black and white cabinets
the gray kitchen floor is made of wood combined with black and white cabinets. image © greyhuntinteriors.com

This transitional kitchen looks extra sleek and polished with its neutral color scheme.

The floor seems to be made of wood, but it appears to be painted gray. Such gray floor looks super lovely when combined with black and white cabinets.

Yes, gray floors can be paired with both white or black cabinets. Yet, you can always pick them both if you want to have an elegant and bright look at the same time.

These raised panel cabinets are also combined with black and white backsplash to maintain the balance. The lower cabinets and the island are painted in matte black, while the upper cabinets are in bright white.

Every single element in this kitchen is finished in black and white. The metallic accent is added to enhance the modern vibe.

The gray floor is obviously used as a backdrop. It complements the black cabinets but subtly contrasts the white cabinets too.

White cabinets, white countertops, and white walls in this kitchen are enough to open up the room and make it feel airier, while the black lower cabinets deliver a sufficient amount of sophistication.

2. Gray Ciudad Kitchen Floor Tile with Dark Blue Cabinets

gray ciudad kitchen floor tile with dark blue cabinets
gray ciudad kitchen floor tile with dark blue cabinets. image © revisioncharlotte.com

This is another transitional kitchen with a gray floor.

The floor tile is called Ciudad from Emser in ashy gray color. The designer managed to combine it with a cool tone. The dark blue cabinets look flawless put on top of the gray floor.

The lower cabinets and the island are painted in Sherwin Williams – Naval blue, the kind of blue you should choose if you want to add a bit of royal look that complements the gray floor.

Basically, the cabinets in this kitchen are also two-toned cabinetry. But, instead of black and white, the designer made it dark blue and white, and it’s enough to represent dark and light shades.

Dark blue is an excellent alternative to black if you don’t want to add dramatic contrast to your kitchen. Plus, blue is one of the cool tones that will surely look good on a light gray.

Apart from the fact that blue is calming and tranquilizing, dark blue is also elegant, similar to black, especially if you combine it with a gold accent.

The gold accent in this kitchen can be seen through the stools and the decorations.

3. Light Gray Kitchen Floor Combined with Green Cabinets

light gray kitchen floor combined with green cabinets
light gray kitchen floor combined with green cabinets. image © 22designhouse.com

Like blue, green is also a cool tone that would be lovely if paired with a warm tone like light gray.

In this kitchen, the light gray floor is combined with green shaker cabinets, white backsplash, white quartz countertops, white walls, and stainless steel appliances.

The light gray floor is meant to blend with the white walls, aside from the fact that they actually subtly contrast each other.

The designer opted for a light gray floor instead of white to avoid this room being too stark and intimidating. But actually, both the light gray floor and the white walls are meant to be a backdrop for the bold accent color, which comes from the cabinets.

The green cabinets look to pop against the light neutral color scheme. This is a clever way to add a bold and bright accent color that won’t hurt your eyes.

If you want to incorporate bold color like this, finish it with a coat that subtly mutes it or mix it with white paint to tone down its brightness. Plus, don’t forget to create a neutral backdrop prior to adding a splash of color.

Make sure you only have one bright color at a time if you have a small and limited kitchen space.

4. Gray Porcelain Tile Kitchen Floor with White Cabinets and Medium Tone Wood Island

gray porcelain tile kitchen floor with white cabinets and medium tone wood island
gray porcelain tile kitchen floor with white cabinets and medium tone wood island. image © angela westmore, llc.

If you want to make your traditional Tudor kitchen look extraordinary, you can combine some different materials in contrasting colors to add more character to the room.

This one features dark gray porcelain tile, white cabinets, medium tone wood island, light gray quartzite countertops, white cement tile backsplash, and wood exposed beams.

The floors are from Palazzo Collection by Stonenpeak in Antique Cotto color. This is the kind of tile you should opt for if you want to get an economical and gorgeous choice at the same time.

See how this dark gray floor enhances the traditional look in the kitchen. It sets the vintage tone perfectly, especially paired with a medium tone wood island.

The cabinets on the perimeter are painted in white to maintain a bright and airy feel.

The light gray countertops in the perimeter are “Renoir” quartzite with a leather finish to create a polished look. The light gray tops are meant to blend with the white cabinets but match the floor too.

The wood element is supposed to be a pop of color that looks prominent against this neutral color scheme.

Using a medium tone wood element as a pop of color is a great way to bring a traditional look to the room and warm it up.

5. Gray Concrete Kitchen Floor with Walnut Cabinets and White Marble Island

gray concrete kitchen floor with walnut cabinets and white marble island
gray concrete kitchen floor with walnut cabinets and white marble island. image © flitch-hw.com

Who said that wood is an element that’s only suitable in a traditional or rustic design?

If you want to achieve a modern look, incorporating light gray, white, and polished wood is an excellent way to go because, wood is a timeless element that can fit any style.

This large modern kitchen features a gray concrete floor combined with flat-panel cabinets in a medium tone, a white marble island, stainless steel appliances, and white countertops.

The cabinets are made of American black walnut in a clear finish. The clear finish makes this kitchen look sleek and polished, especially the gray floor looks flowing with no visible grout.

The paneled ceiling is oiled rift sawn white oak. The oiled finish also delivers a clean look, which is often associated with a modern style.

The most prominent thing in this kitchen is, of course, the marble island. With an eye-catching dark veining, this white marble island looks extravagant against the gray color.

The white marble island contrasts the polished wood cabinets but accentuates the gray floor at the same time. That’s the kind of balance you need in a minimalist yet stylish modern kitchen.

6. Polished Gray Floor Combined with Gray Cabinets and Metallic Backsplash

polished gray floor combined with gray cabinets and metallic backsplash
polished gray floor combined with gray cabinets and metallic backsplash. image © dspacestudio.com

Gray on the gray look will not make your kitchen look plain and boring.

As long you know how to mix and match other shades, gray floor, and gray cabinets will pull off a futuristic look, taking modern style to a whole new level.

This polished gray floor is juxtaposed with gray cabinets, creating a seamless look at the far end of the kitchen. However, basically, this is two-toned cabinetry.

The designer also painted the lower cabinets and the island white to create a balance and brighten up the whole kitchen. The upper cabinets on the right side, on the other hand, are finished in satin black that looks reflective.

The designer managed to mix gray, white, and black in this kitchen to create a contemporary look. White seems to be the dominant color to keep them a clean and shiny look.

The Gray floor and cabinet are meant to bridge the white and black, while the black upper cabinet is supposed to give an extra dramatic look.

Don’t forget the metallic backsplash. It’s actually a mirror backsplash in silver metallic color. Combined with gray, this tone will definitely be up the ante.

See how the reflective satin black cabinets and the blurry reflection on the backsplash complement each other.

7. Gray Kitchen Floor Tile with White Grout and Trendy Blue Cabinets

gray kitchen floor tile with white grout and trendy blue cabinets
gray kitchen floor tile with white grout and trendy blue cabinets. image © metrodnc.com

You’ve seen dark blue cabinets before; now it’s time for trendy blue cabinetry.

This small enclosed kitchen features a dark gray floor with white grout, blue cabinets, white quartz countertops, gray subway tile backsplash, and stainless steel appliances.

The gray floor is actually a porcelain tile. The combination of gray tile and white grout will never fail to give you a vintage look. However, to counteract the conventional appearance, the designer created blue cabinetry.

Remember that blue and gray complement each other because blue is in the cold color spectrum, and gray is on the warm side.

If you’re wondering, this cabinetry is not painted. The designer built these modern slab cabinets, and the blue color is a special warp. The blue color seems to pop against the white walls and backsplash but complements the gray floor.

Since this is a small and enclosed kitchen, it’s important to keep it bright and airy. Thus, the huge black windows are added to let the natural light penetrate the space.

The white elements are also added in a huge amount to make the space look bigger than it actually is.

8. Gray Kitchen Floor Paired with Dark Tone Walnut Cabinetry and Emerald Green Backsplash

gray kitchen floor paired with dark tone walnut cabinetry and emerald green backsplash
gray kitchen floor paired with dark tone walnut cabinetry and emerald green backsplash. image © iconicdesignbuild.com

This is a mid-century modern kitchen that used to look vintage and old. The design is full of clean lines but, at the same time, still looks organic and playful.

The gray floor is a porcelain tile that pulls off a vintage and retro look. The cabinets also enhance the conventional look because they are made of dark-tone walnut.

Dark tone wood cabinets and porcelain tile gray floor can deliver a perfect traditional vibe.

Thus, in order to enhance the modern style, the cabinetry is designed with a flat slab look. The bright white countertops are also added to counteract the dark tones.

Cleverly, the designer installed emerald green backsplash tile to add more dimensions to this kitchen.

See how this 3-dimensional backsplash accentuates the dark cabinetry. It adds a pop of color to this neutral color scheme too.

In order to match the floor, the designer carefully picked the stool in the gray cushion. Since the floor is only meant to be a backdrop, there’s no point matching it with any larger element.

Sometimes, matching the floor with small decorations is enough to keep the balance.

9. Gray Concrete Kitchen Floor Accentuated by Light Blue Island Cabinets and Stools

gray concrete kitchen floor accentuated by light blue island cabinets and stools
gray concrete kitchen floor accentuated by light blue island cabinets and stools. image © jessicagething.com

If you think that gray floor won’t fit the beach style, think again.

Beach style or coastal look is not only about white and blue/green. You can also incorporate other neutral light shades or pastel colors to add more fun.

This U-shaped kitchen is completed with a gray concrete floor that looks in contrast to the wood ceiling.

In order to bridge the two different contrasting textures and colors of the floor and the ceiling, the designer painted the shaker cabinets on the perimeter in bright white color.

They’re also paired with a white backsplash that looks a bit gray to complement the floor.

On the other hand, the gray floor is beautifully accentuated by the light blue island cabinet that matches the stools.

The light blue island and stools are meant to represent the beach style. Because, even though you can use any light neutral shades in a coastal room, blue/green is a must. It’s the shade that perfectly represents the ocean.

Before, you’ve seen how the gray floor complements the dark blue and trendy blue cabinets.

Now, you see that this gray concrete floor also beautifully accentuates the light blue. It proves that any shade of blue will look flawless against any gray floor.

10. Light Gray Floor Combined with Light Tone Wood Cabinets

light gray floor combined with light tone wood cabinets
light gray floor combined with light tone wood cabinets. image © tribedesigngroup.com

If you want to keep an airy and open-up look, you can always rely on the white and light tone wood. However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t incorporate gray.

Gray would be a lovely accent to add to a light-colored kitchen, as long as you pick the light tone. Light gray can complement bright white and subtly contrast it at the same time too.

This contemporary kitchen features a light gray concrete floor, light tone wood flat-panel cabinets, white countertops, and white walls. Such a combination is perfect for a small and enclosed kitchen because it can create an illusion of a bigger look.

Instead of closed storage, the designer opted for open shelves, following the kitchen’s design in a U-shaped. This way, the kitchen looks more open.

Yet, it’s important to remember that if you want to mimic this look, make sure you avoid any clutter.

The decorations, dining ware, or china collection you intend to put on the open shelves should be organized and neat, because clutter will only cram your space and make it look even tighter and smaller.

11. Pan American Ceramics Approach Gray Hexagon Kitchen Floor with Two-toned Cabinetry and Blue Backsplash

pan american ceramics approach gray hexagon kitchen floor with two-toned cabinetry and blue backsplash
pan american ceramics approach gray hexagon kitchen floor with two-toned cabinetry and blue backsplash. image © savvykitchens.com

Most two-toned cabinetry usually features a black and white color. However, these cabinets are different. Instead of black and white, they are white and wood tone.

The lower cabinets and the island are made of walnut, while the upper cabinets are painted white. These are from Executive Cabinetry. The combination of white and wood tones delivers a perfect mid-century look.

The gray floor is Pan American Ceramics Approach Gray Hexagon. The hexagon pattern pulls off a modern vibe and beautifully contrasts the walnut cabinets’ natural grain. Both add more textures to the kitchen, making it look richer and more dimensional.

The blue backsplash is obviously meant to be the accent color, a splash of color added to liven up this entire kitchen. It is a glass tile from the Island Stone palms series in spring color.

Adding a pop of color like this is recommended if you want a whimsical look.

Moreover, a mid-century look doesn’t mean you always have to stick with wood and neutral colors. You can still experiment with other rich shades and textures to add more fun.

12. Gray Kitchen Floor Paired with Dark Bluish Gray Cabinets

gray kitchen floor paired with dark bluish gray cabinets
gray kitchen floor paired with dark bluish gray cabinets. image © jamescoane.com

This large transitional kitchen features a gray porcelain tile floor, dark bluish gray shaker cabinets, two islands, light gray countertops, and stainless steel appliances.

The gray porcelain tile undoubtedly gives a traditional look, while the painted cabinets and gray countertops bring a modern vibe. The combination flawlessly creates a transitional look.

You have seen several blue shades on the cabinets that look good against the gray floor. This one is basically no different. The tone has a touch of gray shade, though.

This is the bluish-gray tone cabinetry that’s meant to complement both the floor and the countertops.

Since there’s a slight touch of gray in this cabinetry’s tone, it accentuates the dark gray porcelain tile. On the other hand, it also blends seamlessly with the light gray countertop.

The dark gray floor and the light gray top are balanced by this dark bluish gray.

In order to keep everything look simple and minimalist as a backdrop, the designer painted the walls and columns white.

After all, as a light neutral shade, in some cases, white should be used dominantly in a room to lighten it up and to create balance in several shades incorporated.

13. Gray Natural Slate Kitchen Floor Paired with Crisp White Cabinets

gray natural slate kitchen floor paired with crisp white cabinets
gray natural slate kitchen floor paired with crisp white cabinets. image © westendny.com

This is a farmhouse kitchen that looks super awesome due to the right color combination.

Most people think that the farmhouse style should always be white with a touch of the wood element. While in fact, you can still have fun with accent color, too, as long as you incorporate it accordingly.

See how the designer managed to add an accent wall painted in Behr – Calligraphy, which is a lovely blue-gray color.

The gray floor is 100% natural slate. According to the designer, they purchased it in 12x12s from a local tile shop, and after that, they cut them all in half. The gray slate flooring delivers a traditional and countryside vibe to this kitchen.

Basically, white is a shade that can open up the area. This is a recommended color for cabinetry in a small kitchen or in a kitchen with a dark tone to brighten it up.

In order to maintain the farmhouse look, the designer painted the shaker cabinets in crisp white color. The combination of gray slate floor and crisp white cabinets create a cozy and inviting look. The white cabinets are painted in Behr – Fallen Snow.

Concrete countertops in a beige color will remind you of wood, so they can be an excellent alternative to wood elements in a farmhouse style.

14. Gray Floor with Brown Cabinets in a Contemporary Kitchen

gray floor with brown cabinets in a contemporary kitchen
gray floor with brown cabinets in a contemporary kitchen. image © pleniumbuilders.com

Creating a warm and inviting look in a kitchen is actually easy.

All you have to do is just install gray floor tile and combine it with brown cabinets in wood tone. To add an accent, you can add a dark brown marble island as you see in this kitchen.

Basically, both the cabinetry and the island are brown, but they have different shades. Even the countertops are also in brown, which is good to create a seamless look with the cabinets.

The beige wall and dark brown stools are also meant to complete the brown color scheme in this kitchen. A Gray floor in an all-brown room will give a subtle contrast and serve as a backdrop.

Actually, gray and brown are not the first pairing that pops up in most people’s minds when choosing a color combo for their kitchens.

However, if you want to create a contemporary look with a warm glow, supposed you have a spacious kitchen, it’s recommended to use several shades of brown against a gray canvas.

Add a sufficient amount of artificial lights to help the kitchen glow. Under the right light, the brown-gray color combo will offer a deep and rich look.

15. Gray Kitchen Floor with Black and White Runner and Deep Dark Green Cabinets

gray kitchen floor with black and white runner and deep dark green cabinets
gray kitchen floor with black and white runner and deep dark green cabinets. image © everingham design

Similar to blue, green is also the right warm tone to complement the gray floor.

This eclectic kitchen has several mixes of style and color, but the most complementing is the gray floor that acts as an accentuating color to the deep dark green cabinets.

These beaded inset cabinets are also completed with beige limestone countertops and paired with a white ceramic backsplash. The beige tops create a soft contrasting look to the cabinetry, while the white backsplash makes the dark green look pop.

Basically, any color with a very dark and deep shade like this can be a great alternative to black. Black can be too dramatic and bold for some. So, deep and rich green will do.

The gray floor with dark pattern and veining tones down the boldness of the cabinets, but at the same time accentuates them too.

There’s a black and white runner on the floor. This runner is used as a neutral-colored decoration to put against the gray floor.

Black, white, and gray are the three most popular neutral colors. When combined together, they will create a timeless look that will never go out of style.

Dark green cabinets, beige countertops, black and white runners, and gray floor may be too much for some. That’s why the designer tied them together with white upper cabinets and white walls. After all, white is a neutral background.

If you want to design an eclectic room, make sure you have a large white surface that serves as a backdrop. The white background will tie everything together, no matter how clashing to each other they are.

16. The Safest Cabinet Color Options to Match The Gray Kitchen Floor

In spite of the colors you’ve seen above, if you still want to stick with the basic, here are the safest cabinet color options you can choose to match the gray floor:

  1. Darker or Lighter Gray: Contrast your floor, but still in the same color. To create a sleek and modern look, match the gray shades on both the floor and the cabinets as best as possible. On the contrary, if you want to add more texture and depth, choose a lighter or darker gray cabinet that contrasts with each other. Know that a lighter gray reflects more light, delivering an airier feel. On the other hand, dark gray will absorb light and create a more intimate look.
  2. Black: This is the color that always looks good with almost anything. Black cabinets on a gray kitchen floor will create visual contrast and make a bold statement at the same time. To pull off an elegant look, choose satin black paint for the cabinetry. The reflective surface will deliver a modern and sleek look. Plus, it can conceal fingerprints or dirt with a matte finish.
  3. White. If you want to make your kitchen full of light and bright, always rely on white cabinets. The gray floor will help ground the furniture pieces, making them look less floating off in space. And white cabinets will look good in any shade of gray.
  4. Black and White Cabinets: Why choose only one color if you can have two-toned cabinetry in black and white? You can use white on the lower cabinets and black on the upper cabinets, or vice versa. Or, you can also paint your perimeter cabinets in white and the island cabinet in black, or vice versa. This will add more depth to your kitchen and perfectly tie in your gray floor.