13 Loveliest Backsplash Behind Stove Only to Create an ideal Kitchen

13 Loveliest Backsplash Behind Stove Only

Nowadays, the kitchen is not only a place to prepare meals; it has become a more functional room where it can also be used as a gathering place.

That is why, when remodeling your kitchen, you may want to consider having a new set of decorating options. One of the elements that you shouldn’t miss is the backsplash.

Kitchen backsplashes should be practical and beautiful at the same time. The backsplash needs to be cleaned easily during the mess of a meal preparation but should enhance the overall design of your kitchen too.

The most common question about installing a backsplash is, “where should the backsplash start and stop?” The answer solely depends on your budget and, of course, your visual aesthetic preference.

However, you need to know too that the area over your stove needs your special consideration. That is the area where you can combine functionality and decoration.

If you are on a tight budget but planning to have a beautiful backsplash, you can always place your kitchen backsplash behind the stove only.

When it comes to functionality, the materials you choose for the backsplash should keep food stains off the wall. But, you should also make a statement here.

If you want to get more inspiration, here are some kitchen backsplashes behind the stove that can enhance your kitchen’s visual appeal. Each of them has its own style, and some of them can only be applied in a specific design.

1. Beveled Antique Mirror Tiles Backsplash Behind Stove Only

beveled antique mirror tiles backsplash behind stove only
beveled antique mirror tiles backsplash behind stove only. image © shannonggem.com

What a perfect combination of black and white in this kitchen! The black and white mixture is accentuated with the mirror backsplash tiles! That pretty backsplash is only installed behind the white stove.

The stunning stove itself is from Heartland Legend. Combined with white cabinets, the white stove looks in contrast with the black floor. The floor is leather finish rubber floor tile. You can find it at summit-flooring.com.

The backsplash tiles are beveled antique mirror subway tiles from Jockimo. These ones are specifically made to handle the heat, so there won’t be any problem if they are installed right over the stove. Ann Sacks also makes something similar, a great choice if you want another alternative.

The unique backsplash goes well with the countertops. It is Brazilian Soapstone in 3cm. Like the backsplash, the countertops also accentuate the black flooring and white cabinets and appliances. Last, the fir tongue and groove ceiling complete the whole look.

2. Antique Range Backsplash Behind Stove Only in a Rustic Kitchen

antique range backsplash behind stove only in a rustic kitchen
antique range backsplash behind stove only in a rustic kitchen. image © peacedesign.com

If you fancy a rustic kitchen, this one may inspire you. This kitchen is completed with a recessed panel cabinet made out of oak (sealed with a matte finish poly), paneled appliances, walnut countertops with soapstone perimeter, and a metal backsplash.

What makes it rustic is, of course, the stack of stones behind the stove, right around the backsplash. The exposed wood beams also create a mountain-style look.

The backsplash is a range backsplash and done with vintage iron cookie sheets found in High Point, NC, at a furniture market. This is a perfect idea if you are an antique fan. It is completed with a pot filler too.

The pot filler here seems similar to KS8102DL Concord Wall Mount Pot Filler Kitchen Faucet, Polished Brass, by Kingston Brass.

Around the backsplash, there are natural stacked stones. You can tell it’s natural instead of veneer from the depth of the stone’s shelving. It is quite dramatic. The stones used here look pretty similar to Antique Bronze Country Castle Rock from Buechel Stone Corp.

3. Laminated Fabric Backsplash Behind Stove Only in an Eclectic Kitchen

laminated fabric backsplash behind stove only in an eclectic kitchen
laminated fabric backsplash behind stove only in an eclectic kitchen. image © inc.nyc

What a beautiful backsplash! It gives a splash of color to its surrounding, which is filled with pale and neutral colors.

The backsplash is actually a fabric, and the fabric was laminated behind glass. Such a perfect example for an eclectic kitchen with flat panel gray cabinets (stained oak cabinetry) and stainless steel appliances.

The fabric here is Brasil from Just Scandinavian.

So how was the glass fixed to the wall?

Basically, there are proper ways that have passed safety codes to laminate fabric to a glass-like this. One is the economical way; you can use polyester resin. Another one is investing in an EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate) autoclave. Here, though, the designer stated that using Galaxy Glass or Bendheim would do.

4. Encore Ceramics Behind Stove Only Backsplash in a Classic Kitchen

encore ceramics behind stove only backsplash in a classic kitchen
encore ceramics behind stove only backsplash in a classic kitchen. image © palatialstone.com

If you prefer a classic style, then you should fancy this one. This is a nice example of a classic kitchen with beige raised panel cabinets, quartzite countertops, and a ceramic backsplash. The most striking part in this area is, of course, the backsplash behind the stove.

The backsplash is from Encore Ceramics. It is Grace Plaque, combined with a subway tile backsplash. The plaque is a mix of the Travertine Jewel and the Capri finish. The molding here is also Capri finish. The field size tile is a cream crackle glaze in 3″ x 6″. The smaller tiles (1×1) are the ones in Travertine Jewel color. The molding is Essence/Milford in a Capri finish too.

5. English Tudor Kitchen with Antique Medallion Backsplash Behind Stove Only

english tudor kitchen with antique medallion backsplash behind stove only
english tudor kitchen with antique medallion backsplash behind stove only. image © robinrigbyfisher.com

Basically, this is a traditional kitchen idea completed with stainless steel appliances, beige cabinets, granite countertops, and a brown backsplash.

However, it becomes a perfect English Tudor kitchen because of the fantastic medallion backsplash. The medallion is surrounded by subway tile backsplash too.

The tile backsplash is all by Sonoma. This one is a Montrachet Medallion in the Moet Colorway by Sonoma Tilemakers. The installation is similar to any tiles installation. Both the medallion and subway tiles are installed on the wall as usual.

The backsplash blends seamlessly with its surrounding. The hood above it is completed with a copper liner to match with the brown backsplash.

The wall is also painted in the same brown color but in a different shade. It is painted in Devine – Paprika color. However, Sherwin Williams – Gingery 636 is a similar color to try.

The cabinet seems painted in Benjamin Moore – Standish White. The granite countertops here are Typhoon Bourdeaux polished granite.

6. Ceramic Subway Tile and Soapstone Liner Backsplash Behind Stove with a Pot Filler

ceramic subway tile and soapstone liner backsplash behind stove with a pot filler
ceramic subway tile and soapstone liner backsplash behind stove with a pot filler. image © greatrms.com

This is an example of a mid-sized classic kitchen with a medium-tone wood floor, stainless steel appliances, white cabinets, white countertops, and a white backsplash.

The backsplash here is a ceramic subway tile in 3″ x6″. The dark liner behind the range is Soapstone, which is the same as the countertops. The countertops are Brazilian Soapstone with 1 1/4″ thickness.

You can see the metal fixture behind the stove, right in the backsplash. It is actually a pot filler. A pot filler is meant to fill large pots with water. This one is “Opulence” #D205557SS from Danze, made out of Stainless Steel. The range hood above the backsplash is Zephyr’s Savona-style hood.

If you are curious, the white cabinetry is from Monarch Cabinetry, a company in Sullivan, Illinois. It is painted in “Linen White.”

7. Multicolored DiscoverTile Backsplash Behind Stove Only in a French Style Kitchen

multicolored discovertile backsplash behind stove only in a french style kitchen
multicolored discovertile backsplash behind stove only in a french style kitchen. image © venegasandcompany.com

For a french country-style kitchen lover, you can take a look at this kitchen. This one is completed with raised panel beige cabinets and a ceramic floor. But what makes it more “french” is the tile backsplash behind the stove only.

When it comes to the backsplash, actually, there are two kinds of them. The first one is the right behind the stove only, and the second type is on the right and left side of it.

The backsplash behind the stove is the multicolored one. The tiles are from DiscoverTile. The left and right backsplash are door panels that were made to match the cabinetry.

The cabinetry itself is from Premier Custom Built. It is painted with “White Van Dyke in Olde Linen” and finished in the glaze.

Like the backsplash, the countertops are also of two types. The middle one is surrounding the cooktop and on both sides of it. The countertop surrounding the cooktop is honed Cararra marble, while the flanking right and left countertops are stained mahogany.

8. Natural Stacked Stone Backsplash Behind Stove Only in a Traditional Kitchen

natural stacked stone backsplash behind stove only in a traditional kitchen
natural stacked stone backsplash behind stove only in a traditional kitchen. image © oakleyhomebuilders.com

This traditional kitchen features raised beige panel cabinet, stainless steel appliances, an island, travertine beige backsplash, granite countertops, and a double-bowl sink. The wall is painted beige color too. It is quite similar to Valspar – Dreamy Clouds.

The backsplash under the hood, behind the stove, is a natural stacked stone. It is a Sandstone stacked stone that delivers a traditional and classic look.

The stone is combined with a travertine subway tile backsplash, which runs along with the cabinets. The tile is Baja Cream Travertine. Both backsplashes blend seamlessly with the Venetian Gold Granite Countertops and “Linen White” cabinetry in glaze finish.

The island shares similar tops to the cabinets, but it is stained in Gunstock, same with the vent hood. The flooring here is American Walnut which varies in size.

9. Crackle Grey Jeffrey Court Collection Tile Backsplash Behind Stove Only

crackle grey jeffrey court collection tile backsplash behind stove only
crackle grey jeffrey court collection tile backsplash behind stove only. image © oharainteriors.com

This transitional kitchen combines white and several shades of brown together. This large kitchen features a painted wood floor, wood countertops, recessed-panel cabinets, an under-mount sink, stainless steel appliances, an island, and a gray backsplash.

There are three backsplash areas in this kitchen. The middle one is the largest, while the smaller ones are on both sides of it.

The middle backsplash is behind the cooktop. It is a combination of subway tile and diamond-shaped tile, complete with a borderline. The bricks (subway tiles) are 3″ x6″, the diamond-shaped tiles are 2″ x2″, and the border tiles are 2,25″ x12″. All of them are Tile X Design’s Jeffrey Court Collection in Crackle Grey.

The backsplash looks perfect with the cabinetry. They complete each other. The cabinets here are painted in Benjamin Moore – White Dove. The darker brown can be seen in the island top and the floors. Both are hardwood. The floor is 5″ with a high-gloss ebony stain, though.

10. Diamond Shaped White Tile with Silver Lining Backsplash Behind Stove Only

diamond shaped white tile with silver lining backsplash behind stove only
diamond shaped white tile with silver lining backsplash behind stove only. image © drurydesigns.com

It is safe to say that this is a very well-dressed traditional kitchen. It looks crisp and polished in white, but it is also touched with a vintage look, thanks to the light grey glazing. It adds dimensions and softens the look of the white cabinetry.

The white backsplash tiles are also gorgeous. They are combined with silver accents to create shine in the cooking area.

The diamond tile backsplash was designed by the designer (Drury Design). The tiles were sourced from the local supplier; the color is “Creamy Crackle.” The accents and liners are a pewter metallic color.

The backsplash is a perfect combination with the Viking cooktop and honed snow white granite countertops. There is also the bold chunky hardware that is ideal jewelry for cabinetry. It complements the pro-style range top.

11. Tile Mural Backsplash Only Behind Stove in a Craftsman Kitchen

tile mural backsplash only behind stove in a craftsman kitchen
tile mural backsplash only behind stove in a craftsman kitchen. image © claysquared.com

If you are into a craftsman style, then you may want to consider using a mural backsplash like one in this kitchen.

Choosing a decorative tile to be installed in a kitchen sets the stage for how you picture one of your house’s most-used spaces. When choosing the decorative tile, make sure you pick the designs, patterns, and colors you have always loved to make sure you’ll never be bored of the features you choose.

Decorative tiles behind the stove should only not be durable, but they should also be pretty. The backsplash should add character to the kitchen, like this one.

The blue backsplash in this kitchen is 2″ x8″ subway tiles with Coco Moon liners, Northshore glaze. The mural shows a beautiful hand-painted Stone Hollow Tile. It is surrounded by 3″ x3″ field tiles.

That beautiful backsplash is completed with recessed-panel cabinets in medium-tone wood, stainless steel appliances, and granite countertops. All of them create a perfect harmony of a lovely craftsman kitchen.

12. Contemporary Kitchen with Back Painted Glass Backsplash Only Behind Stove

contemporary kitchen with back painted glass backsplash only behind stove
contemporary kitchen with back painted glass backsplash only behind stove. image © pwarrenarchitecture.com

The lovely design featured in this kitchen is the back-painted glass backsplash installed behind the range.

You can see here that this kitchen features many different materials, colors, and textures. So that, the designer decided to use the material for the backsplash as minimal as possible.

The back paint here was custom mixed. It is to match the adjacent wall paint. The wall itself is painted in Sherwin Williams – Fragile Beauty SW 7553.

The glass in the backsplash is Starfire glass. It is a high-quality tempered glass letting the true color come through. The lighting for the picture creates a color shift in the glass, though. This beautiful backsplash was installed and custom cut by Hartman Glass, Metal and Mirror of Tucson, AZ.

The range here is a Jennair slide-in range. You can see here that the backsplash fits nicely with the glass cooktop.

FYI, it is highly recommended to use a slide-in range like this. You can definitely save your money if you buy a range instead of an oven and a cooktop separately. The Electrolux hood above also creates a modern touch combined with the range.

The beige glass backsplash creates a perfect contrast with the dark granite countertops too. Along with the medium-tone cabinets, the backsplash and the countertops deliver a perfect contemporary design.

13. Metallic Backsplash Behind Stove Combined with Granite Countertops

metallic backsplash behind stove combined with granite countertops
metallic backsplash behind stove combined with granite countertops. image © susan brook interiors

This kitchen remodel project creates a total transformation from the existing floor plan.

The designer used a combination of horizontal walnut grain with painted cabinets. There is a huge amount of storage used in the cabinets here. There are drawers, the doors of the cooker hood, and a little bread storage pull-out. There are also corner drawers too here.

This lovely custom-designed cabinetry is completed with granite countertops called Delicatus. The loveliest element in this kitchen is actually the metallic backsplash. This “metal” backsplash looks contrast and, at the same time, mixed perfectly with the wood cabinetry, stainless steel cabinets, and ceramic tile floors.

The backsplash tile here is a combination of glass and stainless with flakes of gold. It looks very different in the picture, though. The rage is a GE monogram professional gas range top.


So, what do you think about the kitchen backsplash behind the stove only that you’ve seen above? If you are still a bit unsure about the exact location where to install your backsplash precisely, here are some quick guidelines:

  1. Always put your backsplash anywhere meal prep will occur. It is because the main purpose of a backsplash is to give a mess-free kitchen an easy cleanup. So you can use the backsplash along the walls right over the stove.
  2. Install your backsplash between lower and upper cabinets. The backsplash should connect a pair of cabinets. It can make your kitchen look more cohesive.
  3. Never install a backsplash behind the fridge. It is because, in most designs, the space behind the fridge is not clearly visible. What’s the use of spending money on materials for a thing you cannot see?
  4. Instead, do run your backsplash behind the hood vent and cooktop. Many designers put accent tile behind the cooktop and hood vent to give more features in the kitchen. The steam, bubbling sauce, grease, or other elements coming from the stove can be easily eliminated if you have the right backsplash in that area.
  5. To mark the end of your backsplash, you can use your cabinets.

Hope that helps! Good luck with your kitchen remodeling project.