13 Most Stylish Blue Gray Kitchen Cabinets for a Transitional Design

13 Most Stylish Blue Gray Kitchen Cabinets

The use of blue kitchen cabinets is amongst the hottest trends today. Whether they are used as accent pieces or as the parts that dominate kitchens, you’ll see many kitchens with such cabinets out there.

Often, they’re also paired with blue islands. Because, why not? They look fantastic together.

Blue itself is a pretty unique color because it matches many other colors perfectly.

The most notable examples are white, cream, and light gray. Amongst these colors, gray is probably the most common color that is usually combined with blue. That combination creates a calming and relaxing look as well as an elegant style.

Blue-gray kitchen cabinets can also be used as an accent color for a black and white kitchen. This shade is neutral enough to blend with black and white, but at the same time, it is also bold enough as an accent color.

Even blue-gray cabinets are considered bold enough to make the rustic kitchen with medium-tone wood look more stylish and modern. When combined with a multicolored backsplash, this color will look even more striking.

If you want to know how to combine blue-gray cabinets in a kitchen, here are some ideas for you:

1. Classic Blue Gray Cabinets in a Traditional Kitchen

classic blue gray cabinets in a traditional kitchen
classic blue gray cabinets in a traditional kitchen. image © fireclaytile.com

This is a classic kitchen completed with a ceramic backsplash, shaker cabinets, a farmhouse sink, and a lovely cement tile floor. It is lovely to see the blue-gray cabinet. The color looks perfect against the crisp white wall and brown ceramic backsplash.

It is stated that the paint color of the cabinet is Benjamin Moore – Wolf Gray. However, for some, Wolf Gray looks a lot more gray than blue. For another alternative, you can choose Benjamin Moore – Oxford Gray #2128-40. This is the result color you will get if you use Benjamin Moore’s Color Capture app.

The combination of blue-gray color also looks perfect combined with the cement tile floor. Those are tiles from Cle Tile. The backsplash is from Fireclay Tile, a 3×6 subway tiles in Blue Spruce color.

2. Cookham Blue Gray Kitchen Cabinets with Limestone Countertops

cookham blue gray kitchen cabinets with limestone countertops
cookham blue gray kitchen cabinets with limestone countertops. image © angelafreedesign.com

This narrow kitchen shows a transitional design with a light wood floor, blue-gray shaker cabinets, stainless steel appliances, a multicolored backsplash, and an under-mount sink.

There is no island in this kitchen, but that doesn’t mean it is less stylish.

The most eye-catching element in this transitional kitchen is the blue-gray cabinet.

The cabinetry was custom designed and custom made. It was painted in Christopher Peacock’s collection color. The name of the color is Cookham Gray CPPI-22. The cabinet was also finished in satin to create a smooth texture like this.

The wall was painted in Benjamin Moore – Natural Wicker OC-1 and finished in matte. The combination of sheen and matte in both the cabinets and the walls creates a perfect harmony in this transitional design.

The cabinets are also combined with stone slab countertops from Fossil Green Limestone. The white color seems nice with the blue-gray cabinet. The backsplash tile is from Walker Zanger Studio. It is Moderne Regency Mosaic Calacatta/Seagrass.

On the ceiling, there are a pair of hanging lights. Hicks Pendant 17-1/2″ H X 12-1/2″ W by Thomas O’Brien can be purchased at Circa lighting online.

Last, all of them are perfectly mixed with the light tone wood floor. The floors here are hardwood bleached white oak in random plank. The light tone, combined with the white walls, creates a clean and bright look for this kitchen.

3. Blue Gray Cabinets Combined with Concrete Countertops in a Lovely Kitchen

blue gray cabinets combined with concrete countertops in a lovely kitchen
blue gray cabinets combined with concrete countertops in a lovely kitchen. image © blockbrotherscabinets.com

Another lovely blue-gray color cabinet! This lovely cabinet was installed in a transitional L-shaped kitchen. The kitchen features a light wood beige floor, stainless steel appliances, a white stone tile backsplash, and concrete countertops.

The lovely cabinets were custom designed and custom made by the designer. It is painted by Dunn Edwards – Blue Steel.

The cabinets appear lovely mixed with mosaic tile walls. There is no detailed information about the product, but it looks closely similar to 1×2 Thassos White Marble Subway Brick Mosaic Tile by Stone Center Online. As a kitchen backsplash, this tile gives a modern farmhouse style.

Blue-gray cabinets seem nice combined with a light tone wood floor. Both create an elegant style. It is not too plain, but not too bold either. The combination delivers a perfectly balanced look to the kitchen.

4. Blue Gray Shaker Kitchen Cabinets with Beige Backsplash

blue gray shaker kitchen cabinets with beige backsplash
blue gray shaker kitchen cabinets with beige backsplash. image © kirkrileydesign.com

This is another marvelous blue gray kitchen cabinet to be inspired by. It’s part of an award-winning kitchen, and you can see why it’s part of such an amazing space. It looks super awesome in the blue plate special transitional kitchen, doesn’t it? It’s located in Seattle, by the way.

The kitchen itself is an eat-in kitchen. It’s a mid-sized transitional kitchen with a medium-tone wood floor and brown floor.

The l-shaped beauty has a farmhouse sink that suits its style perfectly. It also has a number of other things, such as blue cabinets, shaker cabinets, and quartz countertops. The countertop is especially effective in adding a luxurious look to space.

Please note that the marvelous cabinet also shares the space with a ceramic backsplash. It’s a backsplash that, similar to the quartz countertops, brings luxury into the kitchen.

Stainless steel appliances are also present in the room, giving it a modern touch. Then there are the beige countertops, which match the kitchen’s color scheme really well, turning the space into a real beauty.

5. The Combination of Blue Gray and Natural Stain White Oak Kitchen Cabinets

the combination of blue gray and natural stain white oak kitchen cabinets
the combination of blue gray and natural stain white oak kitchen cabinets. image © mprevostdesign.com

This is a mid-sized transitional kitchen in an L-shaped layout.

There are two types of cabinets here. The first one is the natural wood cabinet, and the second one is the blue-gray cabinet. It might sound strange to combine blue-gray and wood cabinets at first, but surprisingly, it turns out that blue-gray and wood can go hand in hand perfectly.

The wood cabinet is a white oak one. It is stained in natural color, so it seems unstained to achieve a natural appearance.

The blue-gray cabinet is actually a custom color. The paint was custom-mixed on-site. However, it looks pretty similar to Benjamin Moore – Hale Navy.

The wood cabinet is completed with a honed black granite countertop to create an adorable contrast. The blue-gray island, which shares similar color to the cabinet, features a porcelain countertop from Ascale.

The backsplash behind the wood cabinet is a handmade one. It is called zellige tile in white color. It looks glossy and looks beautiful in contrast with the matte blue-gray cabinets. The floor is vinyl that looks like wood in beige color.

6. Blue Gray Color Kitchen Cabinets with Dark Stain Oak Floor

blue gray color kitchen cabinets with dark stain oak floor
blue gray color kitchen cabinets with dark stain oak floor. image © adlsf.com

There is no way to describe this kitchen other than gorgeous. Everything here is tastefully incorporated. The blue-gray cabinet is extraordinary too! This is the kind of color that you should use if you want to enhance the elegance of your kitchen.

In this kitchen, the blue-gray color is actually the accent color. It is meant to accentuate the dark and bright color combination from the floor and the backsplash.

The cabinet color is Benjamin Moore – Kendall Charcoal #HC-166. It looks pretty close to Benjamin Moore – Deep Space 2125-20 too. So if you cannot find the former, you can use the latter as an alternative.

The floors are oak with a dark stain. Unfortunately, there is no detailed information about the white backsplash used here. It looks totally awesome and in line with the countertops.

The metal pendants hung above the kitchen island are Hudson Valley Altamont pendants. They create a trendy look in this kitchen.

The valance in the window blends seamlessly with the white backsplash too. Both create a neutral color palette that makes the blue-gray cabinets look even more highlighted.

7. Blue Gray Bronze Kitchen Cabinets Combined With Beveled Subway Tile

blue gray bronze kitchen cabinets combined with beveled subway tile
blue gray bronze kitchen cabinets combined with beveled subway tile. image © panageries.com

This kitchen shows one of the main characteristics of an old home: large but with a slightly awkward layout. This was the reason why the homeowners decided to have it remodeled.

The designer decided to put Wolfe & Subzero stainless steel appliances on one side of this kitchen. It creates more practical space for the homeowners so they can move quickly when preparing meals.

When it comes to color coordination, the designer blended Walker Zanger’s white beveled subway tile backsplash with Luce Di Luna’s light grey quartzite countertop and dark charcoal cabinets.

The full inset doors and drawers of the cabinets have cut glass knobs, and polished nickel bin pulls. The medium-tone wood floor completes the whole look.

For those who wonder, there is a cooktop in this kitchen. It is actually on the island, but it is hidden by the bar top. This is meant to avoid the mess view that can be seen from the dining room.

For the lights, this kitchen is equipped with schoolhouse pendants. Those are antique nickel completed with white glass globes. They can be purchased at Visual Comfort.

The cabinets were built by Frazor Quality Woodworks in Pickens, South Carolina. They are painted in Porter Paint – Gray Bronze #7092-2. The blue-gray color looks aesthetically pleasing combined with the crisp white color. The wall is painted in Duron CW003W – Mysterious. That combination creates a bright kitchen. It is added by the huge windows with no shades.

8. Combination of Blue Gray Kitchen Cabinets with Marble-like Quartz Countertops

combination of blue gray kitchen cabinets with marble-like quartz countertops
combination of blue gray kitchen cabinets with marble-like quartz countertops. image © whitebirchdesignllc.com

The homeowners wanted to have a kitchen that they could be proud of, a space where they could entertain friends and relatives but still have a touch of traditional look from its original design back from the 1940s.

So, the designer remodeled the kitchen with a Scandinavian style as the main design. There are several different elements too in this kitchen that bring the entire design together.

The cabinets here are painted in blue-gray color. It is the kind of color you should choose if you want to achieve a contemporary look.

The color used for the cabinets is Sherwin Williams – Mount Etna. It is combined with marble-like quartz countertops. The white color seems brighter when combined with the blue-gray color like this.

The backsplash is not too bold but still elegant. It features gray elongated subway tile tucking up right below the upper cabinets and floating shelves.

The floors here are actually vinyl plank, but the vinyl plank looks like wood-looking premium floors. This wood-like floor matches with the open shelves that are made of reclaimed barn wood.

9. Trout Blue Gray Kitchen Cabinets with Yellow Walls

trout blue gray kitchen cabinets with yellow walls
trout blue gray kitchen cabinets with yellow walls. image © wendywalterdesign.com

If you think blue and yellow cannot go together, think again. Blue, in this case, a blue-gray combination mixed with yellow, creates a fresh and bright look. This is such perfect inspiration for a contemporary kitchen.

This kitchen features light wood flood, yellow wall, blue-gray cabinets, glass front cabinets, blue backsplash, and glass tile backsplash. All elements complement each other beautifully.

The paint color of the cabinets here is Benjamin Moore – Trout Gray 2124-20, and the wall paint color is Benjamin Moore – Dalia 319. Both looks aesthetically pleasing combined with the light wood floor. The countertops here, both in the cabinets and in the island, are also made of wood.

This kitchen features natural elements like wood. It also uses neutral yet bold colors like blue-gray cabinets as its main color. And to complete the whole look, the designer decided to add a pop of color, which is yellow. The yellow color here is meant to balance the neutral color and natural element so they won’t look too plain.

10. Lovely Eggshell Blue Gray Kitchen Cabinets with Kashmir White Countertops

lovely eggshell blue gray kitchen cabinets with kashmir white countertops
lovely eggshell blue gray kitchen cabinets with kashmir white countertops. image © ferguson bath, kitchen & lighting gallery

This kitchen is an ideal example of a huge classic area with an L-shaped layout. It features dark tone wood floors, beaded inset cabinets, beige backsplash, granite countertops, an island, stainless steel appliances, and stone slab backsplash. All of them bring elegance to this classic kitchen.

The most striking color in this kitchen is the cabinets. The cabinetry is Bertch Custom Cabinetry from Hemingway Homes. It is made of birch wood with Victoria 3 door style. The cabinet is finished in eggshell color and matte sheen.

The island looks similar to the cabinets. It is also made of birch wood, but the door style is custom-designed. The island is also finished with matte white heavy glaze color. Both are combined with granite countertop in Kashmir White color. In some parts of the kitchen, this countertop material is also used as a backsplash.

The wall color here looks a bit yellowish, but that is actually the illusion of light. There is no detailed information about the wall paint color, but according to the designer, Benjamin Moore – Angels Gate is pretty similar to this one. The floor here looks like a Hickory floor finished with whitewash.

And last, to add the classic elegant look, the chandelier was added. It’s Troy Lighting and purchased from Ferguson, Bath, Kitchen & Lighting in Rockville, MD.

11. Beaded Inset Kitchen Cabinets with Blue Gray Color Combination

beaded inset kitchen cabinets with blue gray color combination
beaded inset kitchen cabinets with blue gray color combination. image © handmadekitchen.co.uk

This is a large kitchen with an elegant style and U-shaped layout. It features a medium tone wood floor, beaded inset cabinets, gray countertops, a peninsula, a farmhouse sink, and quartzite countertops. All of them create a bright and fresh look in this kitchen.

The blue-gray cabinets, when combined with the crisp white wall as the background, deliver a calming and relaxing effect to this kitchen.

Even though this cabinet is not totally blue, the combination of blue-gray colors is still perfect if you are looking for a particular color to give a soothing sensation but not boring.

This blue-gray color was a custom-mixed color and handpainted too. It works in tandem with the polished gray quartz as the countertops. The wood flooring complements the whole element.

This kitchen is considered a versatile space that can be used not only for meal prep and dining but also for entertaining too.

12. Hague Blue Gray Kitchen Cabinets Color on a Light Wood Floor

hague blue gray kitchen cabinets color on a light wood floor
hague blue gray kitchen cabinets color on a light wood floor. image © roundhousedesign.com

This contemporary kitchen looked a bit too gloomy if it only featured a dark grey color wall. However, the designer added the blue-gray cabinets as the bold color to neutralize the dark gray color.

When placed side by side, dark gray and blue-gray colors complete each other. They both have a different kind of beauty, but when mixed together, it creates a polished and stylish look.

The cabinets are painted in a combination of Farrow & Ball – Hague Blue and Little Greene Paint – French Grey.

That blue-gray color later is also finished in Patinated Silver matt metallic. The work surface is made of Clamshell Caesar Stone Composite. The polished plaster backsplash looks trendy, too, combined with the dark grey wall.

There is a small bar completed with triple stools attached to the island. This wood element completes the crisp contemporary look of a gray color.

13. Blue Gray Cabinets with Bluestone Countertops in a Modern Rustic Kitchen

blue gray cabinets with bluestone countertops in a modern rustic kitchen
blue gray cabinets with bluestone countertops in a modern rustic kitchen. image © holmesholebuilders.com

Who said that a rustic kitchen cannot be styled with bold colors?

Not all rustic styles should be featured with all-wood furniture. For a more contemporary look, you can also add some modern elements, as you can see in this kitchen.

This is a mid-sized modern mountain-style kitchen with blue-gray shaker cabinets, a multicolored mosaic tile backsplash, an under-mount sink, stainless steel appliances, and an island.

This blue-gray cabinet is totally the most eye-catching thing in this wooden kitchen. The medium-tone wood ceiling and floors look even more polished when combined with such bold color. The ceiling is finished with butternut stain. The interior walls here are paneled wood in rough sawn butternut.

The bold cabinet is also completed with honed true blue bluestone. This bluestone softens the look of these blue-gray cabinets. The designer decided that the cabinet should be softened in order to avoid it being too bold. The multicolored backsplash is also useful to harmonize the bold blue-gray color and the medium tonewood. Last, the island chairs are also fabricated with a soft blue color to mix the cabinets’ color.

Choosing the Right Countertop

From the pictures above, the most frequently used countertops of blue-gray cabinets are the white ones. White marble countertops are indeed a perfect combination for blue cabinets. The blue shade will bring out the marble’s veining. A white countertop can provide a trendy yet classic look too. It can lighten up the room, too, if you have darker blue-gray cabinets.

Besides the white stone countertop, you can also use a wood countertop as an alternative. A light wood countertop can make your kitchen look more comfortable and inviting. Plus, it can add warmth to the room.

In a kitchen with lots of natural light, a wood countertop can deliver a calming effect and give an eye-catching accent.

When it comes to dark blue-gray cabinets, dark and warm wood countertop is the best choice. The combination of dark blue cabinets and dark wood countertops gives a striking earthy look.

Mixing brass and gold hardware can also be a splendid choice against blue and gray cabinetry. That combination can enhance the glamorous look of the design.

So, what combination do you think would be best for your kitchen remodel?