7 Luxurious Black and Gold Bedroom Ideas to Imitate

Black And Gold Bedroom

Black and gold bedroom contains a combination that is excellent for building a luxurious look in the most private room in your house. A design like this is perfect for the picking if you are a fan of glamor interior.

Black is the color that corresponds with mystery and darkness. It helps provide a calm atmosphere that will pull you into a deep quality sleep at the end of every day.

On the other hand, gold color shows luxury, glamor, and drama in the bedroom interior. It works best when paired with deep tones. That is why it is reasonable if it goes well with black.

Although gold tends to be on the warm side of the color pallet, you must know that it looks well being paired with any tones. That is why you can include some other colors in a bedroom that uses black and gold as the dominant tones.

In this post, you will find 7 luxurious black and gold bedroom ideas that you can apply to your house. We will include anything you need to know about the bedroom color combination, so let us start with the first idea.

Black White and Gold Bedroom

a contemporary bedroom with black, white, and gold color theme
a contemporary bedroom with black, white, and gold color theme. image © chrisjovanelly.com

Do you want to create a timeless, beautiful look in your bedroom interior? The combination of black, white, and gold colors can be the one that you need.

All of the three tones are excellent choices for a design that will last forever. At the same time, it still shows the opulence feel in the room.

The addition of white in the pairing between black and gold is an excellent idea if we see from the color used in bedroom interior design. White can add brightness and avoid the dull impression, particularly when the room has black domination.

The photo of a contemporary bedroom that you can see above is an example. As you can see, this room has black color as the most dominant one. We managed to find the information that the paint used to dominate the bedroom here is Black by Dunn Edwards.

The interesting thing about the wall design is that the designer added some white accents that make the overall look gorgeous and elegant. A significant amount of white is also available in the bedding choice.

Other than the classic combination of black and white that you can see in this design example, you can see that some gold-colored items are placed here and there. The most prominent ones are the table lamps, the chair, and the book decorations.

Indeed, the gold decorations are not much in this bedroom. However, the prominent design makes it easy for them to steal attention.

So, you should not always give a lot of gold items in the room for adding the glamor and luxurious touch. As long as you know how to place it in the room, you can directly feel the luxurious feel.

Black, Gold, and Dark Blue Bedroom

an eclectic bedroom with black, gold, and dark blue color scheme
an eclectic bedroom with black, gold, and dark blue color scheme. image © adlsf.com

Do you know that the next color you can include in a bedroom with a black and gold theme is blue? If you want to know the reason, it is because blue is a complementary color of gold. Now you find it reasonable why both of them look good together, right?

However, here we are not going to talk about any blue tone but only a specific shade. It is dark blue.

The reason why we recommend you this combination is that the type of interior design that we talk about here is for bedroom. Besides the fact that deep blue color is compatible with gold, it also has a dark and relaxing visual effect that will be excellent for sleeping quality.

When paired with black, the look can be even better. Together, both of them also resemble the night sky that helps build a more peaceful bedroom interior.

In the picture above, you can see a bedroom decorated with a black Victorian-style bed as well as a pair of the gold antique-looking bedside table. There is also a pair of unique black wall lamps that match the cathedral headboard well.

As the backdrop, there is a gorgeous deep blue textured accent wall. The existence of black tones in it makes it even more suitable for the black and gold theme.

Black, Gold, and Red Bedroom

a luxurious red, black, and gold bedroom decor
a luxurious red, black, and gold bedroom decor. image © emiratesinternationalgroup.com

If you want to see the combination of luxury and elegance, then the bedroom color combination that you must choose is black, gold, and red. In such a design, there is an important thing you must know.

Both red and gold are warm colors. That is why you should be careful in applying both of them in the interior so that the room will not look too hot.

Thankfully, there is also black included in the color scheme. It is the perfect tone to create a balance in a room with gold and red theme. For a more peaceful and relaxing sleep, we suggest you dominate the bedroom with black instead of the two other colors.

A luxurious bedroom shown in the photo is an example that you can see. This room is undeniably splendid. The combination of the three tones and the choices of items excellently shows the luxurious theme in there.

We particularly love the oversize black and gold headboard. It looks fabulous with the tufted detailing.

While the walls in the room are in black, the designer added a wall-size window so that the room can gain a natural light from outside. Besides, the ceiling is also white, so that the room does not look too dark.

Black, Gold, and Grey Bedroom

a luxurious eclectic bedroom with black, gold, and grey colors
a luxurious eclectic bedroom with black, gold, and grey colors. image © savvyladue.com

The combination of black and grey tones in a bedroom is often misunderstood as something that can create a depressing feel because of the darkness. This assumption is not right.

The fact that you must know is that the two tones are perfect for creating a moody and soft atmosphere. It can create a relaxing feel that is excellent for a sleeping environment.

While the addition of gold in such a bedroom has a very clear function. It boosts the luxury feel in the interior while at the same time also adds a warm touch in there.

Do you need an example? The eclectic bedroom photo that you can see above is an excellent one.

This bedroom is dominated by a charcoal black tone that you can see on the walls. Some other black details are also available, including the curtains, round bedside tables, and table lamps.

The grey tones exist on the chairs and bed. Lastly, you can see the gold touches in the framed-bed, tables, wall art, and the bodies of the table lamps. If you look closely, the lighting design of this bedroom even makes the ceiling seems golden.

The way the designer decorated this bedroom is just awesome. The room is filled with dark tones but still looks comfortable for sleeping or spending some quality time while listening to some music alone.

Black and Gold Bedroom Set

a set of modern bedroom furniture with black and gold theme
a set of modern bedroom furniture with black and gold theme. image © vigfurniture.com

Decorating your bedroom with a black and gold theme is undeniably an interesting thing to do. How if you do not know about what items to include in the room to make the interior look fabulous?

In this case, the black and gold bedroom set is your savior. If you do not know what it is, we will happily explain it to you.

It is a set of bedroom furniture that has a coordinated look. That is why, with a single purchase, you can get anything you need to furnish the room and make it look more decorative.

If being asked about the types of bedroom set, it is usually based on the number of items included in the package.

There is a two-piece, three-piece, four-piece, and so on. Of course, the more items included, the higher the price you must pay. Although so, everything is worth it, particularly if you love a coordinating look in the bedroom.

In the picture above, you can see a Modrest Token Modern Black and Gold Bedroom Set. It is a four-piece set including a bed, a nightstand, a dresser, and a chest.

The design simplicity in each item included in this package is perfect for a modern interior. It is simple yet elegant at the same time.

As you can see, each item in the set also has gold accents. These are the ones that can effortlessly build up the luxury feel in any bedroom the furniture is placed.

Black and Gold Bedroom Accessories

Besides the furniture pieces, you must also think about accessories that can make the black and gold theme in the bedroom perfect. When we are talking about accessories, we specifically talk about some items like an area rug, artworks, blanket, framed photos, houseplants, impact lighting, shams, toss pillows, and some other decorations with a personal touch.

The function of bedroom accessories is not merely about decorative value. Some items can also give functions, so the choices depend on what you need the most for the bedroom. The sure thing that you must remember is that the items you choose match the black and gold theme you want to bring in the room.

LOMAO mustard yellow pompom throw blanket for bedroom
LOMAO mustard yellow pompom throw blanket for bedroom

As an example, you can take a look at this mustard yellow pompom fringe throw blanket by LOMAO. The golden color that it has can be a good match for the bedroom color theme.

Mkono cement succulent planter set of 3
Mkono cement succulent planter set of 3

This Cement Succulent Planter Set of 3 by Mkono can also be an excellent choice to consider. It is particularly when you want to decorate the bedroom with indoor plants.

small gold table top photo frame by Laura Ashley
small gold table top photo frame by Laura Ashley

You can also add some personal touch in the black and gold room by adding some framed photos. If the size is rather small, you can even place it on top of the bedside table so that whenever you open your eyes in the morning, you will see the good memory captured in the picture.

This Laura Ashley Gold Table Top Frame is an example. The details of this item are even excellent for a luxurious bedroom.

Bedsure black satin pillowcases
Bedsure black satin pillowcases

Satin is always a perfect material for showing a luxurious feel in your bedroom. That is why accessories like these Black Satin Pillowcases by Bedsure can be an ideal selection to consider.

Other than some examples that we just mentioned, of course, there are some other bedroom accessories that you can include in the black and gold design. As we already told you earlier, the sure thing that you must always remember is that every item must match the color scheme of the bedroom.

Black and Gold Bedroom Decor

The last but not least thing that we want to share with you here is about black and gold decor for a bedroom. It is none other, but how you furnish the bedroom or the way you arrange the layout in there.

FYI, there are so many options for decor layout available for bedroom. The most important thing you must know is that the main purpose you must achieve here is to design an ideal bedroom from function and decorative point of view.

a traditional bedroom with black and gold accent wall and gold curtains
a traditional bedroom with black and gold accent wall and gold curtains. image © candacebarnes.com

Please take a look at this traditional bedroom design with gold as the most dominant color and black as the most prominent accents. Particularly for this room interior, we want you to focus more on the location of the bed.

The designer excellently placed the bed against the black and gold accent wall. This idea does not only make the bed as the most prominent item in the room. It also makes the accent wall focal because everyone can see it once they enter the room.

a black contemporary metal bed placed in front of a gold leaves accent wall
a black contemporary metal bed placed in front of a gold leaves accent wall. image © homemethods.com

Here is another example that we want you to see. From this photo of a contemporary bedroom, you can see that the designer used a symmetrical layout to arrange the black metal bed and the small bedside tables.

We also love the choice of the white and gold wallpaper. It reflects the natural light that comes in the room through the window and makes the room brighter.

an eclectic bedroom with symmetrical black and gold decor
an eclectic bedroom with symmetrical black and gold decor. image © relativitytextiles.com

This one is also a gold and black bedroom that uses a symmetrical layout for the bed and tables. However, that is not the thing that we want you to focus on the design.

Here, we want you to take a look more on the oval gold-framed mirror placed on each of the nightstands. Something like this is a thoughtful item to include in the layout of a small bedroom. The purpose is to make the room looks bigger.

a modern bedroom with black accent wall and gold-framed wall art
a modern bedroom with black accent wall and gold-framed wall art. image © tamaramagel.com

The last but not least decor idea that we want you to take a look comes from this modern bedroom photo. This room has black, white, and gold as the color theme.

This time, focus on the gold-framed wall art on the black accent wall. The placement is just perfect because it can make this decoration the star of the room. Anyone will notice it and the words in it the first time they enter the room.


There are so many topics that we can talk about the black and gold bedroom design, right? It is bold, elegant, luxurious, and can even create a comfortable-looking sleeping area.

We already share all the tips you must know when you design your room using the color combination. By following them, it is sure that you can effortlessly build your bedroom by using the combo of the black and gold theme.