20 Creative Ways to Use Corrugated Metal Panels for Interior Walls in Your House

Corrugated Metal Panels for Interior Walls

This post will show you some creative ways of using corrugated metal panels for interior walls. Here we will show you some inspirational photos plus the explanation for each of them.

The use of corrugated metal panels for interior walls is an option that many people consider right now. This material is suitable to use in quite a lot of styles, including country house, farmhouse, rustic, industrial, modern, contemporary, and ranch house.

While bringing a distinct appearance in home interior design, the metal wall sheets also add texture in there. Another benefit is that you can pair them with any home elements quite easily. Of course, it also means that you will not face any difficulties in matching them with other materials, including stone and wood.

If right now you are interested in decorating or covering the walls of your house with corrugated metal, it means that you are already in the right place. Here we will share with you the 20 creative ways to use the material in your home interior design, especially on the walls. Let’s start with idea number 1.

Rustic-Looking Corrugated Metal Panels in a Wild West Bathroom Style

rustic corrugated metal wainscoting in a Wild West bathroom interior
via Bridgersteel.com

In this first idea, you can see the use of corrugated metal materials in a Wild West interior. Before we talk further about anything else, you need to know that the bathroom is one of the most common locations in any house to use the material.

Now take a look at the photo above. From it, it is clear that the panels are just excellent for creating a rustic atmosphere in the bathroom area. To be more specific, the sheets here function as alternative wainscoting that covers only the lower part of the walls.

However, you need to know that not all corrugated metal panels are suitable for the style. Everything will look better when the material is rusted, reclaimed, or aged.

If you do not like any used option, as mentioned previously, you do not need to worry. Right now, there are quite a lot of manufacturers who lots of color options for their corrugated metal products. It means there is a chance for you to get new sheets that comes with a rustic look.

Corrugated Metal Panels as Accentuating Bathtub Surround

bathtub surround from corrugated metal panels
via Bridgersteel.com

When you want to add corrugated metal panels in your bathroom design, it does not mean that you must cover the whole parts of the wall. As an example, you can use the sheets to create a unique surround for your bathtub, as shown in the photo.

In this case, the panels also work as the backsplash for the tub area. It means they will also give the walls behind them protection from the water.

The thing that you should not forget about this idea is that you must choose corrugated metal panels with anti-rust quality in them. If you cannot find any, a lot of tutorials are available on the internet about how to avoid the sheets from rusting.

Corrugated Metal as Industrial Bathroom Wall Paneling

bathroom wall paneling from corrugated metal material
via Smallhousebliss-com

As we already told you in the beginning, corrugated metal panels are excellent to build up an industrial touch on the walls while giving the same impact to the entire interior area. An example of this is available in the picture above.

Here, a strong combination of contemporary and industrial style is visible. In this case, the corrugated metal wall paneling also gives a significant contribution.

From the same image, you can also see that the sheets can get along with other materials that also represent the industrial style quite easily. Those include the wood panels and the concrete tub and floor.

Industrial Bathroom with White Corrugated Metal Walls

white corrugated metal walls in an industrial bathroom
via Sandbergschoffel.com.au

If you are interested in using the corrugated metal panels for your bathroom but do not want them to show the intense industrial look, you can get inspired by this photo. Here, you can see the interior of a bathroom of a holiday house.

Although the walls are from corrugated metal panels, you can see that the interior style tends to look modern instead of industrial. There are at least two reasons behind it.

The first is that the designer painted the panels in white and making them look less like corrugated metal. The second reason is the choices of white appliances that also make the room looks more modern.

Galvanized Metal for Kitchen Walls and Ceiling

kitchen walls and ceiling from galvanized corrugated metal material
via Laperla-london.com

Other than in the bathroom, corrugated metal panels are also quite common to use for creating kitchen walls. Here is the idea that we want you to see.

The industrial atmosphere is visible quite clearly in this bathroom design. Moreover, the corrugated metal wall panels also use exposed fasteners that match the style even better.

One interesting thing that we can find in this photo is that the same material also exists on the ceiling. It gives a professional kitchen feel in the cooking area.

Rustic Kitchen with Corrugated Metal Wall

corrugated metal walls in rustic kitchen style
via Kosovamanagement.com

In this next idea, the corrugated metal wall panels look like they belong to the rustic kitchen design. This material just looks like a good match for all other elements and decorations available in the place.

It even becomes an excellent background for the distressed cabinets and everything placed on the top.

Dining Room Accent Wall from Corrugated Metal

industrial feel from corrugated metal accent wall in a contemporary dining room
via Padstudio.co.uk

The photo that you see here contains a picture of a dining room located in the same area like the kitchen. From it, you can see that there is a wall side covered with corrugated metal panels.

From the fact that one side of the walls covered with the sheets, it is clear that the designer wanted to create an accent in the open floor. Besides, it looks like the metal walls look compatible also with the industrial theme in there.

As you can see, the room has a dining table set with a metal frame that is suitable for the interior style. Besides, there is also a white-painted brick wall and concrete flooring that is matching with the theme too.

A Rustic Entry with Corrugated Metal Paneling

corrugated metal paneling in a rustic entry
via Thehivephilly.com

Although the bathroom and kitchen are the most common place in many houses in which the corrugated metal walls found, it does not mean that you cannot use the same sheets for other parts of the house. If you need an example, please take a look at this entry photo.

Here, the wall metal wainscoting adds a certain kind of brightness in the area. Besides, it also reduces the too warm atmosphere in there caused by the use of too many wooden elements.

Corrugated Metal Entry Accent Wall

a modern entry with corrugated metal accent wall
via Thehivephilly.com

In this next idea, the corrugated metal wall panels become a part of a modern entry design. Here, the sheets do not cover a lot of areas but only side. In other words, their function is for creating an accent in there.

The panels add texture to the interior design too. Because of the neutral and not-flashy appearance, the sheets do not create any disturbance to the warm and welcoming entry design. The color even matches all other tones in the scheme quite easily.

Reclaimed Corrugated Metal Panels on a Rustic Living Room Interior

a rustic living room wall covered by reclaimed corrugated metal panels
via Gardenista.com

The picture that you see here is a wall side of a rustic farmhouse living room. As you can see, the entire surface gets corrugated metal material and the covering.

The panels you see here are not new but reclaimed. Although so, they can still create a fantastic look in the room. Another good thing about it is that the cost is usually cheaper.

When you add material like this in your living room, sometimes, it looks like there is an outdoor value that you bring inside. For you to know, something like this makes corrugated metal panels the kind of material to choose when you want to build up a transition from the exterior to the interior of the house.

Living Room Accent Wall from Corrugated Metal

accent wall from corrugated metal
via groundswelldesigngroup.com

Reclaimed corrugated metal panels are also the material that you can creatively include in the modern interior. An example of this idea is available in the photo above.

It is a contemporary living room in a penthouse apartment. In the background, there are corrugated metal panels also functioned as the accentuating piece in the place.

The material you see here is not new. Although so, you can see how it looks excellent being paired with any other stuff in the room, including also large L-shaped sofa.

The greyish color of the metal panels is even suitable for the interior color scheme. As you can see, it looks quite similar to the tone of the seats.

Fireplace Wall Surround from Custom Corrugated Aluminum

the use of corrugated metal panels as fireplace wall surround
via Capitalsheetmetal.net

Sometimes, you can use the metal panels as a part of the interior remodeling project. It means you will only use it to cover some parts of the room.

The example exists in the picture of a contemporary fireplace above. For you to know, this interior element has a wall-size surround covered in corrugated metal panels.

The design is custom-made to suit the dimensions of the fireplace. Besides, you can also see that the panels look like they are seamless, which is just perfect for the contemporary style of the living room area.

Corrugated Metal Wall in a Remodeled Basement

remodeled basement with corrugated metal wall
via Rda-architecture.com

The next interesting way to include corrugated metal panels in your home interior is available in this photo. The room that you see here is a part of a major basement remodeling project.

After being remodeled, the area becomes a new living environment for the occupants of the house. It even has complete features to support the entertainment value of the home.

The corrugated metal walls here come in a curve appearance instead of a straight one, and it looks fantastic. It separates the media room and bar from the mechanical and storage area of the basement.

Corrugated Metal Wainscot in a Gender-Neutral Kid’s Bedroom

a kid’s bedroom with corrugated metal as the wainscoting
via Landmarkswest.com

Many people say that the use of corrugated metal panels to create interior walls is suitable for male occupants only. This statement is not true because the material is perfect for everyone. Besides, it is also versatile enough to use in any room.

This photo shows an example. It is a bedroom designed for a kid, and there is a corrugated metal material included as the wainscoting.

The room that you see here is gender-neutral. It means it is suitable for both male and female occupants. This fact is something also proven from the choices of tones in the color scheme, including yellow, grey, and the silvery tone of the corrugated metal walls.

Industrial Touch in Bedroom with Corrugated Metal

industrial boy’s bedroom with corrugated metal wainscoting
via Mascrapping.com

The picture that you see here is a remodeled boy’s bedroom. The new look that it gets makes the room suitable for different ages, from kids to adults.

The addition of corrugated metal wall paneling creates a significant difference in the design. It adds texture while being able to blend in the interior color scheme nicely.

A Different Angle to Use Corrugated Metal Panels as Interior Wainscoting Alternative

corrugated metal panels as alternative to interior wainscoting
via Bridgersteel.com

Corrugated metal panels are material that people use not only in decorating the walls of their residence. For people who run some types of business, such as a restaurant, the sheets can create an attractive look so that people are interested in coming.

The way to use the corrugated metal panels to decorate the walls of the restaurant is more or less the same with the methods done in interior home design. Although so, it is undeniable that some owners have some creative ways to use the materials to create an even more charming result.

The photo above is an example that you must look at. The walls have corrugated metal wainscoting that adds a boost of industrial look in the interior.

An interesting detail in this design is that the designer used a different angle to install the copper-colored metal sheets. It creates a non-regular style that boosts the attractiveness of the dining area.

Corrugated Metal Walls in a Restaurant Interior

the use of corrugated metal panels on restaurant walls and bar
via Dezeen.com

Here is another example of a restaurant interior with corrugated metal panels on the walls. The difference is that here the material dominated most space in the business place.

The wall design is paired nicely with the choices of furniture that tends to show a vintage appearance. That is why the combination of both of them build up a not-so-modern environment.

Although the grey color of the corrugated metal panels dominated the rather small restaurant, it does not reduce the comfort value in there. Moreover, the place has different cozy tones from the floor and furniture pieces to make the atmosphere in there comfortable and welcoming.

Stunning Pink Corrugated Metal Walls in a Bar Interior

bar interior dominated with pink corrugated metal walls
via Dezeen.com

As we already mentioned earlier, some manufacturers of corrugated metal panels release their products with different color options. A choice like this is excellent for fulfilling different personal tastes.

A stunning example that you must look comes from the interior of a bar that you can see in the photo above. Here, the majority of the walls have pink corrugated metal sheets as the covering. It creates a bold yet sweet look that many people, who are not limited in girls or women only, find pleasant to see.

The boldness of the design is visible even more because some other parts of the walls are rough plaster forms. It creates a good contrast with the metal panels.

Modern-Rustic Corrugated Metal Wall in a Clinic

the use of corrugated metal wall in a modern rustic clinic interior
via Biologichealthcare.com

Another non-residential place that also uses corrugated metal panels for the walls is this clinic that you can see in the picture. As you can see in the picture, the sheets are paired with some other reclaimed materials that finally create a rustic and cozy atmosphere in the interior environment.

The main idea that the healthcare facility wants to show us is about the choices of nature-friendly details in the design. Besides, they also choose recycled and sustainable materials and proved that they could include these items in the modern place without reducing any comfort value.

Moveable Office Walls from Corrugated Metal Garage Doors

corrugated metal garage doors used to create flexible moveable office walls
via Newatlas.com

The last but not least creative idea that we want you to see comes from this office design. The material of the walls here is the same as the one used in corrugated metal garage doors. However, it comes with a custom design to fulfill the requirements in the working place.

The most interesting thing is that the walls are moveable because of the rails installed at the top and lower parts. This way, the office interior becomes more flexible and versatile.

The designer used orange tapes to make the corrugated metal material looks even more impressive. You can follow this simple yet attractive idea if you want to.


Those are the examples of ways to use corrugated metal panels for interior walls that we can share with you. As you can see from all the photos, there are many choices available to include the material in the interior design of your residence or business place.

The thing that you should not forget is that the installation of corrugated metal panels like this is suitable for a DIY project only if you have experience with it. If you do not have any, it is much better to hire a professional to do the stuff.

There are some difficulties in the installation that you possibly find frustrating when you do not know about how to deal with this type of material. Those can be the hardness in cutting the panels for creating wall sockets for electricity or the sharpness of the cut sheet that can be harmful to your family if not treated properly.

No matter whether you will install the material on your own or by hiring a pro, the sure thing is that corrugated metal panels can make the walls in your home interior look more attractive. Plus, it can also add texture that can erase the too dull look in there.
So, are you interested in using the same material for your interior walls?